MyTravelPass : Who Needs To Apply + Who Don’t?

The Malaysian government just clarified who needs to apply for MyTravelPass, and who can travel without applying for it!

Here is what you need to know!

Updated @ 2021-10-12 : Added details of abolishment and new travel requirements.

Originally posted @ 2021-09-16


MyTravelPass : What Is It?

Launched in October 2020, MyTravelPass is an online system that lets Malaysians and foreigners apply for entry or exit permits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is meant to replace email applications, and reduce the application time to a maximum of five days.

Even so, travellers must apply for MyTravelPass at least 14 days before the expected date of travel.

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MyTravelPass : Over 127K Applications Rejected!

On 23 June 2021, the Malaysian government posted a summary of the latest travel rules, including who needs to apply for MyTravelPass and who don’t.

However, from 7 October until 10 September 2021, the Immigration Department had to reject 127,465 (35.8%) out of 356,510 applications received, mainly due to four reasons :

  • Name is in the Immigration Department’s blacklist
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Uploaded documents are unreadable
  • Forged documents


MyTravelPass Abolished From 11 October Onwards!

MyTravelPass has been abolished. From 11 October 2021 onwards, there is no need to register for MyTravelPass in order to travel overseas from Malaysia.

However, only FULLY-VACCINATED individuals (and children who are 17 years or younger) can travel overseas for work, business, education or even holidays.

In addition, travellers returning to Malaysia must also :

  • undergo a swab test three (3) days before returning to Malaysia,
  • undergo a swab test on returning to Malaysia, and
  • undergo a MANDATORY QUARANTINE of 14 days.

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MyTravelPass : Who Needs To Apply + Who Don’t?

Note : In light of international travel liberalisation, these requirements are no longer valid.

The Malaysian government noted that some airlines have insisted that all passengers must show their MyTravelPass, even though certain categories are exempted from such a requirement.

The Minister of Transportation, Wee Ka Siong, will remind those airlines to follow the Immigration Department’s guidelines on who needs to apply for MyTravelPass, and who don’t.

Must Apply For MyTravelPass

  1. Malaysian citizens who just received a job offer, or offer to study overseas.
  2. Students who wish to sit for examinations overseas.
  3. Those who wish to attend meetings / seminars / conduct business overseas.
  4. Those who wish to participate in exhibitions / sporting competitions / training oversees with supporting letter from the Agency in charge.
  5. Matters of emergency involving immediate family members, like death, accident or sickness.
  6. Holders of spouse / fiancé (marriage that is not officially registered) visa
  7. Those joining humanitarian assistance or religious missions with approval letter from the JPM Joint Committee, together with other supporting documents

Do NOT Need To Apply For MyTravelPass

  1. Diplomats and Malaysian embassy officers who are going on duty overseas, or returning from duty, with their dependents.
  2. Students and dependents who are continuing their education, with the condition that they already have a valid student visa or dependent’s visa.
  3. Holders of Long Term Passes (Permanent Resident / Resident’s Pass / Work Pass and so on).
  4. Those working with petroleum companies, or shipping companies who need to sign-onto ships overseas.
  5. Those escorting students travelling overseas for their studies, limited to two (2) escorts only. These escorts must travel out of Malaysia with the student at the same time.


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