CMCO : No Special Seating Or Face Mask In Your Own Car!

Fake news about special seating arrangements and wearing face masks in your own car during the CMCO / PKPB lockdowns keep spreading.

So here is the DEFINITIVE VERDICT on both issues.


CMCO : Special Seating + Wearing Face Mask In Your Own Car?

People have been sharing fake stories about special seating arrangements, and even the requirement to wear face masks, in your own car during the CMCO / PKPB lockdowns.

We debunked quite a few of them earlier :

However, people keep sharing those fake stories, and even create new ones!

And the police keep getting calls to confirm special seating arrangements or the need to wear face masks in your own car.


CMCO : NO Special Seating Or Face Mask In Your Own Car!

The government appears to be quite fed up of these questions about special seating arrangements, or wearing a face mask in your own car.

So Senior Minister of Security, Dato Sri Ismail Yaacob held a press conference, in which he confirmed that there is no special seating or face mask requirements in your own car!

As he pointed out in his press conference, since both persons in the car are from the same household, it doesn’t make any sense for special seating arrangements.

There also isn’t a need for them to wear face masks inside their own car. After all, again… they are from the same household!

As we pointed out earlier, the official CMCO / PKPB SOP clearly states that only two persons may travel in the same car at any one time.

There is NO REQUIREMENT for any special seating arrangement, or even to wear a face mask.

We need to EMPHASISE that the SOP specifically allows only two persons from each household to go out to purchase food and essential items.

A family of 4 cannot drive two cars out to dine together in a restaurant / cafe / eatery. If you are caught, you will be fined RM 1,000 per person.

For more details, please read RM4K Fine For Family Of 4 At Restaurant During CMCO? 🤔


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