Malaysia + Singapore To Reopen Land Border On 1 April 2022!

Malaysia and Singapore just announced that they will reopen their joint land border on 1 April 2022!

Here is what you need to know!


Malaysia + Singapore To Reopen Land Border On 1 April 2022!

On 24 March 2022, the governments of Malaysia and Singapore announced that they will reopen their common land border on 1 April 2022!

Start 1 April 2022, all fully-vaccinated travellers will be allowed to cross from Malaysia to Singapore, and vice versa, without the need to

  • apply for entry approval
  • under quarantine
  • take a pre-departure test
  • take an on-arrival test

This travel liberalisation will apply to all travellers, regardless of nationality and the medium of transportation.

This announcement will restore land travel between Malaysia and Singapore to how it was pre-pandemic, which will greatly boost trade and tourism.

Many Malaysians and Singaporeans will also be able to meet up with friends and family members in the other country.

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Malaysia + Singapore Land Border Travel : Only For Fully-Vaccinated!

Please note that this only applies to FULLY-VACCINATED travellers, who received a full regimen of a COVID-19 vaccine in the WHO Emergency Use Listing.

However, there is good news for those who received a COVID-19 vaccine that is NOT in the WHO Emergency Use Listing. Malaysia will accept these “unapproved” COVID-19 vaccines :

  • Zifivax : China, Indonesia, Pakistan
  • Minhai : China, Indonesia
  • CoviVac : Cambodia, Russia
  • Median : Taiwan
  • ZyCoV-D : India
  • Turkovac : Turkey
  • Covifenz : Canada

Just make sure you bring the relevant digital or physical COVID-19 vaccination certificate to prove that you are fully-vaccinated!


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