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Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI + vHPC on VMware vSphere!

Dell Technologies just introduced Dell EMC Ready solutions for both AI and virtualised HPC workloads on VMware vSphere 7!

Join us for the tech briefing on both new Dell EMC computing solutions for VMware, and find out how it can simplify your advanced computing needs!


Simplified Advanced Computing With Dell EMC Ready Solutions

Let’s start with the Dell Technologies briefing on the two new Dell EMC Ready solutions for both AI and virtualised HPC workloads.

Based on VMware Cloud Foundation, they are designed to make AI easier to deploy and consume, with new features from VMware vSphere 7, including Bitfusion.



Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI : GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS)

GPUs in individual workstations or servers are often under-utilised at less than 15% of capacity. The new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI : GPU-as-a-Service fixes that and maximises your investment with virtual GPU pools.

The newest design includes the latest VMware vSphere 7 with Bitfusion, making it possible to virtualise GPUs on-premise. Factory-installed by Dell, VMware vSphere 7 with Bitfusion will let developers and data scientists pool IT resources and share them across datacenters.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI : GPU-as-a-Service also uses the latest VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vSphere 7 support for Kubernetes and containerised applications to run AI workloads anywhere. Containers make it easier to bring cloud-native applications into production, with the ability to move workloads.


Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Virtualised HPC

Most HPC workloads run on dedicated systems that require specialised skills to deploy and manage. Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Virtualised HPC can include VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vSphere 7 featuring Bitfusion.

That should make it simpler and more economical to use VMware environments for HPC and AI applications in computational chemistry, bioinformatics and computer-aided engineering. IT teams can quickly provision hardware as needed, speed up initial deployment and configuration, saving time with simpler centralised management and security.

For very large HPC implementations, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC can include VMware vSphere Scale-Out Edition for additional cost savings.


Dell EMC OpenManage for Dell EMC Ready Solutions

The new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI and Virtualised HPC ship with the Dell EMC OpenManage systems management software, which helps administrators improve system uptime, keep data insights flowing and prepare for AI operations.

New Dell EMC OpenManage improvements include :

  • OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter, supporting vSphere Lifecycle Manager, automates software, driver and firmware updates holistically to save time and simplify operations.
  • The enhanced OpenManage Mobile app gives administrators the ability to view power and thermal policies, perform emergency power reduction and monitor internal storage from anywhere in the world.


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Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

On the second day of Dell Technologies World 2019, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shared his 2019 vision for VMware. Here is a sneak peek at the 2019 VMware strategy and plans!


Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

VMware was a major force at Dell Technologies World 2019, demonstrating VMware’s great importance in the Dell Technologies family.

They announced amongst other things, Dell Unified Workspace which is based on VMware Workspace ONE, Dell Technologies Cloud in collaboration with Dell EMC, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and Azure VMware Solutions in collaboration with Microsoft.

But that was not all, as Pat Gelsinger would soon reveal…


Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger comes from a “hardware” background, serving as Intel’s first Chief Technology Officer before taking over as President and CEO of EMC.

A point he makes in his talk about the Superpowers of Tech – Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and Edge/IoT.

  • VMware’s vision still focuses on enabling any cloud resource and application, from the past or the present, to work on any device, while improving intrinsic security over time.
  • The hybrid cloud is the best answer for almost every single workload, because of three “laws” – the laws of physics, the laws of economics, and the laws of the land.
  • VMware and Dell Technologies are focusing on the hybrid cloud architecture with VxRail as its building block.
  • To bind together and manage disparate cloud and on-premise solutions with greater visibility, VMware is offering CloudHealth on all VMware Cloud solutions on Amazon, Azure and Google.
  • VMware is making great investments into Kubernetes as the “middleware for the cloud“.
  • VMware is partnering with Pivotal to make VMware PKS available as VMware Enterprise PKS, VMware Essential PKS and VMware Cloud PKS.
  • VMware is also rebuilding their security architecture and products, with AppDefense and vSphere Platinum, giving virtual machines an AI capability to learn the users’ behaviour, as well as end-to-end encryption throughout the network infrastructure.
  • The newly-announced Dell Unified Workspace leverages VMware’s Workspace ONE unified endpoint management to maintain the user’s devices in good health, while allowing them to seamlessly access any native, SaaS (Software as a Service), or internal application, with a single sign-on from any device.


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The 2019 Dell EMC Unity XT + PowerProtect Primer!

One of big stories out of Dell Technologies World 2019 was about new Dell storage and data management solutions, like Unity XT and PowerProtect.

