NVIDIA DRIVE Deep Neural Networks : Access Granted!

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NVIDIA just announced that they will be providing the transportation industry access to their NVIDIA DRIVE Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) for autonomous vehicle development! Here are the details!


NVIDIA DRIVE Deep Neural Networks : Access Granted!

To accelerate the adoption of NVIDIA DRIVE by the transportation industry for autonomous vehicle development, NVIDIA is providing access to the NVIDIA DRIVE Deep Neural Networks.

What this means is autonomous vehicle developers will now be able to access all of NVIDIA”s pre-trained AI models and training code, and use them to improve their self-driving systems.

NVIDIA DRIVE Deep Neural Networks : Access Granted!

Using AI is central to the development of safe, self-driving cars. AI lets autonomous vehicles perceive and react to obstacles and potential dangers, or even changes in their surroundings.

Powering every self-driving car are dozens of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) that tackle redundant and diverse tasks, to ensure accurate perception, localisation and path planning.

These DNNs cover tasks like traffic light and sign detection, object detection for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles, and path perception, as well as gaze detection and gesture recognition within the vehicle.


Advanced NVIDIA DRIVE Tools

In addition to providing access to their DRIVE DNNs, NVIDIA also made available a suite of advanced NVIDIA DRIVE tools.

These NVIDIA DRIVE tools allow autonomous vehicle developers to customise and enhance the NVIDIA DRIVE DNNs using their own datasets and target feature set.

  • Active Learning improves model accuracy and reduces data collection costs by automating data selection using AI, rather than manual curation.
  • Federated Learning lets developers utilise datasets across countries, and with other developers while maintaining data privacy and protecting their own intellectual property.

NVIDIA DRIVE Federated Learning

  • Transfer Learning gives NVIDIA DRIVE customers the ability to speed up development of their own perception software by leveraging NVIDIA’s own autonomous vehicle development.

NVIDIA DRIVE Transfer Learning


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