KasperskyOS : First Successful Automotive ECU Integration!

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Kaspersky just announced the first integration of their new automotive KasperskyOS into the ECU of an advanced driver assistance system by AVL SFR. Here are the details…


Automotive KasperskyOS : What Is It?

Modern vehicles are complex systems, which makes it hard to manage the security of its components.

KasperskyOS for automotive ECUs combines a secure microkernel operating system, with a security policy enforcement engine (Kaspersky Security System), and a trusted channel encrypted framework.

It is designed to secure onboard systems and communications, ensuring safer OTA updates, fleet management and safer autonomous driving.

KasperskyOS : First Successful Automotive ECU Integration!


KasperskyOS Integration Into AVL ADAS ECU

The new AVL Software and Functions GmbH (AVL SFR) ADAS ECU features two high-performance SoCs (system-on-a-chip), and a safety controller..

This new ECU platform also supports Controller Area Network, and automotive Ethernet standards, allowing for secure communications between devices in the vehicle – including cameras and LIDARs.

The integration of KasperskyOS into the ECU guarantees that undeclared functionality – either unnoticed at launch, or inserted through system updates – cannot be exploited. This is especially important in the safety of autonomous vehicles.

All interactions between electronic components is controlled by the Kaspersky Security System, the security policy engine within KasperskyOS. It monitors the launch of processes, as well as communications between those components and the operating system.

This new ADAS ECU by AVL SFR is ready for prototyping projects by OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.

Automotive KasperskyOS schematics


Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform for KasperskyOS

Kaspersky is also a new associate partner of AUTOSAR, a consortium aimed at developing mutual standards for automotive software architecture.

To that effect, they developed a software development kit (SDK) called Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform.

With this SDK, AVL SFR can develop applications for automated and even driverless vehicles – such as delivering auto-piloting features, controlling safety systems and monitoring their health.

This set of libraries also allows for other software to be adopted, which follow AUTOSAR Adaptive requirements, and work on KasperskyOS without additional changes.

Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform is ready to be delivered and AVL SFR is showcasing its auto-piloting application to several automotive customers.


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