PDRM Police Roadblock : Who Is Allowed To Pass?

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Here are the new PDRM rules on who can pass through a police roadblock from 8 June 2021 onwards!

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PDRM Police Roadblock : New Rules From 8 June Onwards!

On 7 June 2021, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) issued a press release, with new rules on who will be allowed to pass through any roadblock they set up.

This new list will come into effect at all PDRM roadblocks across the country, from 8 June 2021 onwards.

Please note that only authorisation letters or travel permits dated 1 June 2021 or later will be accepted.

Older authorisation letters or travel permits (before 1 June 2021) will NOT be accepted, and you will be ordered to turn back.

PDRM Police Roadblock : Who Is Allowed To Pass?


PDRM Police Roadblock : Who Is Allowed To Pass?

Those With Authorisation Letter / Travel Permit

Only those who have an authorisation letter or travel permit from these government ministries will be allowed to travel to work :

  1. MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) for the Manufacturing sector
  2. MOT (Ministry of Transportation) for public transportation and essential goods logistics
  3. MAFI (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry) for agriculture, aquaculture, plantation, farming and commodities.
    – MAFI will only issue confirmation letters to smallholders.
    – For companies with SSM licence, the confirmation letter will be issued by the MITI CIMS 3.0 (COVID-19 Intelligent Management System).
  4. MPIC (Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities) for the plantation industry and commodities like oil palm, rubber and so on.
    – LGM (Malaysian Rubber Board) permit and licence holders, including smallholders, rubber estates, rubber nurseries, traders and factories can use either MPIC or LGM confirmation letters.
    – For factories producing rubber products like gloves, the confirmation letter will be issued by the MITI CIMS 3.0 (COVID-19 Intelligent Management System).
  5. BNM (Malaysia National Bank) for the financial and insurance companies.
  6. SC (Securities Commission) for stock trading companies.
  7. Local authorities for small traders, hawkers, food stalls, food trucks.
    – Licence for strata management, waste and sanitation services will be issued by the MITI CIMS 3.0 (COVID-19 Intelligent Management System).
  8. KKMM (Ministry of Communications and Multimedia) for telecommunications / media / post / courier and broadcast services.
  9. KDN (Ministry of Home Affairs) : all confirmation letters from KDN agencies like the Immigration Department, the National Registration Department, RELA and so on will be accepted.
  10. PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) will issue travel permits for purposes like funerals, emergencies and work.

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Those who are self-employed like plumbers, maintenance workers, roadside hawkers can apply for a one-off travel permit from the police.

Special Exception For Sectors Forbidden To Operate

For economic sectors that are NOT ALLOWED to operate during the MCO 3.0 full lockdown, a special exception may be made by the police for the purpose of going to the office to prepare documents, payslips and so on.

PDRM may issue one-off exceptions for 2-3 days only. An employer’s letter must be submitted as evidence.

Legal Firms

Legal firms may operate with up to 20% employee attendance, with an authorisation letter from the Legal Affairs Department of the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) through the MITI CIMS 3.0 (COVID-19 Intelligent Management System).

This exception is limited to legal firms who have been appointed by companies categorised as Essential Services and therefore allowed to operate during the MCO 3.0 full lockdown.

Lawyers who need to represent their clients in court for new cases under the Remand Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code, must present a printed document or a letter from their legal firm at the police roadblock.

Legal aid lawyers will need to show the rotating roster list at the police roadblock.


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