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Did Ice Spice Show Satanic Cross + Gestures At Super Bowl?!

Did Ice Spice flash demonic hand gestures, while openly wearing a Satanic inverted cross, and a Balenciaga outfit?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Ice Spice Showed Satanic Cross + Gestures At Super Bowl!

Some people have been posting a video and photos purportedly showing Ice Spice flashing demonic hand gestures at Super Bowl LVIII, while watching the game with Taylor Swift. They also claim or suggest that Ice Spice openly wearing a Satanic inverted cross, and a Balenciaga outfit, is evidence she is a Satanist!

End Wokeness : Demonic hand gestures on the big screen, upside down cross, Balenciaga sleeve.

Not even hiding it.

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Truth : Ice Spice Did Not Show Satanic Cross + Gestures At Super Bowl!

Here are the reasons why this is yet another example of conspiracy fake news circulating on X (formerly Twitter)…

Fact #1 : Devil’s Horns Are Not Satanic

The viral video clip which shows Ice Spice flashing the devil’s horns with her hands is genuine, and was recorded during Super Bowl LVIII on 11 February 2024. At that time, the American rapper was watching the game with Taylor Swift.

However, the hand gesture that is often referred to as “devil’s horns” or “sign of the horns” isn’t demonic or Satanic. In fact, several cultures use it to ward off evil spirits!

It was popularised by Ronnie James Dio of the heavy metal band, Heaven & Hell and the rock band Black Sabbath, who copied it from his Italian grandmother who often used it. In the Italian culture, the sign of the horns is a protective gesture like the pentagram. Called el corna, it is used traditionally to ward off the “evil eye” (mallocio).

It’s not the devil’s sign like we’re here with the devil. … It’s to ward off the Evil Eye or to give the Evil Eye, depending on which way you do it. So it’s a bit like “knocking on wood.”

The sign of the horns is also used by Hindus and Buddhists. The hand gesture is called “Karana Mudrā“, and is used to “expel demons” and remove “sickness or negative thoughts“. So the showing the sign of the horns is actually the OPPOSITE of worshipping Satan or evil spirits.

In modern times, the devil’s horns / sign of the horns has become a common rock ‘n’ roll gesture, and a mainstream way of saying, “Hell, yeah!“, or “Rock on!

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Fact #2 : The Inverted Cross Isn’t Satanic Either!

The inverted cross that Ice Spice wore at Super Bowl LVIII is also real, and was designed by Alex Moss. However, that inverted cross isn’t Satanic or demonic either.

Thanks to horror movies, and conspiracy theories, some people believe that the upside-down or inverted cross is satanic, or the symbol of a Satanist. But it is actually the Cross of St. Peter – an ancient symbol of St. Peter’s crucifixion in Christianity.

In Christian history, St. Peter insisted that he be crucified upside down as he did not believe that he was worthy of being crucified in the same way as Jesus Christ. Hence, the Catholic Church uses the upside down cross (without a corpus) to represent St. Peter.

In fact, the Pope – as a successor of Peter, employs the inverted cross as a symbolic reminder of Saint Peter’s martyrdom. As long as the upside down cross does not have a corpus (a figure of Christ), it is not satanic or demonic.

Fact #4 : No Evidence Balenciaga Is Satanic

Bizarrely, some people are pointing out that Ice Spice wearing a Balenciaga outfit is evidence that she is Satanic.

As far as I can determine – there is nothing Satanic or demonic about a Balenciaga outfit. Needless to say – none of those who made those claims have actually provided any evidence that Balenciaga fashion is Satanic or demonic, or that Satanists wear Balenciaga to show their devotion to Satan.

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