All Petrol Stations Are Go To Safety Points, Not Just Shell!

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Did you know that all petrol stations in Malaysia are Go To Safety Points, not just Shell petrol stations?

Here is what you need to know about the Go To Safety Point (GTSP) initiative!


Claim : All Shell Petrol Stations Are Go To Safety Points (GTSPs)

This message has gone viral on WhatsApp, telling people to go to Shell petrol stations, as they are Go To Safety Points (GTSPs).

GTSP – Go To Safety Point

Not many know that all Shell stations are GTSPs. This means it is a haven to provide help. Make sure your loved ones know and make sure they head straight to a Shell station in any emergency.

Pass the word around!

Shell Go To Safety Point notice


Truth : All Petrol Stations Are Go To Safety Points (GTSPs)

The viral message is correct, but only partially true, and therefore, not very helpful.

The truth is – ALL petrol stations in Malaysia are Go To Safety Points (GTSPs). Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Go To Safety Point (GTSP) Started In 2013

The viral message started circulating in January 2022, but the truth is – the Go To Safety Point initiative started way back in March 2013.

Fact #2 : GTSP Started With 7-Eleven And Pos Malaysia!

The PDRM Go To Safety Point (GTSP) initiative actually started with seven 7-Eleven and two Pos Malaysia outlets in the Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur.

Fact #3 : All Petrol Stations Are Now Go To Safety Points

The GTSP program then rolled out to petrol stations, as they are convenient public locations where people can seek help.

Today, all petrol stations in Malaysia are Go To Safety Points (GTSPs), not just Shell stations.

Fact #4 : Shell Was Not First, Last Or Most Extensive

It is unknown why the viral message only mentioned Shell – they were not the first or the latest to participate in the GTSP program. Neither do they have the most extensive network.

Petron was the first company to participate, starting with just 96 stations but later expanding to 560 petrol stations.

By July 2014, over 940 Shell petrol stations were trained and qualified under the GTSP program. BH Petrol was next with some 230 petrol stations qualified by 2015.

Petronas has the most extensive GTSP network, with over 1000 of their petrol stations qualified by June 2016.

Fact #5 : All Petrol Stations Offer Same Assistance

The Go To Safety Point assistance that Shell petrol stations provide are not unique either.

All petrol stations trained under the Go To Safety Point (GTSP) program offer the SAME assistance :

  1. Provide immediate first aid or help
  2. Contact the police or relevant authorities
  3. Call for an ambulance if required
  4. Provide a place for victims to rest while they wait
  5. Accompany the victim and provide comfort until the police / ambulance arrives

So there is really no need to look specifically for a Shell petrol station. ALL petrol stations in Malaysia will render the same aid.

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