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Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

On the second day of Dell Technologies World 2019, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shared his 2019 vision for VMware. Here is a sneak peek at the 2019 VMware strategy and plans!


Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

VMware was a major force at Dell Technologies World 2019, demonstrating VMware’s great importance in the Dell Technologies family.

They announced amongst other things, Dell Unified Workspace which is based on VMware Workspace ONE, Dell Technologies Cloud in collaboration with Dell EMC, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and Azure VMware Solutions in collaboration with Microsoft.

But that was not all, as Pat Gelsinger would soon reveal…


Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger comes from a “hardware” background, serving as Intel’s first Chief Technology Officer before taking over as President and CEO of EMC.

A point he makes in his talk about the Superpowers of Tech – Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and Edge/IoT.

  • VMware’s vision still focuses on enabling any cloud resource and application, from the past or the present, to work on any device, while improving intrinsic security over time.
  • The hybrid cloud is the best answer for almost every single workload, because of three “laws” – the laws of physics, the laws of economics, and the laws of the land.
  • VMware and Dell Technologies are focusing on the hybrid cloud architecture with VxRail as its building block.
  • To bind together and manage disparate cloud and on-premise solutions with greater visibility, VMware is offering CloudHealth on all VMware Cloud solutions on Amazon, Azure and Google.
  • VMware is making great investments into Kubernetes as the “middleware for the cloud“.
  • VMware is partnering with Pivotal to make VMware PKS available as VMware Enterprise PKS, VMware Essential PKS and VMware Cloud PKS.
  • VMware is also rebuilding their security architecture and products, with AppDefense and vSphere Platinum, giving virtual machines an AI capability to learn the users’ behaviour, as well as end-to-end encryption throughout the network infrastructure.
  • The newly-announced Dell Unified Workspace leverages VMware’s Workspace ONE unified endpoint management to maintain the user’s devices in good health, while allowing them to seamlessly access any native, SaaS (Software as a Service), or internal application, with a single sign-on from any device.


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Dell Technologies Cloud Primer – Simpler, Better Hybrid Cloud!

One of the first big announcements on the first day of Dell Technologies World 2019 was the introduction of the Dell Technologies Cloud, with a new VMware Cloud on Dell EMC option.

Here is a quick primer on the two options, and how they will offer simpler and better hybrid cloud management!


Dell Technologies Cloud

This is a new set of cloud infrastructure solutions that leverages VMware and Dell EMC technologies to deliver a consistent hybrid cloud management platform.

This lets customers reduce the complexity of managing multiple cloud services – public cloud, private cloud and the edge – regardless of location.

Dell is also offering it as a Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS), in the form of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. This introduces the public cloud delivery model to on-premises and edge locations.


A Simpler + Better Cloud Experience

The Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio consists of the new Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms and the new Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) offering, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

They will both enable a flexible range of IT and management options with tight integration and a single vendor experience for purchasing, deployment, services and financing.

More importantly, they will offer a consistent cloud experience across all cloud types and more than 4,200 VMware Cloud Provider Program providers and hyperscalers.

This hybrid cloud approach is delivered through a powerful integration of hardware, software, services and consumption options from Dell Technologies and VMware. Organisations deploying Dell Technologies Cloud can:

  • Increase agility
    Employ familiar VMware tools to provision, govern, automate and orchestrate applications across multiple cloud deployment options.
    This gives organisations workload placement flexibility through a single operational hub across public, private and edge clouds, backed by a broad, global network of cloud service providers.
  • Accelerate innovation
    Adopt a simple and quick path to deploy hybrid cloud.
    With VMware Cloud Foundation now available natively on Dell EMC VxRail, it offers the industry’s first jointly-engineered, hybrid cloud infrastructure stack tightly integrated with VMware’s flexible, full stack HCI architecture.
    Customers can also opt to extend the cloud experience on-premises by deploying Dell EMC VxBlock 1000 converged infrastructure and Dell Technologies validated storage, compute and networking options.
  • Improve cloud economics
    Manage applications seamlessly across various clouds while saving time and cost by eliminating unnecessary application re-platforming.
    Organisations also can align how they pay for IT with how they do business through a range of options to buy, rent or consume IT as a service through Dell Financial Services.
    IDC research found that Dell Technologies Cloud can reduce total cost of ownership by up to 47% compared to native public cloud.
  • Help reduce business risk
    Enhance confidence in operations through the delivery of IT services backed by built-in security and automated lifecycle management.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC for Data Center and the Edge

First previewed as Project Dimension at VMworld 2018, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC combines Dell EMC VxRail with core technology from VMware.

This Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) offering enables organisations to consume infrastructure, like a public cloud service, in data center and edge environments. This lets IT organisations eliminate the need for basic tasks, such as infrastructure management and maintenance, with subscription-based pricing.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC also offers a bi-directional connection to public clouds for application and data portability via a hybrid cloud control plane.

Data Center-as-a-Service Model

Delivered in a Data Center-as-a-Service model for their on-premises environments, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is co-engineered and delivered by Dell Technologies with the ongoing service fully managed by VMware.

This means organisations can leave infrastructure management, troubleshooting and maintenance to VMware, and instead focus on their core business activities.

They also can take advantage of enterprise-grade data services, security and resiliency, built into the solution, and provision add-on services such as backup, disaster-recovery and bursting capabilities.


Dell Technologies Cloud Availability

  • Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms are available globally now.
  • The Data Center-as-a-Service option, delivered as VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with VxRail, is currently available in beta deployments with limited customer availability planned for the second half of 2019.


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