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John Albert Laylo Was Mistakenly Shot, Not Killed By Antifa!

Philippine government attorney, John Albert Laylo, was mistakenly shot by a gunman, not assassinated by Antifa!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2022-06-22 : Added updates on the Philly police investigation.
Originally posted @ 2022-06-21


Claim : Antifa Suspected Of Assassinating John Albert Laylo!

Within hours of news breaking that Philippine government attorney, John Albert Laylo, was shot and killed in Philadelphia, Vancouver Times posted a story claiming that Philadelphia police are warning the public that an Antifa cell may be responsible.

Police in Philadelphia are warning the public that an Antifa cell may be responsible for assassinating a high-level government attorney. John Albert Laylo was gunned down while he was en route to the airport, travelling with his mother in an Uber. It is unclear why Antifa would choose to murder an elected official from another country, but police have speculated it was due to his relationship with Duterte.

Antifa has committed acts of murder before. In 2020, a Trump supporter was shot dead by a members of the notorious far-left terrorist group.

Philippine Consul General Elmer Cato stated that the Philippines government would help his Laylo’s widow transport his body back to the country.

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Truth : Antifa Not Suspected Of Assassinating John Albert Laylo!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created to generate page views and money from gullible people.

Fact #1 : Vancouver Times Is A Fake News Website

Vancouver Times is a “content aggregator” (copy and paste) website that is known for creating fake news to generate more page views and money.

To look legitimate, they copy and paste news from legitimate news organisations. To drive traffic, they create fake news, sometimes masked as “satire”.

To give themselves a veneer of deniability, they label themselves as a “satire website” in their About Us section.

Vancouver Times is the most trusted source for satire on the West Coast. We write satirical stories about issues that affect conservatives.

Here are some of their fake news that we debunked :

Fact #2 : Philly Police Cannot Identify Suspect Yet

The Philly police could not have suspected an Antifa cell as being responsible for John Albert Laylo’s murder, when they did not identify the suspect at that time.

According to Philly police, John Albert Laylo and his mother were travelling in an Uber ride from University City to the Philadelphia International Airport at around 4:10 AM on Saturday, 18 June 2022, when they stopped at a red light.

The shooter who was driving a black Cadillac, pulled up behind their Uber and fired several rounds into their vehicle, before pulling alongside the driver’s side and firing more shots.

Police officers who responded to the shooting transported Laylo to the Penn Presbyterian Hospital, where he was placed on life support. He subsequently died from a single gunshot wound to his head at 10:33 AM on Sunday, 19 June 2022.

On 21 June 2022, police were able to identify the gunman through surveillance video footage, but did not reveal his identity.

Fact #3 : Philly Police Suspects Road Rage, Not Antifa

The Philly police did not warn people that an Antifa cell may be responsible for John Albert Laylo’s murder. Vancouver Times made up that false claim to trigger right wing supporters, in a bid to go viral.

On 21 June 2021, they told CBS News that the gunman mistook the Nissan car Laylo was riding in, for another dark-coloured Nissan.

The surveillance video they obtained confirmed that “the shooting was targeted, but of mistaken identity“.

The video showed the shooter’s black Cadillac was in close proximity to another Nissan (that was not Laylo’s Uber ride) blocks before reaching the intersection of 38 and Spruce.

Philly police believe that the shooter mistook Laylo’s Uber ride (which was also a dark-coloured Nissan) for that earlier car, and fired as many as 15 shots into it, in what is possibly a case of road rage.

Fact #4 : No Reason For Antifa To Kill A Filipino Lawyer

Vancouver Times (intentionally) framed Antifa for the Laylo’s murder because “Antifa” is a trigger word for right wing activists and supporters who would likely share their fake story, and help it go viral.

Antifa is an anti-fascist and anti-racist movement in the United States, that rose up against alt-right and far right extremist groups, like neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

It has no interest in Philippine politics, much less a Philippine government lawyer. There is simply no reason for Antifa activists to murder John Albert Laylo.

Fact #5 : No Evidence John Albert Laylo Is Married

Vancouver Times appears to have (falsely) claimed that Laylo is married.

There is no evidence he is married. The only family members mentioned in media reports were his mother, Leah Bustamante Laylo, and his sister, Althea Ann Laylo.

My investigations of their social media also showed that his father is Trebla Laylo, and his other sister is Ann Lorraine Taylor Kamatoy.

The Laylo family, January 3, 2021 | Credit : Leah Bustamante Laylo

Fact #5 : There Is No Such Thing As A Publication Ban

Vancouver Times likes to use the “media blackout” claim, to explain why you can’t find any reputable media outlet reporting on Antifa being responsible for John Albert Laylo’s murder.

That’s utter and complete bullshit. No one – not a judge, not even the US government – can control the worldwide media, or prevent anyone from writing about such a momentous arrest.

You can also be sure that even if the mainstream media in the US refused to run the story, it would have been reported by the Filipino media and right-wing websites.

Yet, not a single press / right-wing outlet published their account of this incredible story? That’s because IT NEVER HAPPENED…

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Fact #6 : Mainstream Media + Big Tech Would Have Loved The Hype

Vancouver Times is gaslighting you about how mainstream media and Big Tech want to hide the “truth” about Antifa assassinating John Albert Laylo.

They would all loved such shocking news, because it would have driven tons of traffic and engagement to their websites / platforms.

In fact, that was precisely why Vancouver Times created the fake story – to drive traffic, for the ad money.

Everything that Vancouver Times publishes should be regarded as FAKE NEWS, until proven otherwise.

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