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TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab Official Launch In Malaysia!

TÜV AUSTRIA and LGMS just officially created the TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab in Malaysia, to offer cybersecurity testing and certification to the Asia-Pacific region.


TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab Official Launch In Malaysia!

The formation of the TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab in Malaysia is a major joint venture between TÜV Trust IT (a member of TÜV AUSTRIA) and LGMS of Malaysia.

The Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia, Dr. Michael Postl, was the guest of honor to inaugurate this partnership, which aims to deliver both cybersecurity testing and certification to the Asia-Pacific region.

TÜV AUSTRIA : A Quick Primer

TÜV AUSTRIA is an international testing, inspection and certification (TIC) company, with more than 2,000 staff members in more than 20 countries globally. Founded and based in Austria, TÜV AUSTRIA generates more than €220 million in annual revenue.

LGMS : A Quick Primer

LGMS – a proudly Malaysian cybersecurity company – has been accredited with multiple international certifications and is recognised internationally by IDC as one of the world’s leading IoT key penetration testing vendors in their 2019 report.


TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab : The Quick Details

The new TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab will house a global Cybersecurity Testing and Certification Center of Excellence (CoE) in Malaysia to serve both domestic and international markets.

Staffed by a mix of TÜV AUSTRIA and LGMS staff initially, they plan to add a hundred more cybersecurity positions over the next few years.

The new team’s focus will be to help organisations identify vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure, and recommending measures to maintain and improve on their cybersecurity practices.

This Austrian-Malaysian joint venture will also stimulate Industry 4.0 Cybersecurity Testing and Certifications both locally and internationally, as well as drive the protection Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) as encouraged by the Malaysian government.

This joint venture is also supported by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), which is striving to promote Malaysia as the Asian hub for cybersecurity testing and certification.


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