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New YouTube Live Streaming Features Announced!

YouTube just announced new YouTube Live streaming features, including new ways to watch live videos and interact with the community in real time!

In this article, YouTube shares with us the details of the new YouTube Live features. Check them out!


New YouTube Live Streaming Features

Catching up on the latest

Live chat plays a key role in creating connections between creators and their community. Today we are starting to roll out chat replay to YouTube, so you can follow the conversation even after a live stream is over. Live chat replays will show up alongside the video, exactly as it appeared live.

Making live streams more accessible

We launched automatic captions back in 2009, and since then, we’ve auto-captioned a staggering 1 billion videos. We’re now bringing English automatic captions to live streams.

When professionally provided captions aren’t available, our new live automatic captions provide creators a quick and inexpensive way to make live streams accessible to more people.

With our live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology, you’ll get captions with error rates and latency approaching industry standards. We’ll roll this out in the coming weeks, and will continue to improve accuracy and latency of automatic captions.

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More fun features for live streamers

Creators can now add a location tag to their mobile live streams and video uploads and share all their favorite hot spots with viewers. You can explore other videos with the same location tag by simply clicking on it. You can also use the location filter on the search results page to find other videos from a specific spot.

Last year, we introduced a way for Super Chats to trigger real life events. Now creators can set this up for their channels using IFTTT (If This, Then That). Over 600 internet-connected services and devices (like lights, pet feeders and confetti cannons!) can be connected to Super Chat. Super Chat is already available on desktop and Android devices, with support for iOS devices rolling out starting today.

With live streams, you’ve found more intimate and spontaneous ways to share your thoughts, lives, and creativity. Take these features for a spin and show us your world!

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The Top 10 Rising Malaysian YouTubers In 2017 Revealed!

Kuala Lumpur, December 8, 2017 – YouTube Malaysia today released its leaderboard of 2017’s top rising YouTubers in Malaysia. This list presents the 10 local YouTube creators and channels that saw the largest spike in subscriber growth throughout the year and celebrates these mostly young and super talented individuals and groups that keep us entertained, informed and best of all — make us think.


The Top 10 Rising Malaysian YouTubers In 2017

The top three YouTubers share similarities in that they combine humour, excitement and almost everything else on their channels. Bryson Lew’s many daring experiments and hilarious challenges were the catalyst for his 19x growth over this calendar year, with scenarios such as eating rusted faucets and blowing up a giant bubble wrap whetting his viewers’ appetite.

HXA Entertainment, on the other hand, has their unique brand of pillow talk to thank for their 13x growth while couple Iven & Sandy’s 7x growth was driven by naughty pranks and entertaining vlogs.

The rest of the Top 10 mine a similar vein, offering a mix of horror, crafts and food to travel, how-tos and opinion videos from both individuals and groups that look to push creativity to the forefront and add a distinct Malaysian flavour to the online video platform.

The top rising Malaysian YouTubers of 2017 are:

YouTube creator Channel description Subscriber growth multiplier in 2017
Bryson Lew A blend of regularly scheduled vlogs, pranks and experiments. 18.96x growth with 310,000+ subs and counting
HXA Entertainment Pillow-talk mixed in with pranks and challenges. 12.99x growth with 155,000+ subs and counting
阿源与沙子 Iven&Sandy A couple-led channel with a unique take on pranks and challenges. 7.44x growth with 231,000+ subs and counting
Kupi Kupi GO Top 10 lists of facts, horror tales, and everything in between. 6.27x growth with 105,000+ subs and counting
CodyHongTV A mixed bag of vlogs, skits, pranks and challenges. 5.97x growth with 481,000+ subs and counting
Wong Pang Zhen Travel vlogs interspersed with gaming, challenges and dares. 5.81x growth with 75,000+ subs and counting
Skymagenta Craft A do-it-yourself channel for homemade craft. 5.68x growth with 81,000+ subs and counting
Zukiemohamad A jack of all trades famous for his comedic acts. 5.61x growth with 77,000+ subs and counting
JerryOppa Tempts fate with his comedic and paranormal-focused challenges. 5.57x growth with 95,000+ subs and counting
Findy Yong Showcases her musical talent and tackling trending challenges. 5.45x growth with 159,000+ subs and counting

