Apple Cancels Project Titan Autonomous Electric Car!

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Apple just cancelled Project Titan – its long-running effort to build an autonomous electric car! Here is what we know so far…


Apple Cancels Project Titan Autonomous Electric Car!

Apple has finally decided to pull the plug on Project Titan – its long-running and highly-secret effort to build an electric car or autonomous vehicle.

All work on the project has stopped, and Apple is likely to cut hundreds of people from the team. There are about 1,400 employees currently working on Project Titan.

Only some employees will be shifted to its generative AI projects under John Giannandrea, Apple’s senior vice president of Machine Learning and AI Strategy. All other employees will have 90 days to find a reassignment to other roles in Apple, or be let go.

On Tuesday, 27 February 2024, Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, and the vice president in charge of Project Titan, Kevin Lynch, announced the news to the team in a short meeting that lasted just 12 minutes. They did not take questions, according to an employee who was there.

According to this employee, who remains anonymous, the announcement was abrupt but the decision was not. It appears to be a long time coming, with constantly shifting priorities within Apple.

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Apple Cancels Project Titan Autonomous Electric Car Project!

Apple first started working on its Project Titan car project in 2014, oscillating its focus between making an all-electric car to compete with Tesla, and developing a fully autonomous vehicle more like Waymo. The project’s leadership would repeatedly change its focus, under pressure from top executives and the Apple board.

Unfortunately, the team is apparently still years away from producing a viable vehicle, whether it is just an electric car, or a fully-autonomous vehicle, despite reportedly spending up to $1 billion annually.

In response to Apple’s decision to kill off its electric car, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted emojis of a salute and a cigarette on X (formerly known as Twitter).


5 Reasons Why Apple Cancelled Project Titan Electric Car

After spending a decade and many billions of dollars on Project Titan, the decision could not have been easy. Here are the five reasons Apple scraped its electric car project, according to Bloomberg:

  • The strategy for Apple electric was constantly changing with no consistent plan nor approach.
  • There was a revolving door of leadership.
  • The electric car was still years away from being commercially viable, which concerned Apple.
  • Self-driving technology is tricky and challenging.
  • The electric vehicle market has been stagnating due to poor charging infrastructure, which soured Apple’s optimism.

While Apple’s electric car dreams has now ended, it doesn’t mean that all of its efforts have gone to waste. It is likely that the company will salvage and repurpose (maybe even licence out) the technologies its team developed.


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