Here is our primer on the new Dell EMC Unity XT unified storage solutions, the Dell EMC PowerProtect data management platform, as well as updates on Isilon and more!


The 2019 Dell Storage + Data Management Solutions Revealed!

In the following 30-minute long video, we have top guns from Dell EMC to showcase the 2019 Dell storage and data management solutions :

  • Jeff Clarke (Vice Chairman, Dell Technologies),
  • John Roese (Dell Technologies President & Dell EMC Chief Technology Officer),
  • Craig Bernero (Senior Vice President, Dell EMC Midrange & Entry Storage),
  • Beth Phalen (President & General Manager of Dell EMC Data Protection), and
  • Chad Dunn (Vice President of Product Management, Dell EMC Hyperconverged Infrastructure)


The 2019 Dell EMC Unity XT

The next-generation Dell EMC Unity XT midrange storage system is up to 2X faster than its predecessor, and 67% faster than its nearest competitor.

Optimised for greater data efficiency with up to 5:1 data reduction and 85% system efficiency, the Unity XT is built for a multi-cloud world.

The new Unity XT can run in a public cloud, seamlessly move data to the cloud, and is available as a service through the new Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services. It can also be used as a building block for Dell Technologies Cloud, as part of a validated design.

Unity XT storage arrays use an active-active architecture, and is NVMe-ready. They are designed to simultaneously run applications, process file and block inline data reduction, while delivering operational data services.


Dell EMC Isilon Update

Dell EMC also announced a new Isilon release with greatly improved scalability, as well as enhanced cloud integration and security.

The new Isilon OneFS 8.2 provides up to 75% greater cluster scalabilityup to 252 nodes, 58 PB of storage, and 945 GB/s of aggregate throughput per cluster!


Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services

To support enterprises looking to extend their on-premise infrastructure to public cloud, Dell Technologies is introducing the Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services.

The new Cloud Storage Services uses Dell EMC storage directly connected to the public cloud through a managed service provider, to give customers multi-cloud agility.

Furthermore, VMware customers can also leverage the automated disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) in VMware Cloud on AWS.


Dell EMC PowerProtect

Dell EMC also introduced their PowerProtect Software platform, and the Dell EMC PowerProtect X400 multi-dimensional appliance.

The Dell EMC PowerProtect Software platform delivers data protection, replication and reuse, as well as SaaS-based management and self-service capabilities. The data owner now has the autonomy to control backup and recovery operations.

VMware customers will benefit from a simple data management solution for their vSphere environments, with automated policy-based backup and recovery, as well as integration with vRealize Automation.

Available as a hybrid, or all-flash data management appliance, the Dell EMC PowerProtect X400 can scale-up with grow-in-place capacity expansion, and scale-out compute power and capacity.

It is also the first Dell EMC data management solution to leverage machine learning for intelligent load balancing.


Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance

For small- and medium-sized businesses looking for improved data protection in an integrated appliance, Dell EMC is offering the Dell EMC DP4400 Integrated Data Protection Appliance with 8 to 24 TB of storage.

The lower storage capacity version of IDPA DP4400 makes it ideal for smaller organisations. yet, it has the ability to grow-in-place up to 96 TB, with the purchase of licence keys and an upgrade kit.


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The 2019 Microsoft – Dell Partnership : All You Need To Know!

One of the biggest stories from Dell Technologies World 2019 was the new Microsoft – Dell partnership. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself joined Michael Dell to talk about it!


The 2019 Microsoft – Dell Partnership

Dell Technologies and Microsoft have been partners for a long time now, but at Dell Technologies World 2019, they announced that they were expanding their partnership in a number of digital transformation solutions.

Let’s take a look at what the components of the 2019 Microsoft – Dell partnership…


Azure VMware Solutions – VMware On Azure!

For the first time ever, Microsoft will offer VMware on Azure! The new Azure VMware Solutions are built on VMware Cloud Foundation, and deployed in Azure.

This would allow companies to capitalise on VMware’s trusted cloud infrastructure and the mission-critical performance of Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

With Azure VMware Solutions, customers will be able to seamlessly migrate, extend and run existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Microsoft Azure without the need to re-architect applications or retool operations.

They will also be able to build, run, manage, and secure new and existing applications across VMware environments and Microsoft Azure, while extending a single model for operations based on established tools, skills and processes as part of a hybrid cloud strategy.

