Is JPJ Installing AES CCTV Cameras With AI Tech?!

Is JPJ now installing AES CCTV cameras with AI technology to monitor what drivers do at traffic lights?!

Take a look at the viral photo, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : JPJ Is Installing AES CCTV Cameras With AI Tech!

People are sharing a photo on WhatsApp and social media platforms, claiming that the Malaysia Road Transport Department (JPJ) has started installing AES CCTV cameras at with AI technology.

These new AES (Automated Enforcement System) CCTV cameras are apparently using artificial intelligence to monitor what drivers do at traffic lights, and catch them committing crimes like using their smartphone / mobile phone.

JPJ sudah bermula memasang CCTV A.I AES yang dapat merakam video apa yang kamu sedang buat di Traffik light… yang selalu main Henfon semasa menunggu lampu Hijau… sila berjaga jaga ya.. sekali kena saman jangan cakap tak bagi amaran pula..

JPJ has started installing CCTV A.I AES that can record video of what you are doing at the traffic light… who are always playing with their smartphones while waiting for the green light… please be careful.. once you get a summons, don’t say no one warned you..

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Truth : JPJ Is NOT Installing AES CCTV Cameras With AI Tech!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on WhatsApp and social media platforms, and here are the reasons why!

Fact #1 : It Was Installed As Proof Of Concept Trial

First, let me just confirm that the JPJ has not initiated any widespread project to install CCTV cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) technology at traffic lights.

The camera was installed as a proof of concept trial, which was launched on Tuesday, 4 July 2023, as “Proof of Concept : AI Violation Detection CCTV“.

The viral photo was issued by the Sarawak Public Communication Unit (UKAS), together with the official press release.

Fact #2 : Camera Was Only Installed In Miri

Only one AI Violation Detection CCTV camera was installed, and it was installed at the Jalan Merbau intersection facing the Bintang Megamall in Miri, Sarawak.

The Sarawak Ministry of Transportation (MOTS) specifically chose that location, because it was an accident-prone area.

Fact #3 : Trial Only Lasts For Six Months

This proof-of-concept trial is only set to last for six months, according to Sarawak Transportation Minister, Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin:

The trial period would be six months and the results will be presented to the ministry to decide on the next course of action.

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Fact #4 : CCTV Camera Monitors + Records Driver Behaviour

The AI Violation Detection CCTV camera is designed to automatically monitor and record driver behaviour at the intersection, including:

  • collecting data on vehicle speed and details
  • automatically detecting and recording speeding vehicles
  • recording driver offences like using mobile phones, smoking, and not wearing seatbelts while driving

The objective is to collect data on driver behaviour, traffic flow and volume in addition to vehicle colour, classification, model and make.

In addition, to collect data on the speed of travel and vehicle registration number, automatically detect and record vehicles exceeding the speed limit and record the offenses of drivers using mobile phones, smoking and not wearing seat belts while driving.

Data collected from the system will be analysed to gain a better insight into traffic behaviour, identify high-risk areas, as well as enable data-driven decisions to be made by the ministry and enforcement agencies to improve road safety.

Fact #5 : Such Cameras Are The Future

Even though this is just a time-limited trial run, automatic monitoring and reporting of traffic offences by AI-enabled CCTV cameras are the future, because they allow the police to better catch bad driving behaviour without requiring massive manpower.

As Dato Sri Lee shared, the AI Violation Detection CCTV camera caught a repeat offender speeding on eight occasions within one week at the intersection.

The automatic monitoring of driver behaviour through CCTV cameras is common in China, where state surveillance has long been the norm. Chinese cameras are pervasive, albeit not always accurate.

Still, it is just a matter of time before before such cameras are deployed in Malaysia, and other countries around the world. In other words – this fake news may not stay “fake news” for long…

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