Find Dali – The SOCAR-Powered Transportation Aide Goes LIVE!

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The #FindDali marketing campaign has left many netizens in Kuala Lumpur puzzled for weeks. Who is Dali??? Why should we find Dali? All that was revealed at a smashing party last night. Check out the full story below!


Find Dali – The SOCAR-Powered Transportation Aide

For weeks, Kuala Lumpur has been inundated with advertisements to find Dali. People wondered about the ads asking, “Would you rather brake in traffic or take a break?” or “Who would free you from your car loans?“.

Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR revealed last night that Dali is Kuala Lumpur’s first smart transportation aide. Designed to give you access to your mobility-related information – from car loans and the cheapest car parks and best eating places, it will help get around KL, whether it’s with public transport, car sharing, e-hailing or even your own car!

Find Dali - The SOCAR-Powered Transportation Aide Goes LIVE!

Dali is powered by the car-sharing startup, SOCAR and its multi-flex community, and backed by an AI engine. Dali is more than just an AI bot. It’s meant to offer the multi-flex community the ability to start threads on various topics, and use their travel experiences to guide other commuters asking the same questions, or facing the same situations.

“To put it simply, Dali is YOU and every other person who is a part of the multiflex transportation matrix. It is a community first platform built for the community of multiflexers and is powered by the community” said Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR. “We spend a sizeable amount of time each day lamenting on why we waste so much time on commuting and getting around. However things aren’t going to get better if we just internalise this problem.”

“WIth Dali, we want to give people a voice, a voice to change things, a voice to shape the future of mobility by expressing what we truly want and allowing the community to come together to build solutions that will make our cities more liveable. SOCAR believes in the power of the collective, and is the tool that allows us to harness the power of that collective.”

Find Dali - The SOCAR-Powered Transportation Aide Goes LIVE! Find Dali - The SOCAR-Powered Transportation Aide Goes LIVE!

The #FindDali platform was officially launched at a smashing party, going live at the stroke of midnight. Starting today (7 September 2018), everyone can use FindDali. Not just SOCAR members. EVERYONE.

Just head over to and start asking Dali questions!


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