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Tech ARP Server Upgrade In Progress

Tech ARP Server Upgrade In Progress

We apologise for the recent server issues. Even though we migrated Tech ARP to its own server last month, it looks like we have already outgrown it! We will have to temporarily put our galactic conquest on hold until our server upgrade is complete. 😀

Over the last 3 months, we have seen a 25% increase in Tech ARP’s readership and a 19% boost in our Alexa rankings. Thank you for supporting our work! 😀

[adrotate banner=”4″]Our new SSD-cached server originally served both Tech ARP and The Rojak Pot, but the massive traffic on both websites caused our new server ran out of memory and crashed several times. So on January 3, 2016, we gave each site its own server.

Now, it’s time to upgrade Tech ARP to a new faster server with full SSD storage. However, this will mean we have to take Tech ARP out of commission for an hour or so.

We apologise for the inconvenience while we get both Tech ARP and The Rojak Pot faster servers. Then we can resume our galactic conquest! 😀


Help Fund Our Server Upgrade

If you would like to help fund our work and server upgrade, please feel free to send us a donation! Thank you kindly! 😀

Tech ARP In 2016 – End Of An Era, Beginning Of A New One

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to 2016!

We are so excited to start the new year! 2015 has been a significant year for Tech ARP. It was a year in which we revived not one, but two websites from dormancy.


Tech ARP – Then & Now

In 2015, we brought Tech ARP up from its low simmer over the last few years, to full blast! We started slow but we finished strong in the end.

Thanks to the phenomenal efforts of Team ARP’s Ken and Chai, we not only migrated Tech ARP to a new SSD-cached cloud server, we also revamped its backend and design. Check out the culmination of their joint effort!


The new website not only looks sleeker and loads faster, it also allows Team ARP to invite new writers to join the team. So let us know if you would like to join Team ARP and contribute to our never-ending quest to write about our passion – technology!


The Rojak Pot – Then & Now

Tech ARP originally started as Adrian’s Rojak Pot in 1998 (yes, we are now of legal age!!!) at the URL of www.rojakpot.com. I named it as such because I wrote about everything under the sky. Eventually, it got pretty big and focused on Tech. Hence we renamed it as Tech ARP, with the ARP paying homage to its humble origins.

In 2015, we revived www.rojakpot.com, and rebranded it as The Rojak Pot. The idea was to return to its roots and use it to write about more diverse topics – from health and medicine to politics and military affairs, from scams and hoaxes to food reviews and satire. Basically – a literal rojak!

Take a look at how Adrian’s Rojak Pot looked like in 2001, and how The Rojak Pot looks like today :

The Rojak Pot was revived only 6 months ago, but we have already published 137 articles and racked up over half a million visitors! It has been an amazing reboot of our original website, and we are looking forward to bringing our eclectic mix (rojak) of articles to more readers in 2016!

If you like the style of articles we write at The Rojak Pot, and would like to join our team, let us know! 😀