PLUS Warns Of 7.6 Million Vehicle Jam This Weekend!

PLUS is warning the public to expect a massive traffic jam this long weekend, with over 7.6 million vehicles estimated to swarm its highways!


PLUS Warns Of 7.6 Million Vehicle Jam This Weekend!

PLUS is warning the public to expect a massive traffic jam, with over 7.6 million vehicles estimated to swarm its highways over the next four days!

Many Malaysians are expected to take advantage during the Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) holiday, offering a 3-day weekend from Saturday to Monday.

In its statement released on Wednesday, 5 October 2022, PLUS said that they are estimating 1.9 million vehicles per day to use its highways from Friday until Monday.

LUS Head of Operations Excellence, Mohd Yusuf Abdul Aziz said PLUS has recorded daily traffic volumes of an average of 1.7 million vehicles since moving to the endemic phase and the trend had shown spikes of 1.9 million vehicles before each weekend.

We expect with more travellers taking advantage of the three-day weekend, traffic will be higher and a longer journey can be expected.

Therefore, we advise highway customers to be prepared and ensure their vehicles are fit for a longer drive this weekend.


How To Prepare For Traffic Jam On PLUS This Weekend!

PLUS is advising its highway users to expect a longer journey, and prepare for the inevitable traffic jam. Here are some tips to help prepare for a smoother journey this long weekend.

  1. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and fit for a longer travel.
    a) Service your vehicle if necessary
    b) Ensure the tyres are in good condition, and properly inflated
    c) Ensure that the brakes are working properly
    d) Top up the fuel tank for a longer journey
  2. Top up your Touch ‘n Go card and/or TNG eWallet (if you are using TNG RFID).
  3. Get traffic updates from PLUS through :
    a)Twitter (@PLUSTrafik),
    b) PLUSLine hotline : 1800-88-0000
    c) PUTRI chatbot on the PLUS app
    d) Electronic signboards at various locations along the highways
  4. Use Waze or Google Maps to get live traffic updates, and to plan your travel.
  5. Please make sure you enter and exit the highway using the correct toll booth based on your payment type.
    If you entered using TNG RFID, you must exit using TNG RFID.
    Only Touch ‘n Go card users may alternately use the SmartTag booth (if they have one), or the TnG card booth.

While you are no longer required to wear a face mask indoors or outdoors, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) strongly recommends wearing one at highway rest stops, as they will inevitably be crowded.


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