Latest Foreign Travel Rules For Malaysian Citizens!

Here are the latest foreign travel rules for Malaysian citizens that the National Security Council just shared!


Latest Foreign Travel Rules For Malaysian Citizens!

On 23 June 2021, the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) posted a summary of the latest foreign travel rules for Malaysian citizens.

Foreign travel approval is divided into the foreign three categories (effective 17 May 2021) :

Category 1 : No Need To Apply For Approval

  • Diplomats and employees of Malaysian embassies and their dependents
  • Students who are currently studying, or about to continue their studies
  • Long term foreign pass holders (permanent residents / resident pass / work pass and so on)
  • Employees of petroleum and shipping companies, who need to sign-on to board ships
  • Escorting students travelling for further studies (limited to 2 persons)

Category 2 : Must Apply For MyTravelPass (MTP)

Those in this list must apply for MyTravelPass (MTP) at

  • Just received a job offer overseas
  • Just received an offer to study overseas
  • Students who wish to take examinations overseas
  • Attending meeting / seminar / exhibition / managing business
  • Emergency matters

All queries can be performed through the Online Help System (SPO).

Category 3 : Not Allowed At All

These foreign trips are completely FORBIDDEN :

  • Going for a vacation
  • Visiting family members overseas


Important Foreign Travel Links For Malaysian Citizens!

Here are some important links for Malaysian citizens applying for foreign travel permission :

MyTravelPass (MTP) :

MyTravelPass Enquiries : *
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Check MyTravelPass Application Status :

Check Immigration Travel Status :

MyOnline Passport : *
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