PDRM : Jail / Fine If Third Brake Light Not Working!

PDRM : Jail / Fine If Third Brake Light Not Working!

PDRM is reminding all motorists to ensure that their cars’ third brake light is working, or they could be subject to a fine or jail time!


PDRM : Jail / Fine If Third Brake Light Not Working!

On 18 December 2022, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) issued a new reminder to all motorists in light of the monsoon season’s heavy rains.

PDRM wants all drivers to ensure that their cars’ third brake light is fully functional, or they could face a fine or even jail time.

Drivers who fail to ensure that their vehicles have a working third brake light can be charged under Section 119(2) of the Road Transportation Act 1987. If convicted, they would be subject to:

  • a fine of up to RM 2,000, or
  • jail of not more than six months.

PDRM issued this warning and reminder as vehicles that do not have a working third brake light will pose a danger at night and when it rains – other drivers won’t be aware of when you brake, and could end up hitting your car in the back.

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Why Is Third Brake Light So Important?

Many motorists take the third brake light for granted, thinking it’s an “extra” or “backup” light to supplement the existing brake lights. That’s not true – it has been shown to reduce rear-ended accidents by 50%!

The third brake light is often located at the top or bottom of your car’s rear windshield, or on the car’s spoiler in some cases. It only lights up whenever you step on the brake pedal, making it clear to the driver behind you that you are braking.

In addition, the third brake light’s central and elevated position makes it easier for drivers behind you to spot, especially in poor lighting conditions, or when they are driving close to your car.

This really helps to cut down on rear-ended accidents, and is why the third brake light is mandatory in all new vehicles in most countries worldwide.

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Whenever you send your vehicle for servicing, the mechanic will usually check all of your lights. But it is also important to check your lights once in a while, as they can potentially fail at any time.

The easiest way to check if your third brake light is working, is to get someone else to look at it while you step on the brake pedal.

But if you are alone, you can reverse your car against a wall, so you can see the third brake light reflecting off the wall when you step on the brake pedal.


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