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XOX Mobile Introduces XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card

XOX Mobile and Mastercard announced their jointly-developed XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card today. Here is everything you need to know!


XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card

Mastercard approved XOX Berhad as an issuer in May 2019, and now they are announcing the official launch of the XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card.

It is basically a prepaid card tied to their E-Money e-wallet platform, offered as a value-added service to their existing subscribers.


XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card + XOX E-Money

They are both targeted at XOX Mobile subscribers, limiting their reach in a saturated market with countless alternative e-wallets.

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However, XOX says that they have a captive market in their subscribers, which they claim number some 2.5 million.

With the new XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card, XOX Mobile subscribers will be able to make secure payments at Mastercard merchants, with the option for either a virtual or a physical card.

They will also have the convenience of managing the card through a dedicated XOX Mobile app, the same app where subscribers can check on their balance, top-up, transaction history and spending habits.


XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card Availability

The XOX Prepaid Mastercard Card is not available just yet. They only plan to roll it out by the end of 2019, or early 2020.


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XOX MOBILE & Universal Music Launches ONEMUSIC

Petaling Jaya, 16 March 2017XOX MOBILE and Universal Music Malaysia, the local arm of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, have formed a first-of-its-kind partnership to deliver innovative digital music content as part of XOX Mobile’s focus to reward their loyal subscribers.

XOX Berhad Group CEO, Mr Ng Kok Heng, and Universal Music Group for Malaysia and Singapore’s Managing Director, Mr. Kenny Ong, were present to launch the ONEXOX Universal Music Starter Pack (or known as ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack) together with ONEXOX Friends MTV VJ and singer Fazura, pop-rock group Bunkface and popular singing & acting duo ThomasJack held at Sunway Pyramid Mall today.


ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack

The ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack will give subscribers unparalleled access to digital music and music showcases. This includes special ticket offers, artistes’ merchandise and exclusive experiences of meet & greet, up-close encounters with local and international artistes within the Universal Music family. The ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack can be purchase via www.xox.com.my with free delivery nationwide and via Universal Music Malaysia’s distribution channels.

“Our subscribers are young, and getting younger. Digital content, especially music is important to them and their lifestyles. Understanding what they want, and how they want it delivered; our digital content platform will be our channel of delivery to them,” said Mr Ng.

“In 2017, XOX MOBILE will be ramping up our rewards to subscribers to thank them for their support, and to differentiate ourselves from other players in the market. It will give our subscribers special access and privileges to Universal Music’s stellar line-up of artistes, which our subscribers will appreciate. We will be launching more digital contents working with Universal Music in the near future,” concluded Mr. Ng.

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Universal Music Malaysia and Singapore’s Managing Director, Mr. Kenny Ong also highlighted the many added benefits of the ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack, which includes special offers on concert and showcase tickets organized by Universal Music Malaysia, as well as attractive discount deals on their products at selected CD-Rama outlets and Lazada. Users will also be invited to artist workshops and flyaways, along with first hand exclusivity on all their latest updates, upcoming concerts and pre-release purchases.

“Users will also get to enjoy exciting, money can’t buy experiences with Universal Music’s artists, much like when selected XOX MOBILE subscribers were given the opportunity to play in a futsal tournament with the members of Bunkface, in conjunction with the band’s 10th anniversary concert last year. These experiences gives music-lovers and fans a chance to connect directly with their favourite musicians.” Mr Ong added.


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XOX Rewards #WiraMalaysia With RM315,000 Cash Prizes

Malaysians are justifiably proud of our athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Eight of our exceptional athletes returned home as heroes, with a total medal haul of four silver and one bronze medals.

In conjunction with the return of these #WiraMalaysia, XOX Mobile rewarded them with RM 315,000 in cash rewards. They also gave their hardworking coaches separate cash rewards to reward them for their great work that is often forgotten.

Check out the video we recorded during that event. We are all so proud of our #WiraMalaysia!


The #WiraMalaysia

The #WiraMalaysia were led by Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, the three-time Olympic silver medalist in the men’s badminton singles, and the world’s no. 1 badminton player. He is also XOX Mobile’s brand ambassador and among Malaysia’s most respected and well-loved sportsperson.

In recognition of his historic achievement, XOX Mobile rewarded him with RM60,000 in cash for his silver, and an additional RM50,000 for doing the brand proud as its brand ambassador. In total, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei received RM110,000 in cash rewards.

The badminton mixed doubles pair of Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu-Ying, badminton men’s doubles pair of Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong, women’s synchronized 10m platform diving team of Cheong Jun Hoong and Pandelela Rinong all struck silver. They were joined by the PocketRocketMan, Azizulhasni Awang who achieved bronze in the men’s keirin cycling event.

The silver medalist pairs received a total of RM60,000 per pair, while bronze medalist Azizulhasni Awang, received RM25,000.


