The Shell Fuels With DYNAFLEX Technology Revealed!

Shell officially launched their new fuels with DYNAFLEX technology at a glamorous launch event at the St. Regis. Instead of introducing it in certain fuels, like their premium V-Power fuels, Shell implemented it across their entire range of petrol and diesel fuels.

What on earth is DYNAFLEX? This is exactly what we will reveal to you in this article.


The Shell Fuels With DYNAFLEX Technology Revealed!

Before the party started, Shairan Huzani Husain, the Managing Director of Shell Malaysia, gave us us a media briefing on the new Shell fuels.

Mae Ascan, Senior Scientist at Shell Global Solutions, then explained the Shell DYNAFLEX technology that her team developed.

Later, we were shown the difference the new additive package makes in cleaning up the fuel injectors and inlet valves.

Here are the key takeaway points about the new Shell fuels :

  • The Shell DYNAFLEX technology is a new additive package that is designed to keep the engines clean and protected for efficient operation.
  • The new Shell fuels maintain the same fuel formulation as their predecessor, so their energy density remains the same.
  • The additive package for petrol comes with friction-reducing molecules and cleaning molecules. to lubricate the inner piston ring, and keep the intake valves and/or fuel injectors clean.
  • The additive package for diesel comes with cleaning molecules to keep the injector nozzles clean.[adrotate group=”2″]
  • Mae Ascan and her team spent over 5 years since 2009 developing and testing the additive packages.
  • They tested it on more than 250 cars running over 3 million kilometres to refine the new formulation.
  • The new friction-reducing and cleaning molecules work better than their predecessors, but Shell will not quote a figure, because they say it varies from engine to engine.
  • The new Shell fuels do not only come with new friction-reducing and/or cleaning molecules, some also come with more of them (compared to the previous additive package).
  • The Shell FuelSave 95 petrol now comes with 20% more friction-reducing molecules.
  • The Shell V-Power 97 and V-Power Racing fuels have 3X more friction-reducing molecules than FuelSave 95, and 20% more cleaning molecules than before.



The new Shell fuels are now available at all Shell stations nationwide in Malaysia from today, at no additional cost. They are also available to industrial customers and commercial fleet owners through Shell’s B2B channels.

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