Fully Vaccinated Can Travel At Full Vehicle Capacity!

Fully-vaccinated people can now travel at full vehicle capacity across Malaysia, even in PPN Phase 1 areas!

Here is what you need to know!


Earlier : Full Vehicle Capacity For Fully Vaccinated In Phase 2+ Areas

On 16 August 2021, MKN released a new SOP for Phase 2, which included a new benefit for fully-vaccinated people in Phase 2 (or higher) areas – they can now travel at FULL vehicle capacity!

This is a huge advantage over the 3 August 2021 SOP, which only allowed TWO (2) persons from each household to leave in the same vehicle to purchase food and other essentials.


Now : Fully Vaccinated Can Travel At Full Vehicle Capacity Across Malaysia!

On 20 August 2021, MKN released a new SOP for Phase 1, in which they now allow fully-vaccinated people in Phase 1 to also travel at FULL vehicle capacity!

However, taxi and e-hailing services are still limited to TWO (2) persons, including the passenger who must sit at the back. This restriction still applies even if both driver and passenger(s) are fully-vaccinated.

Those who are not fully-vaccinated are still limited to TWO (2) persons per household, who can leave in the same vehicle to purchase food and other essential items.

They can, of course, travel at up to 3 people, including the driver, to seek medical assistance or for healthcare, screening tests, vaccination, security or emergency reasons.

The good news is – the 10 km limit on travel distance is now lifted, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Finally – interstate and inter-district travel is still FORBIDDEN in PPN Phase 1 areas, except in special cases.


Fully-Vaccinated In Malaysia : Do YOU Qualify?

To qualify for the privileges above, you must be fully-vaccinated according to these requirements :

  • More than 14 days after receiving both doses of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Sinovac vaccine.
  • More than 28 days after receiving a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson or Cansino vaccine.

In addition, these privileges apply to all states that have achieved adult vaccination of at least 50%.

For example, the Klang Valley achieved an adult vaccination rate of 64.7% on 14 August 2021, and therefore all fully-vaccinated adults in the Klang Valley can enjoy these privileges.


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