Why XOX Mobile Rewarded Them

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“As a Malaysian company, XOX Mobile shares in the nation’s pride in the achievement of these magnificent sporting heroes. This medal haul is historic, and paves the way for even more Malaysians to dedicate themselves to achieving sporting glory for the country. We are overjoyed to share in their success. Congratulations to these #WiraMalaysia, true Malaysian heroes!”

“All their performances were exceptional and showed the strength, determination, and sacrifice that was needed to succeed at this level. As we watched them, we were all united in our desire for them to do their very best for the country, and they did us proud! They will go down in history as Malaysian legends,” said XOX Berhad Chairman, Dato’ Seri Abdul Azim bin Mohd Zabidi.

“Their coaches played an integral part in shaping their success, and are as deserving of rewards. This is something that XOX Mobile recognizes. Success is a team effort. We will be rewarding these coaches separately, as we have stated in the past.”


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XOX Media In Strategic Alliance With Taiwan’s Leopard Mobile

April 28, 2016XOX Media Sdn Bhd, the technology arm of the XOX Bhd Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan’s Leopard Mobile, a subsidiary of Cheetah Mobile Inc., a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a mobile application, advertisement network & games developer/publisher services provider.

The parties will devise cross marketing and cross bundling programs where Leopard Mobile will promote and market XOX’s next generation mobile communication solution enabling smartphone users to fully maximize the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology, Voopee. This will be done via its various channels and its users, and XOX will market the range of Leopard Mobile products through its channels and subscribers.

The parties will form a strategic alliance where XOX will become the strategic partner of Leopard Mobile in Malaysia for the purpose of marketing and promoting Leopard Mobile’s products to the general market by encapsulating these products in XOX’s marketing initiatives and programs.


The Strategic Alliance Is Expected To Benefit Both Companies

XOX Mobile’s subscriber base of 1.3 million users is expected to be the first cadre to enjoy the potential benefits of this collaboration through the availability of Leopard Mobile applications, games, content and advertisement network that will be available solely through XOX Mobile.

According to XOX Bhd’s Group CEO, Mr. Ng Kok Heng, XOX Mobile’s strategy of international collaborations for content and cutting edge mobile services is resonating strongly with the MVNO’s subscriber base of young, technology-savvy, keyed-in to trends, users’ of its pre-paid and post paid services.

“Our initial partnership with South Korean brands proved to be a success prompting us to explore more Asian content providers and developers that we could partner with. Taiwanese developers are on the forefront of mobile games, in-app advertising and content development. We believe that our Chinese speaking subscriber base will embrace the quality content from an edgy Taiwanese provider,” said Mr. Ng.

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“This strategic alliance of cross marketing and cross bundling also allows our Voopee mobile application that employs IMS – which effectively cuts down on usage of voice and text messaging, to be spread farther afield including in Taiwan.”

“This strategic alliance is of benefit to both parties as it increases content and geographic distribution,” he added.

Leopard Mobile’s Founder, Mr. David Wu is positive on the collaboration possibilities with XOX, citing the strong acceptance of Taiwanese content among Malaysian Chinese mobile users, and the opportunities for Voopee in Taiwan.

“Malaysia is an ideal market for Leopard Mobile, with a synergistic partner in XOX Mobile. There is huge potential to increase the subscribership for mobile applications and content,” said Mr. Wu.


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XOX Mobile Announces More XOX Rewards For All

XOX Mobile, the virtual network operator (MVNO) service provider is giving more XOX rewards for all – subscribers and dealers alike to thank them for their loyalty.

In 2015, XOX Mobile launched the largest XOX rewards program that saw thousands of entries for one Volkswagen Passat, and three Volkswagen Polo Sedans as well as 100 units of various tech gadgets. In total, there were over RM500,000 of prizes!

On April 14, Datuk Eddie Chai (Group Managing Director, XOX Berhad) and Dato’ Lee Chong Wei (Malaysian badminton superstar and XOX Brand Ambassador) handed over the Volkswagen cars to the four lucky winners.

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More XOX Rewards

XOX Mobile has always focused on rewarding their subscribers and dealers, from their concert ticket giveaways, pre-paid plan that offers petrol vouchers and Touch’N’Go credit giveaways. XOX Mobile’s qualified subscribers and dealers are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to the XOX rewards programme.

Even Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and his coaches, Mr Tey Seu Bock and Mr Hendrawan, fresh from their strong performance at the Malaysian Open 2016 were rewarded by XOX Mobile as part of the brand’s long-standing commitment to encouraging local sports development.

Also rewarded was their lucky 1 millionth customer. XOX Mobile recently crossed the 1 million subscriber threshold and now boasts a 1.1 million subscriber base.

XOX Mobile also announced that they would be rewarding other Malaysian sportspersons who excel in the coming Olympics, and other tournaments.


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