Fact Check : Car Seating SOP For CMCO / PKPB Lockdown?

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You may have seen this car seating SOP for the CMCO / PKPKB lockdowns affecting various areas in Malaysia.

But is it legitimate? Will you get fined by the police if you do not follow this car seating SOP?


Claim : This Is The Car Seating SOP For CMCO / PKPB Lockdown

This WhatsApp message is being forwarded as a warning to everyone under CMCO / PKPB lockdown in Malaysia :

My sis was sitting in front car seat with her hubby this morning.

At the police checkpoint at Sri Petaling, they were told that no front passenger allowed n are being let off with a warning as passenger must sit at the back.

Pls take note

Note : We intentionally added the HOAX overlay to prevent the images from being further misused.

Fact Check : Car Seating SOP For CMCO / PKPB Lockdown?


Car Seating SOP For CMCO / PKPB Lockdown : More Bullshit

This picture originally surfaced in May 2020 when the Malaysian government loosened COVID-19 lockdown measures, allowing two persons per car.

It went viral again in October 2020 when the Malaysian government announced CMCO / PKPB lockdowns of KL, Selangor and Putrajaya, as well as Sabah and Labuan.

However, this is just another Internet hoax, because there is no such “social distancing” car seating SOP, and here are the reasons why…

Reason #1 : There Is No Such SOP

Whether you look into the MCO Phase 4 Federal Gazette from April 2020, or the three CMCO SOPs (Klang Valley | Sabah | Labuan), there is no such car seating SOP.

In the stricter MCO Phase 4, both persons must be family members staying in the same house, or a driver helping to send someone seeking healthcare or medical services.

In the looser October CMCO / PKPB lockdowns, two family members living together may travel in the same car, but there is no such restriction for commercial vehicles – they can fit as many people as they are licensed for.

In all cases, there is no requirement for special seating arrangements.

Fact Check : Car Seating SOP For CMCO / PKPB Lockdown?

Reason #2 : The Seating Arrangement Is Pointless

The “social distancing” car seating arrangement is, frankly, pointless because the rules already limit personal vehicle use to members of the same family.

If one member of the family is infected, the rest of the family is far more likely to get infected at home than they would in the car.

It is also pointless in commercial vehicles, because the same workers work together and are in close contact long after they leave their vehicles.

That’s why you are not required to wear a face mask in private vehicles. Whether you are travelling with a family member or an office mate, you are already in close contact outside of that vehicle.

Such an arrangement is also pointless in taxis and e-hailing vehicles because everyone – driver and passengers – is required to wear face masks at all times.

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Reason #3 : Air Circulates Within The Car

Unless you roll down the car’s windows, its air conditioning system will recirculate air and viral particles from any infected person throughout the cabin.

So it really doesn’t matter if you sit behind the driver, or sit next to the driver or another passenger.

This is why it is so important to wear a face mask, whenever you are in any indoor public space – and this includes sitting in a car or train or plane with strangers.

Reason #4 : People Keep Recreating This Fake Story

For some reason, Malaysians keep recreating the fake story of how they were warned or fined by the police for sitting side by side in their own cars.

They are now sharing police compounds for other offences as evidence that the police are issuing them for sitting side by side in a car.

But one thing rings true – no one actually admits to being the person who actually got fined for the offence. It was always “my friend / colleague / FB pal told me his friend kena“…

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