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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Pre-Order Chaos

If you are not up and awake, you have just missed the biggest tech offer this week – the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Pre-Order. Samsung fans who waited up in the wee hours of the morning will not only get to be amongst the first 1,000 people in Malaysia to own the Galaxy S7 edge, they will enjoy an incredible 20% discount off the retail price, an extra year of warranty plus a free 128 GB microSD card!

Samsung set 5 whole days for the pre-order, but frankly, we expected the Galaxy S7 edge pre-order to sell out within hours, and it looks like we would be right. Right after the stroke of midnight when the Galaxy S7 edge pre-order mini-site was activated, it has been hammered so hard, it was impossible for us to even load the registration page properly.

In fact, it is now just past 2 am and we still have not been able to completely load the registration page.

Update @ 2016-03-07 : Samsung has just announced an extension of the pre-order campaign, with a new deal. Check it out!


Some People Succeeded

Our friend, Tc Pun, somehow managed to complete the process and pre-order his Galaxy S7 edge at about 1 am. His friend also made it about 15 minutes later. They had to use Telerik Fiddler to do it though. It pays to be a techie! 😀

What’s really funny though is that when he received the pre-order confirmation by email, it was titled as the Samsung Gear S2 Pre-order… 😀

Looks like someone at Samsung Malaysia reused the Samsung Gear S2 pre-order email template and forgot the change the title… Oh well, at least the email contents are correct! 😀


Sold Out!

As of 8:30 am, we can confirm that Samsung Malaysia sold all 1,000 Galaxy S7 edge smartphones they reserved for this pre-order. They probably sold out hours ago but we didn’t wait up to check! 😀

* From the comments of disgruntled customers who failed to register themselves for the pre-order, it looks like the entire pre-order sold out at around 3 am.

So we were right that the Galaxy S7 edge smartphones would sell out in hours, not 5 days as allocated by Samsung Malaysia. That said, maybe they will extend the offer, or introduce a different offer? We will find out soon enough! 🙂


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