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Samsung Unveils The Secret To Identifying Real 4K TVs

30 November 2016 – These days, a TV is no longer just a device to watch your favourite movies and variety shows. It is the protagonist of a living space, one that sets the tone of the room, displaying the way of life of the home owner. A premium, classy aura radiates from the beautiful bezel-less curved design of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV, allowing it to fit elegantly in any space of the room.

On top of its exclusive look and feel, the Samsung SUHD TV with Quantum dot display provides true to life picture quality, and is getting praises from all around the room for its ability to display even the smallest details on its screen. Its excellent picture quality has awarded the Samsung latest TV its 4K certification.


What Exactly is a 4K TVs?

UHD TVs, also known as 4K have four times the amount of pixels in Full HD TVs, allowing them to display the same image with even more detail and clarity. While 4K UHD TVs are quickly growing in the global TV market, 3K TVs being marketed as 4K TVs are also appearing, with lower picture quality.

A real 4K UHD TV has RGB (red, green and blue) sub pixels with consistent brightness and realistic colours while a 3K TV’s resolution is decreased by 25% as some of its RGB pixels have been replaced by white pixels, reducing its brightness and distorting the colour. In other words, a real 4K UHD TV is like freshly squeezed orange juice, while the 3K TV is orange juice diluted with water.

3K TVs, also known as RGBW TVs, are being displayed as having the same technology as 4K TVs in retail stores. This may be slightly tricky to consumers planning to purchase a real 4K UHD TV. However, there is a simple solution to that!

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Simply pause the content on a TV and snap a photo on a spot with a white background. Upon zooming in on the photo, you’ll find that only red, green and blue pixels can be seen on the real 4K TV. A 3K TV, however, will show white pixels on top of the RGB pixels.

Samsung Electronics has led the global TV market for ten years based on the philosophy that the very basics of a TV is the ability to offer the best picture quality possible to viewers. This belief will be held as the highest value for Samsung TVs, even when future technologies evolve from 4K, 8K and beyond.

So what are you waiting for? Samsung’s Unbox the Wonders of Home campaign offers great rebates and free gifts upon purchase of selected Samsung TVs. Head over to the nearest Samsung Brand Store and selected authorized retail outlets to test out the real 4K quality of the Samsung UHD TV or visit Samsung’s online store at Lazada Malaysia to unbox the wonders of your home from your home!


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Samsung Curved TV Offer For Merdeka Celebration 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 24 August 2016 – Enjoy great savings as Samsung Malaysia Electronics brings to you the ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved’ promotions. The brand is offering 2 selected curved TV models – 40” Samsung Curved UHD TV (UA40KU6300) and 55” Curved TV (UA55K6300) at the price of flat screen TVs of the same series and size; saving up to RM1,200, at selected Samsung authorised retail outlets. With the amazing deal, everyone can bring the sensational Merdeka Celebration parade to your living room this upcoming 59th Merdeka Day celebration.

Samsung Curved TV models offer the most astounding true-to-life picture quality – providing a completely immersive, cinematic experience in the comfort of your own living room. Designed to provide a wider viewing angle, the Curved TV also goes softer on the eyes to provide truly immersive viewing, as compared to a flat TV.

Samsung’s ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved’ promotion also includes savings up to RM300 on a flat full HD TV (UA48J5000) if you are looking for one. To complement the immersive viewing system, Samsung is offering savings up to RM100 on selected Samsung Soundbar models (HW-K450/XM and HW-K551/XM). On top of that, customers can own the Samsung Rear Speakers at half the price, only at RM250, on a purchase with purchase (PWP) basis with the Samsung Soundbar to complete the home entertainment system!

“We at Samsung are proud and thankful to be part of the Malaysian journey and we look forward to continue delivering innovations that will reinvent Malaysians’ modern lifestyles. On this Merdeka Day, we want to give consumers the best immersive viewing experience with the best surround sound possible,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Don’t miss out on the ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved” promotion and hurry down to your nearest Samsung authorized retail outlet to purchase. For more information on the ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved’ promotion (25th August to 16th September 2016), please visit www.samsung.com/my/offer.

Terms and conditions apply. Promotion is valid while promotional stocks last. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.

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Dato’ LCW Receives 65-inch 2016 Samsung Curved SUHD TV

Kuala Lumpur, 26 August 2016 – Uniting the nation through his passion for sport and his stop at nothing attitude, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei was given a hero’s welcome by proud Malaysians. As part of his homecoming and to congratulate Malaysia’s badminton hero, Samsung Malaysia Electronics surprised him with the award-winning 65-inch 2016 Samsung Curved SUHD TV with Quantum dot display.

