Now Everyone Can Setel Across Malaysia!

PETRONAS just announced that they are rolling out Setel across Malaysia! Now everyone can enjoy the convenience of using Setel to pay at the pump!


Setel What?

Setel is a free e-wallet app that was introduced in July 2018, as an e-payment solution for PETRONAS stations.

It lets you remotely pay in the car, refuel it at the pump, and go – without the need to go to the cash counter, or swiping a credit card.


Now Everyone Can Setel Across Malaysia!

Initially rolled out only in the Klang Valley, Setel recorded over 3 million transactions as of January 2020.

Thanks to that early success, they decided to roll it out to over 700 PETRONAS stations all over Malaysia. So now, everyone can Setel!

In addition, the app now allows you to redeem Mesra points for fuel directly into the app, offering even more convenience!


What To Setel Next?

Setel Ventures CEO Iskandar Ezzahuddin also revealed what features they are planning to add in the near future :

  • Setel Connect : an automated car-to-pump pairing feature that would automatically connect the driver to the pump, allowing for one-touch payments.
  • Setel for Family : family profiles that allow users to pay for fuel and earn Mesra points as a family
  • Flash Sale : you will be able to purchase food, drinks, and more while refuelling, and pick up your purchases from the Setel Pit Stop on the way out.


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