“Our YouTubers offer a snapshot of just how original, creative and innovative Malaysians can get when provided with an effective platform and the right tools,” said Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google Malaysia. “Their channels reveal what Malaysians and their international subscribers want when they go to YouTube, and as a result we all get to enjoy a mixed bag that ranges from humour to horror and from rants to social commentary and almost everything in between.”

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The ASUS ZenFone Live Smartphone Launched!

The ASUS ZenFone Live Smartphone

The ASUS ZenFone Live (Amazon | Lazada) is the world’s first smartphone with hardware-optimized, real-time live-streaming beautification technology, that makes it possible to share an even more glamorous version of yourself on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Get the perfect look when you go live on your social-networks with ASUS BeautyLive, ZenFone Live’s all-new live-streaming beautification app! See your skin smoothed and blemishes removed in real time, and then share the more beautiful you with friends and followers!

With large 1.4 µm pixels and a dedicated LED selfie flash, capturing photos of yourself and your friends has never been clearer, brighter or more beautiful. ZenFone Live (Amazon | Lazada) even has dual microphones to eliminate background noise and enhance your speech, an innovative five-magnet speaker and smart amp for powerful audio, a curved 2.5D display and a lustrous metallic finish.

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Beautification with Facebook & YouTube Live!

  • Large 1.4 µm pixels = 2X light sensitivity
  • Wide-angle lens with 82° field of view
  • Soft light LED flash = brighter selfies & illuminate your subject’s true skin tones
  • Dual MEMS microphone = capture realistic stereo sound & enhanced speech clarity with noise cancellation
  • Five-magnet speaker with smart amplifier & ice power tuning


ASUS ZenFone Live Pricing & Color (ZB501KL)

Model Color SRP Where To Buy
ZenFone Live
Navy Black MYR 649 / ~US$ 149 Amazon | Lazada
Shimmer Gold
Rose Pink


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Razer Cortex : Gamecaster Live-Streaming Software Launched

IRVINE, Calif. – Razer today publically released Razer Cortex: Gamecaster, a live-streaming software built for gamers. Razer Cortex users can now easily record and stream their gameplay to networks like Azubu, Twitch and YouTube Live.

All essential gamecasting tools and settings are available in-game through an unobtrusive on-screen overlay that hides out of view when not used. Quick access hotkey combinations allow gamers to launch their stream, record gameplay locally, toggle their webcam or save a screenshot without ever losing focus from the game.

Razer Cortex: Gamecaster automatically optimizes streaming settings to match PC setup and internet connection for minimal performance impact. Streamers are also able to configure settings manually to adjust broadcast quality to their own preference.
Ten-thousand closed beta testers helped create an efficient user experience that allows gamers to broadcast gameplay in as little as four steps.

“After an extensive beta with insightful feedback from our users, we’re confident that Razer Cortex: Gamecaster is the most intuitive broadcasting software in the market,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “We had more than a few gamers praise our work on producing an easy streaming software solution and their help was instrumental to get Gamecaster to that point.”

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Two Versions Of Razer Cortex

There are two version of Razer Cortex :

  • Gamecaster. Each are available within the Razer Cortex software, which now has more than 11 million users. With the free version of Razer Cortex: Gamecaster, gamers are able to broadcast footage without watermarks at resolutions of up to 720p.
  • Streaming above 720p is also available to free users with a discrete Razer watermark appearing on their broadcast.

By activating a paid Pro license, users gain access to advanced premium features. Higher quality and lower impact streaming with the x264 codec, on-screen annotations and Twitch chat tools are offered to Pro users.
Razer Cortex: Gamecaster Pro subscriptions will be sold in 3 and 12 month licenses.


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