Now that Rio Olympics 2016 has concluded, the avid Samsung fan and brand ambassador can now look forward to spending quality time with his loved ones and experience immersive viewing pleasure using his new TV in the comfort of his own home – also cladded with other Samsung products, during his well-deserved break.

“We want to give Dato’ Lee Chong Wei the best of Samsung innovation and we want both him and his family to experience immersive viewing with the best picture quality in one of the most stylish TVs to date. The Curved SUHD TV also has a Smart TV service with rich content that would suit his whole family. Dato’ can teach his children using the Smart functions of the TV or watch a replay of the Olympics with the best in class 4K Quantum dot display Samsung SUHD TV,” said Mr Lee Sang Hoon, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

When he was asked to share his experience at Rio Olympics 2016, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei had this to say: “I held my first racquet when I was a child and since then, I developed a pure and utter admiration for the game. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have found much success with the sport. Sure wins are great, championships are great, but there is something so unifying about sport in its purest form. I am extremely grateful for the camaraderie and support by my fellow Malaysians – so much so that it becomes overwhelming. The faith and believe they have in me motivates me and keep me going. Thank you, Malaysia – I could have never gotten this far without your support!” said Dato’ Lee Chong Wei.

“Some say that today, playing sports is all about winning at all costs. What we must also remember is that that sport is all about the passion, determination and perseverance to excel and giving the best you can. These qualities are strikingly evident in Dato’ Lee Chong Wei at the recent Rio Olympics and all the matches he has ever played. We are incredibly proud of him as our national champion and we are honoured to have him represent the Samsung brand in Malaysia for all these years. Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, your aspirations has made Malaysia proud – Samsung shares the pride of your achievement”, added Mr Lee.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics is inspired by Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s #stopatnothing attitude and always wishing the best for him.

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HDR+ Update For Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs Announced

29 July 2016 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is continuing its reign as the leading home entertainment brand by adding a new firmware update to all of its 2016 SUHD TVs with Quantum dot display. The firmware update is designed to enhance High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality to its highest picture quality capacity, even if the source isn’t in HDR format.

As part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs with Quantum dot display, HDR is an essential element in the new era of UHD TV viewing. HDR makes bright areas of the screen look even brighter, allows the TV to display new colors and significantly expands the range of the contrast ratio on-screen.

Be sure to check out our recent coverage of the 2016 Samsung SUHD TVs – Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Soundbars Revealed.


HDR+ Update

One of the biggest benefits of HDR+ is its ability to upgrade Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content to HDR-like picture quality, allowing viewers to enjoy all of their favorite content in the highest picture quality possible.
With HDR native contents, HDR+ also uncovers previously hidden images from darker content scenes, supplementing the level of brightness to express objects hidden in darker shadows.

For brighter content scenes, HDR+ increases the level of contrast ratio to differentiate objects from the background, while still depicting more image details on the screen for an overall better picture.

Features designed specifically for picture quality experts have also been enhanced. In “Expert Mode,” picture quality experts can customize HDR effects to suit individual users by calibrating brightness, contrast ratio and gradation to the finest degree. These settings can be accessed within the “Picture – Special viewing” mode options, where HDR+ is activated.

The automatic upgrade is currently available for all 2016 SUHD TVs, and will be available for all compatible 2016 SUHD TV models by September.

Be sure to check out our recent coverage of the 2016 Samsung SUHD TVs – Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Soundbars Revealed.


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Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Soundbars Revealed

Samsung kicked off the KL International AV Show yesterday with an exclusive tour of their latest 2016 SUHD TVs with Quantum Dot display. They also showed off their top-of-the-line audio systems, including their latest soundbars.


Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Soundbars Tour

Jason Foo, Head of Samsung Malaysia’s AV Business Unit, gave us a tour of all the latest 2016 SUHD TVs and soundbars from Samsung. In addition to introducing the new models, he gave us a quick rundown on their key technologies, and why they matter.

He also touched on the latest trends in TV technologies.


Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Audio Products

We first saw the 2016 SUHD TVs at the Samsung SEA Forum 2016. Their pioneering Quantum Dot display technology promises “stunning brightness, exceptional contrast and the most life-like colour expressions ever before seen in a 4K TV“. The Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs also have a beautiful bezel-less curved design that not only offer a more immersive viewing experience, but also look beautiful at every angle, thanks to its “360° design”.

Featuring a new Smart Hub function, Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs now automatically detect and recognize all connected home entertainment devices, making it possible for users to control items like set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and home theatre systems with no setup required.

Samsung also revealed their latest its audio products, including the HW-K950 Soundbar. This the first Samsung soundbar to feature Dolby Atmos, and the industry’s first soundbar package to include two Dolby Atmos-enabled wireless rear speakers. The complete HW-K950 package delivers 5.1.4-channel sound, promising an immersive cinematic audio experience.

