EMCO U-Turn : Up To 3 Per Car For Vaccination / Treatment!

There is an update in the EMCO 3.0 SOP – up to three (3) people can drive out to seek medical treatment or receive their vaccination!


EMCO U-Turn : Up To 3 Per Car For Vaccination / Treatment!

Yesterday, the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) released the full EMCO 3.0 SOP for KL and Selangor.

The EMCO 3.0 SOP only allowed a single person to leave a household to purchase daily essentials.

Taxis and e-hailing rides, therefore, can only pick up a single passenger, for the same purpose.

The only exception was for medical care or vaccination – up to two (2) persons can drive in their personal vehicle to seek medical care or to get vaccinated.

However, many people felt that such a limit was not only impractical, it does not prevent spread of COVID-19.

After all, what does it matter if multiple people from the same household use the same car to get vaccinations?

It appears that the government belatedly realised that. Less than 24 hours later, they released an updated EMCO 3.0 SOP with a single change :

Up to three (3) people, including the driver, are allowed to leave to seek medical care, medicine and vaccination.

Unfortunately, two (2) person limit, including the driver, for taxis and e-hailing rides remained, so they are not practical for those who need to seek medical help or to get vaccinated…

Could there be another EMCO SOP “adjustment” coming up soon? Hopefully…


Selected EMCO 3.0 SOP For KL + Selangor!

Here is the selected EMCO 3.0 SOP for areas that will come under the EMCO in KL and Selangor :

  • All entry and exit into EMCO areas will be closed and controlled by the police (PDRM).
  • All residents in EMCO areas are FORBIDDEN to leave their house, except for one (1) representative to purchase essential goods within a radius of 10 kilometres.
  • KKM will conduct targeted screening tests on all residents in EMCO areas.
  • JKJAV will increase the rate of vaccination in EMCO areas.
  • Interstate and inter-district travel for the purpose of going for vaccination is ALLOWED by showing the appointment in MySejahtera, website or SMS.
  • Airports and ports are allowed to operate as normal.
  • Public transportation (train, bus, airport, taxi, ferry, e-hailing ride) are allowed to operate as normal, at 50% capacity.
  • Taxis and e-hailing rides are limited to just TWO (2) people in the vehicle, including the driver.
  • No one should leave their homes after 8 PM, except for emergencies or with police permission.
  • Only essential services, like utilities, cleaning and sewerage, are allowed to operate from 8 AM until 8 PM.
  • Factories producing food and daily essentials like rice, bread loaves, sugar, cooking oil, flour, fresh milk, milk powder, medicines and face masks are allowed to operate.
  • Only those providing essential services or those conducting official government work, with employer’s letter or valid worker’s pass, are allowed to work.

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