PDRM : 50% Discount On Traffic Offences For 1 Month!

PDRM is offering up to 50% discount on traffic offences for 1 month! Here is what you need to know!


PDRM : 50% Discount On Traffic Offences For 1 Month!

On 17 June 2021, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) announced that they will offer 50% discount on traffic offences from 18 June until 18 July 2021.

The discounts will also apply to fines in the black list category, but will NOT include

  • summonses under court review,
  • major offences committed in 2021,
  • offences involving heavy vehicles, or
  • offences exhaust modification.


How To Get 50% Discount On Traffic Offences

The 50% discount on traffic offences is only valid for ONLINE PAYMENT.

In fact, PDRM announced that they will close all payment counters in police district and contingent headquarters, to prevent people queuing up and creating new COVID-19 clusters.

To get the 50% discount, you will need to use one of these options :

  1. MyBayar Saman online : https://mybayar.rmp.gov.my/
  2. Google Play Store
  3. Apple App Store
  4. HUAWEI App Gallery

PDRM also shared that MyBayar Saman has been upgraded to allow companies and business entities to register as a user, and make payments.


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