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VIA ETX-8X90-10GR Module Extends Life of ETX Devices

Taipei, Taiwan, 14 April, 2016 – VIA Technologies, Inc, today introduced the VIA ETX-8X90-10GR ETX module to provide a plug-in replacement for ETX devices featuring end-of-life processor modules.


Five more years of ETX longevity complete with legacy software support

Leveraging the ultra low power consumption and advanced performance of the VIA Eden X1 processor, the VIA ETX-8X90-10GR is a highly-integrated embedded multimedia module with native ISA/PCI support for legacy expansion cards. In addition to maintaining full legacy software support, it also provides ample headroom for the development of rich new HMI applications to meet rapidly evolving usage requirements.

“As many ETX modules are nearing end-of-life, a growing number of embedded system makers would prefer to upgrade existing devices rather utilize precious resources in developing entirely new ones from scratch.” said Richard Brown, VP of International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “The VIA ETX-8X90-10GR enables them to do this by providing a fully-compatible plug-in replacement that delivers huge performance gains while maintaining similar power consumption at a competitive price point.”


VIA ETX-8X90-10GR Module

Measuring 114mm x 95mm, the VIA ETX-8X90-10GR module is based on the industry standard ETX (Embedded Technology eXtended) legacy form factor and combines a 1.06GHz VIA Eden X1 E-Series processor with the VIA VX900 MSP, providing hardware acceleration of the most demanding video formats including VC1, WMV9, MPEG-2 and H.264.

The VIA ETX-8X90-10GR offers support for up to 4GB of DDR3 memory as well as the latest display connectivity standards including 18/24-bit dual-channel LVDS, one VGA port with resolutions up to 2560 x 1600, four USB 2.0 and two mini USB ports, two PCI and one ISA bus, one SATA port, one IDE and two COM ports as well as one 10/100 Ethernet on module.

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The VIA ETX-8X90-10GR is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, XP, Windows CE 6.0, and WES 7, as well as most popular Linux distributions.

To speed up development times, customers can take advantage of the VIA ETX-8X90 Starter Kit, including a multi-I/O evaluation carrier board. Customers also have the option of utilizing VIA’s extensive technical support to develop their own custom baseboard.


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VIA Mobile360 Demonstration @ Embedded World 2016

Taipei, Taiwan, 23 February, 2016 – VIA Technologies, Inc. today announced that it will demonstrate the new VIA Mobile360 In-Vehicle Surround View Fleet Management System at Embedded World 2016. The company’s booth is located at 4A-251 in Hall 4 of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

Specifically designed for real-time commercial vehicle monitoring, security, and tracking applications, the system utilizes VIA Multi-Stitch Technology to seamlessly combine up to six camera feeds on the fly and create an all-encompassing 360° view that can be viewed locally or remotely.


VIA Mobile360 Key Features

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  • Ruggedized chassis with extended temperature support
  • Flexible voltage input
  • Up to 8 PoE or 8 CSI camera support
  • 360° real-time display
  • Local recording and storage
  • Video encoding for remote viewing
  • VIA Multi-Stitch Technology

The VIA Mobile360 In-Vehicle Surround View Fleet Management System provides a flexible ruggedized solution that can be customized to meet the requirements for multiple in-vehicle applications and environments. With its sophisticated 3D imaging algorithms, VIA Multi-Stitch Technology not only ensures stunning spherical images but also supports dynamic multidirectional monitoring around the vehicle from an almost unlimited range of easily-configurable perspectives.


VIA Mobile360 @ Embedded World

The VIA Mobile360 In-Vehicle Surround View Fleet Management System is one of a host of innovative new Enterprise IoT and Mobile360 innovations that are on display at the VIA booth at Embedded World. Other highlights include:

  • VIA Mobile360 HMI Starter Kits: Available in a choice of Android- and Linux-based configurations, VIA Mobile360 HMI Starter Kits feature a highly-integrated low power motherboard and a choice of validated LCD screens to provide the fastest and smoothest path for building a host of all-in-one smart display devices for a wide variety of in-vehicle infotainment and digital signage applications.
  • VIA ETX-8X90-10GR Module: Harnessing the ultra low power consumption and advanced performance of the new VIA Eden X1 processor, this flexible new module provides a powerful upgrade for systems currently featuring end-of-life processor modules while maintaining full legacy software support.
  • VIA Alegro 100 Smart Home Automation System: With its support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and KNX-RF, this multi-protocol home gateway device provides a flexible solution for a host of smart home automation applications and can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

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