The Goodyear + Envoy Predictive Tyre Maintenance Program

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Goodyear just announced a pilot program with Envoy Technologies to provide their predictive tyre maintenance solution for Envoy’s fleet of on-demand electric vehicles. Here are the details!


The Goodyear + Envoy Predictive Tyre Maintenance Program

The Goodyear and Envoy predictive tyre maintenance program will launch in Ohio this year, as a way to minimise operational downtime for the Envoy fleet of electric vehicles.

  • Goodyear’s predictive tyre maintenance solution will be used to forecast and automatically schedule needed tyre maintenance and replacement.
  • Envoy’s fleet managers will be able to see their vehicle fleet status, schedule maintenance needs and update appointments with Goodyear’s on-demand scheduling program

This will help Enjoy keep their electric vehicles operational and avoid unforeseen tyre issues that may force a shared electric vehicle to be pulled from service.

The Goodyear + Envoy Predictive Tyre Maintenance Program


How The Predictive Tyre Maintenance Program Works

The Goodyear predictive tyre maintenance service will gather secure, anonymised data from Envoy’s connected vehicles and uses it to predict and schedule service needs.\

Goodyear then utilises its network of outlets and mobile vans to provide service to the vehicles. These mobile vans can install tyres on-site at their charging stations, maintaining vehicle safety with minimal time required by Envoy staff.

Goodyear earlier trialed the same predictive tyre maintenance program with Tesloop, a city-to-city mobility service that is based exclusively on Tesla electric vehicles.

It also leveraged their experience with the Goodyear Proactive Solutions for truck fleets, which uses advanced telematics and predictive analytics to maximise fuel efficiency while identifying and resolving tyre-related issues before they happen.


Envoy Electric Vehicles

Envoy provides shared, community-based electric vehicles where people live, work and stay, with a significant percentage of its fleet dedicated to deployment in disadvantaged communities.

The two-year-old company recently passed a milestone of more than 100 vehicles deployed at partner sites with a pipeline of 1,800 vehicles to be launched in major metropolitan areas across the nation, including Portland, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami and Washington, D.C.


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