Beware Of AirAsia X Scam On WhatsApp!

AirAsia X is warning about a scam on WhatsApp that is trying to trick people into making payments.

Please watch out for this scam, and WARN your family and friends!


Beware Of AirAsia X Scam On WhatsApp!

There is a new scam on WhatsApp involving AirAsia A.

Scammers pretending to be AirAsia X are sending messages on WhatsApp, asking people to make a payment into an account allegedly belonging to a credit management company.

AirAsia X announced that neither they nor their employees are involved with that scam.

Just like banks, AirAsia X will NOT engage with customers, or solicit payments through any instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

All official AirAsia X announcements are made through the mass media, or these official channels on social media :



Other Scams To Watch Out For

Other than this new AirAsia X scam on WhatsApp, please watch out for these scams too :

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