JPJ Ordered To Remove ‘No Physical Road Tax’ Notice!

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JPJ has been ordered to remove the viral ‘No Physical Road Tax’ notice at several of its branches.

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!


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On 1 August 2023, people started sharing warnings claiming that the Malaysia Road Transport Department (JPJ) stopped issuing physical road tax stickers, except for selected groups of people like senior citizens, foreigners, and companies.

1) Via MyJPJ Apps
2) Via JPJ website

Starting Tuesdsy, August 1, 2023 on Tuesday. JPJ will no longer issue physical roadtax except for Senior Citizen, Non-Citizen & Company.

The JPJ will use up the existing roadtax disk & then run the digital roadtax as a whole. Download myJPJ apps

Things you need to register MyJPJ Apps :
1) Car Owner’s Driving Licence
2) Car Owner’s Mobile Phone #
3) Car Owner’s Email Address (for verification purpose)
4) To answer a few security questions.
It is advisable for the car owner to register the MyJPJ Apps themselves.

Others shared a photo taken of an actual notice posted at a JPJ branch, showing that the JPJ headquarters had indeed issued the order to stop issuing physical road tax stickers to most drivers.

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JPJ Ordered To Remove 'No Physical Road Tax' Notice!


JPJ Ordered To Remove ‘No Physical Road Tax’ Notice!

After the photo and warnings went viral, I checked the official Facebook pages for JPJ and Anthony Loke, but found no announcement that JPJ would stop issuing physical road tax stickers.

I also checked the JPJ website, and its own FAQ on road tax renewal – there was no mention that JPJ has already stopped issuing physical road tax stickers.

As I pointed out in my earlier article, when Transport Minister hen Anthony Loke introduced the digital road tax or motor vehicle licence (e-LKM) on 10 February 2023, he said that it was optional, and motorists would have at least until the end of 2023 to register and try out it out.

The minister also said that JPJ will continue to offer physical road tax stickers for motorists who still prefer to use it on their cars or motorcycles.

Just to be sure, I called up the JPJ contact centre. The JPJ officer on the line consulted her supervisor and then informed me that it was true that JPJ has already stopped issuing the physical road tax. She claimed that the notice was posted in the MyJPJ app.

When I checked the MyJPJ app, I could find no such notice. So I called the JPJ contact centre again. This time, a different lady told me that they were just operators, and have no idea about such matters. Seriously…

But later that day on 2 August 2023, Anthony Loke held a press conference to address this viral claim. He confirmed that the ‘No Physical Road Tax’ notice was issued by JPJ Director-General Rospiagos Taha, but said that it was only because those branches ran out of stock.

He confirmed that this was no an actual policy decision, and said that JPJ had been ordered to take down the ‘No Physical Road Tax’ notice that has gone viral on WhatsApp and social media platforms.

The (road tax) sticker is still being issued. Several branches ran out of stock and put up a notice on the non-availability of physical road tax, but it is not a policy decision. We took quick action on finding out that branches have run out of stock and will continue to order new stock.

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Did JPJ Stop Issuing Physical Road Tax For Most Drivers?!

Anthony Loke also said that the Transport Ministry had not decided on a cut-off date for the full transition to the digital road tax, and that it would take at least six months to a year before they can go fully digital. In the meantime, vehicle owners still can choose to request for, and use, the physical sticker.

But there will come a time when we will transform to fully digital. No decision has been made yet; it would take six months to one year before going fully digital.

By going digital, the Transport Ministry can reduce congestion at JPJ offices and counters by up to 80%, and save RM96 million a year in cost.

According to JPJ, only about 30% of vehicle owners have so far opted for the digital road tax. On average, about 1.5 million vehicles need to renew their road taxes every month.

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