SOCAR YOLO Pass + One-Way Airport Drive Details Revealed!

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SOCAR just announced the YOLO Pass promotion, and the One-Way Airport Drive feature! We got a taste of the YOLO Pass ourselves, with model Alicia Amin and comedian Kavin Jay! Here are the full details!

SOCAR YOLO Pass + One-Way Airport Drive Details Revealed!


One-Way Airport Drive

The SOCAR One-Way Airport Drive allows you to select a SOCAR to drive to the airport, with the convenience of just dropping off the car at any valid parking zone at the airport.

No hassle of returning it back from where you first picked the car, or even parking in a special parking area! Just make sure you leave your parking token in the car!

This one-way airport service is open to KLIA 1 and KLIA 2. To let you try it out, SOCAR is offering the One-Way Airport Drive at an introductory flat one-way fee of RM50 plus the hourly rental fee for the choice of vehicle.

Cars for the SOCAR One-Way Airport Drive service can be picked up from any SOCAR one-way zone with a choice of over 10 different car models to select from including hatchbacks and SUVs.



Starting July 2018, SOCAR will select a member at random, giving them the once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a spontaneous vacation in true YOLO spirit. The only condition that members need to adhere to would be their availability to take up the YOLO Pass within one week’s notice.

If you had the chance to just pack your bags and leave for the weekend, where would you choose to go? Would you choose to visit the massive ruins of Bayon in Siem Reap, kayak at El-Nido, trek waterfalls in Bali, hitch a helicopter ride to Perak or chill by the beach at Phi-Phi island? With the YOLO Pass being now open to all members, SOCAR will be asking their members the very same question.

SOCAR YOLO Pass + One-Way Airport Drive Details Revealed!

Functioning like a lucky draw, winners of the YOLO Pass will be provided with a complimentary round trip one-way SOCAR Pass to the airport and a surprise flight ticket to their desired destination. All members registered to the SOCAR app are eligible to be selected for the YOLO Pass as long as they have one reservation completed with the car sharing platform.

Winners to receive the ultimate YOLO Pass will be announced on the first Friday of the month and will be notified via a text message, phone call or email. The cut-off date and time to join the YOLO Pass will be the last day of every month before 11:59pm.


A Taste Of The SOCAR YOLO Pass

We too got a taste of the SOCAR YOLO Pass, when SOCAR brought comedian Kavin Jay for a YOLO comedy skit, and then took us on a horse riding experience with model Alicia Amin!

SOCAR YOLO Pass + One-Way Airport Drive Details Revealed!

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