SUKE Highway Crane + Beam Collapse Kills 3!

A launcher crane toppled over at the SUKE Highway construction site in Kuala Lumpur this morning, killing 3 workers and seriously injuring a passing driver!


SUKE Highway Crane Collapse Kills 3, Injures 1!

A launcher crane topped over at the SUKE Highway construction site in Kuala Lumpur this morning, crushing a car passing underneath.

Three construction workers from China died in the accident :

  • two of them fell from a height of about 120 feet / 36.5 metres, while
  • the third worker was trapped under the launcher crane, and could not be extricated

The driver of the Perodua Bezza car was seriously injured when a piece of the crane fell and crushed his car.

This is the second disaster to hit the SUKE Highway project this month, with a segment collapsing on 3 March 2021!

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Chua Jia Wen shared with us this picture that shows the concrete beam (seen in the video above) that fell after the crane collapsed on it.

It is a miracle that the massive concrete beam did not hit anyone below!

The massive concrete beam fell right in front of her condo! Imagine if cars were driving in and out at that time…

Here are pictures from the scene, taken by passerbys. We removed pictures of the bodies, out of respect for the deceased and their families.


SUKE Highway Crane Collapse : Road Should Have Been Closed!

According to Senior Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, the road should have been closed when the crane was moved, as part of the SOP.

“In the implementation of such a project, if for example, you want to move the gantry launcher, the road needs to be closed. Once the structure has been safely (moved), only then can you reopen the route.”

He also said that the project contractor had been repeatedly warned to comply with the SOPs, and urged the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) to investigate.

He said that if the contractor was found to have breached the SOPs, strict action should be taken, “These contractors can be blacklisted, not given any project for two years.

We certainly hope that the punishment for a tragedy that has so far killed three people and seriously injured one person is not just being blacklisted for two years!


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