Tapping Into Azure Capabilities

Azure VMware Solutions enable organisations to tap into Azure’s scale, security and fast provisioning cycles to innovate and modernise applications while also improving performance.

By integrating with native Azure services, customers can easily infuse advanced capabilities like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT into their applications enabling new, intelligent experiences.


Azure VMware Solutions are first-party services from Microsoft developed in collaboration with VMware Cloud Verified partners CloudSimple and Virtustream (a Dell Technologies company).

Both CloudSimple and Virtustream run the latest VMware software-defined data center technology.

This ensures that customers enjoy the same benefits of a consistent infrastructure and consistent operations in the cloud as they achieve in their own physical data center, while allowing customers to also access the capabilities of Microsoft Azure.


New Microsoft – Dell Workspace Solutions

The 2019 Microsoft – Dell partnership also sees a collaboration in digital workspace solutions between Microsoft and both Dell Technologies and VMware.

Microsoft 365 + VMware Workspace ONE

Customers who use both Microsoft 365 and VMware Workspace ONE will now be able to leverage both solutions to maximise their investments.

Specifically, they will be able to use Workspace ONE to manage and secure Office 365 across devices through cloud-based integration with Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory.

Dell Provisioning Services Integration

Through the new Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, customers can leverage the integration of Microsoft Windows Autopilot and Dell Device Provisioning and Deployment Services, like Dell ProDeploy – all enabled by the integration of Microsoft 365, Workspace ONE, and Dell Provisioning Services.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft also announced Windows Virtual Desktop, the only service that delivers a multi-session Windows 10 experience, optimisations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops and apps.

As a part of this agreement, VMware will extend the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop to enable customers to further accelerate their cloud initiatives, leveraging VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Initial capabilities are expected to be available as a tech preview by the end of calendar year 2019.

VMware + Azure Integration

Microsoft and VMware are also exploring initiatives to drive further integration between VMware infrastructure and Azure such as integration of VMware NSX with Azure Networking and integration of specific Azure services with VMware management solutions.

They will also be exploring bringing specific Azure services to the VMware on-premises customers. Through this collaboration, the companies aim to give customers a more seamless experience across VMware and Azure environments.


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VMware Cloud on Dell EMC – Delivered By Dell, Managed By VMware!

At Dell Technologies World 2019, VMware and Dell Technologies jointly announced VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

Find out how this new DCaaS platform combines the benefits of public cloud and on-premise security, control and performance, with a subscription model!

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Unveiled At Dell Technologies World 2019

The new VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a cloud service that combines the attributes of public cloud – economics, simplicity and agility; with on-premise security, control and performance.

This is a Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) offering that lets organisations manage and maintain infrastructure like a public cloud service, in data center and edge environments.

First previewed as Project Dimension at VMworld 2018, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC combines Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure with VMware’s compute, storage and networking infrastructure.

It differs from Dell Technologies Cloud (also announced at the same time), by delivering and managing all of the infrastructure on-premise, or at the edge.


VMware Cloud On Dell EMC – Delivered By Dell, Managed By VMware!

The first thing to note is that VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a VMware service. Dell EMC only provides and deploys the necessary hardware on-premise or at the edge, after which VMware takes over management and maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

VMware will be the single point of contact for the customer, who will have visibility to their entire system and track the steps undertaken by VMware engineers to resolve service issues.

As this is a subscription-based DCaaS model, the initial startup cost is significantly lowered. VMware is expected to offer flexible consumption and payment options.


VMware Cloud On Dell EMC Key Benefits

Simpler Operational Processes

End-to-end management of data and edge infrastructure will be greatly simplified, including :

  • one-click hardware ordering
  • initial deployment
  • automated patching, upgrades of software and hardware
  • monitoring and remediation
  • global view of infrastructures on all premise locations

Consistency in operations across cloud, data centre and edge

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC promises to offer a consistent compute, storage and networking infrastructure, with consistent cloud management. It will allow organisations to more affordably tackle issues like :

  • data centre and edge location modernisation
  • global and local data latencies
  • sovereignty-sensitive workloads

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will be able to connect to, and manage, public cloud services, but will maintain applications on its own infrastructure. The organisation will own and be responsible for its own data which is available on-premise at data centres or edge locations.

Security Across Data Centre And Edge Locations

The micro-segmentation capabilities of VMware NSX provides extra security for both traditional and modern applications. Data at-rest and data in-transit are also protected by encryption.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Availability

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is currently in beta testing.

VMware is expected to make it available in the U.S. in the second half of 2019.


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