Vaccinated + Recovered From COVID-19? No Quarantine!

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Travellers to Malaysia are no longer required to undergo a mandatory quarantine, if they’re fully-vaccinated and had earlier recovered from COVID-19!

Here is what you need to know!


No Quarantine For Those Vaccinated + Recovered From COVID-19!

On the back of the Novak Djokovic debacle in Australia, Malaysia just issued new international travel admission requirements for people who recovered from COVID-19!

If you are planning to travel to Malaysia, you will be glad to know that you are no longer required to undergo a mandatory quarantine, if you are fully-vaccinated, and had earlier recovered from COVID-19!

Okay, so it won’t apply to antivax poster boy, Novak Djokovic… but still, great news for everyone else!


New Travel + Quarantine Rules For International Travellers To Malaysia

On 12 December 2021, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) issued these new travel requirements for international travellers who intend to enter Malaysia :

  1. Travellers must have completed their COVID-19 vaccination with proof of vaccination status.
  2. Travellers must show evidence that they were infected with COVID-19 within 11-60 days before departure to Malaysia, through printed or digital laboratory test results.
  3. Travellers with a history of hospitalisation due to COVID-19 are required to submit a “Fit to Travel” letter from the hospital.
  4. Travellers who were infected with COVID-19 but not hospitalised will need to undergo a professional RTK-Ag test 2 days before departure. They can only travel if the test result is negative.
  5. Travellers are required to undergo a supervised RTK-Ag test upon arrival in Malaysia.

Fully Vaccinated Travellers : No Quarantine!

Travellers who are fully-vaccinated, and have been infected with COVID-19, within 11 to 60 days before departure are EXEMPTED from mandatory quarantine!

Everyone Else : Mandatory Quarantine

Travellers who recovered from COVID-19 earlier, but are either unvaccinated or were not fully-vaccinated, are REQUIRED to undergo mandatory quarantine at the quarantine centre for 7 days.

Vaccinated + Recovered From COVID-19? No Quarantine!

This new rule should make it much easier for people who have both been fully-vaccinated, and recovered from a COVID-19 infection to travel into Malaysia.

And it will help keep out people who refuse to get vaccinated, even if they have recently recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

You should note that even for those who recovered from COVID-19, that exemption is only lasts up to 60 days before departure. That is because “natural immunity” wanes with time, and is no guarantee of protection against COVID-19.

Hence, the requirement to be both fully-vaccinated, and having recently recovered from COVID-19, to enter Malaysia without the need for mandatory quarantine.


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