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Iron Man Dance Hero Review : Cute + Loud!

The Iron Man Dance Hero looked so darn cute when we first saw it, we decided to check it out in detail.

Here is our short and sweet review of the cute and loud Iron Man Dance Hero!


Iron Man Dance Hero

The Iron Man Dance Hero is a simple toy, with a simple premise – an Asian-looking Tony Stark in a cute Iron Man suit dancing to music.

The truth though is that it is a little more than just a dancing robot. Take a closer look at the Iron Man Dance Hero in our hands-on video!

The Icon Man Dance Hero basically has three key features, officially listed as :

  • Cool music
  • Fabulous dance
  • Cool lighting

It also has a retractable face mask (which reveals an Asian-looking Tony Stark!), as well as posable arms :

It requires three AA batteries. The box says 1.5 V alkaline batteries are recommended, but we had no problem using 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable batteries.


Iron Man Dance Hero In Action!

The Iron Man Dance Hero has a simple three-way switch at the back of its head.

  • Left : Lights, music and dancing off
  • Middle : Only lights turned on
  • Right : Lights, music and dancing turned on!

When turned off, it functions like a figurine or toy. Turning on the lights lets it function like a night light.

And of course, it becomes an entertainment device when you turn everything on! But look at how cute it dances!

The lights in the eyes will change, and so does the music. But the lights in its palms and its chest will remain uniformly white.

There is no volume control, which could be a problem because the Iron Man Dance Hero is very loud! But kids seem to love it!

Even if you tire of its dance and music after some time, it is quite useful as a night light, especially with both arms pointing upwards.


Iron Man Dance Hero Price + Availability

The Iron Man Dance Hero we tested has a height and width of 19 cm, with a thickness of about 10 cm. Just to be clear, it does not come with any batteries in the box.

Its price varies wildly, depending on whether you purchase it online or in retail (where we have seen prices of RM 45-60 / US$11-15 / £8-11 / S$15-20 / A$16-21 being quoted).

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But here are some online purchase options you can consider :


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The Viral Soda / Soft Drink Egg Video Hoax Debunked!

A video showing soda / soft drinks dissolving the shell of an egg has gone viral, causing alarm and consternation all over the Internet.

It has even been used as “evidence” that soda or soft drinks can dissolve the bones in our body! No wonder people are panicking over this video.

But guess what – this is yet another Internet hoax! Let us debunk this hoax, and prove it to you!


The Original Soda / Soft Drink Egg Hoax Video

The viral video that showed a mix of Pepsi and Coca-Cola dissolving the shell of an egg was created by someone called blogerwojciech and posted to TikTok. Check it out :

It shows the egg being soaked in a mixture of Coca-Cola and Pepsi for 24 hours, after which the shell dissolved, leaving only a rubbery, squishy egg.

The original video only include this comment :

Cola + Pepsi + 🥚+ 24godziny 😵 Zaskoczeni (Cola + Pepsi + 🥚+ 24 hours = surprised).

But like everything viral or controversial on the Internet, “clever” people will turn it into something else. On WhatsApp and Facebook, it was accompanied by this warning :

This is a shocking video, please Watch…..

You will understand why we get joint pains and arthritis problems….

When these drinks dissolve the calcium egg shell, it only shows how it can also dissolve our bones and make us a step closer to paralysis……

Naturally, both the video and the warnings are as fake as breast implants. In fact, blogerwojciech later released a video showing how he did it…


The Soda / Soft Drink Egg Hoax Video DEBUNKED!

We prepared this debunking video that summarises how blogerwojciech did it.

It’s actually very simple, and took nothing more than a simple combination of seven short video clips.

Basically, this was what blogerwojciech did :

  • In the first clip, he puts a real egg into a clear glass
  • In the second and third clips, he pours Coca-Cola and Pepsi into the glass with the egg inside.
  • His fourth clip is a close-up of the soda mixture, showing you that the egg really is soaking in it
  • In the fifth clip, he covers the glass with a ceramic mug, which is conveniently opaque
  • In the sixth clip, he shows a piece of paper with 24 H written on it, instead of a time-lapse video of the egg in the clear glass.
  • He replaces the egg with a transparent rubber toy egg, and starts recording the seventh clip, in which he fishes it out of the soda mix and squishes it.

If you look carefully, you will notice that the toy egg is actually much bigger than the egg he put into the glass in the beginning…


The Toy Use In The Soda / Soft Drink Egg Hoax Video

The egg that blogerwojciech used is specifically a Cartoon Network-licenced toy egg called Jajcarski Glut (Slimy Egg) that seems to be sold only in Eastern Europe.

However, it is very similar to other squishy toy egg / egg splat toy / stress relief egg toys that you can find online, like…

  • Funky Egg Splat Ball (4 Pack) : $12.99 | £12.99 | A$26.48
  • Sticky Splat Eggs (Set of 12) : $12.71
  • Coolbitz Novelty Egg Shaped Splat Toy (3 Pcs) : £3.99
  • Funky Egg Splat Ball Toy : RM10


No, Soda / Soft Drinks Cannot Dissolve Our Bones

While soda or soft drinks have been proven to cause erosion of the enamel of our teeth, they cannot directly dissolve your bones.

Think about it for a minute. Even if the video really showed soda or soft drinks dissolving an egg’s shell, we do not actually have bones in our gastrointestinal system.

When we drink sodas or soft drinks, they do not come into contact with any of our bones. We also absorb drinks very quickly, so even if you somehow have bones in your GI tract, they won’t be soaking in any soda / soft drink for more than an hour or two.


Paralysis Is Not Caused By Bone Loss

Paralysis is loss of muscle function caused most often by damage to the nervous system, or toxins. It is never caused by bone loss of any kind.

So it is completely illogical to claim that dissolving our bones will cause paralysis. Osteoporosis, for example, can result in bone fractures… not paralysis.


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