Also joining the ensemble is Samsung’s first Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, the HDR-compatible UBD-K8500. It offers 4X the resolution and 64X higher colour expression than conventional Blu-ray players. The UBD-K8500’s built-in up-scaling technology enhances the picture quality from standard Blu-ray discs, DVDs and even CDs.

We will soon have videos and more details and specifications of the following Samsung products, so please check back for the links shortly :

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  • 88″ Samsung 88KS9800 SUHD TV (RRP: RM 99,999 / ~US$24,999)
  • 78″ Samsung 78KS9000 SUHD TV (RRP: RM 39,999 / ~US$9,999)
  • 65″ Samsung 65KS9000 SUHD TV (RRP: RM 21,999 / ~US$5,499)
  • Samsung HW-K950 Premium Soundbar with Dolby Atmos (RRP: RM 5,999 / ~US$1,499)
  • Samsung HW-J8501R Curved Soundbar (RRP: RM 3,499 / ~US$875)
  • Samsung HW-J7501R Curved Soundbar (RRP: RM 2,499 / ~US$625)
  • Samsung HW-J6001R Curved Soundbar (RRP: RM 1,799 / ~US$449)
  • Samsung HW-H751 Soundbar with built-in Vacuum Tube (RRP: RM 1,999 / ~US$499)
  • Samsung HW-K551 Soundbar (RRP: RM 1,499 / ~US$375)
  • Samsung HW-K450 Soundbar (RRP: RM 1,099 / ~US$275)


Samsung Deals

Throughout the three-day event, Samsung is extending a pre-order deal for its latest HW-K950 Premium Soundbar with Dolby Atmos technology (RRP: RM5,999 / ~US$1499). Visitors who purchase the latest Premium Soundbar will receive a complimentary Blu-Ray Player (BD-H6500) worth RM499 / US$125.

Additionally, Samsung is offering a free Samsung Curved Soundbar (worth up to RM3,499 / ~US$875) and Blu Ray Player (worth up to RM499 / ~US$125), along with a purchase-with-purchase promotion of the 360 Speaker WAM with any purchase of the new SUHD TV.

The new Premium Soundbar will be available for purchase at selected Samsung Experience Stores and authorised dealerships end of August onwards; while the UHD Blu-ray Player will reach Malaysian shores in the last quarter of 2016.


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Celebrate This Raya With Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs

Kuala Lumpur, 29 June 2016 – With the rapid advancements of technology in the 21st century, the design of TV sets have evolved to become wider and sleeker. Even as screens grew bigger and thinner, TVs were typically either placed against or installed on the wall.

This Raya, show off your new television set with Samsung 2016 SUHD TV, a marvel of design that has totally overturned those paradigms. The Samsung 2016 SUHD TV is more than just a television set, it is a spectacle of engineered design and a dynamic part of the room’s interior furnishing.

As relatives visit to celebrate the Raya festivities and gather in the living room, the Samsung 2016 SUHD TV becomes an art centrepiece. Its 360-degree design ensures that everyone in the room receives a stunning view, regardless of the angle – front, sides and back. Whether mounted on the wall or set upon a TV console table, the owner can set it up anywhere that suits their taste and décor.

Taking it up a notch, Samsung has eliminated even the smallest elements, down to removing the screws so that the Samsung 2016 SUHD TV is truly able to serve as part of a room’s stylish interior design.

bezel-less Curved TV and its complementing immersive viewing as they gather around to watch feel-good Raya movies or browse through family and vacation pictures from the big screen. On top of their impeccable design, this year’s line of Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs is equipped with Quantum dot technology, delivering the most breathtakingly life-like images and colours.

With these advancements, people today have more options than ever in how they place their televisions. This is all part of Samsung’s relentless focus on giving people choices, so their technology best fits into their lives, not the other way around. Samsung’s 2016 line of SUHD TVs can be purchased at any Samsung Experience Store and authorised dealerships with prices ranging from RM 5,999 – RM 99,999 / ~US$ 1499-24,999.

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Samsung SUHD TV And Activ DualWash Crowned Products Of The Year

Kuala Lumpur, 1 July 2016Samsung thanked its customers for voting the brand’s JS9000 and JS8000 SUHD TV and Activ DualWash washing machine as Product of the Year 2016/17 in the television and washing machine categories.

The awards ceremony was held recently by Marketing Magazine. Product of the Year is a worldwide concept that runs in 40 countries which rewards the best of innovation in products and services from various segments and categories based on consumers’ votes.

“We would like to thank our customers for believing in us and voting for our products in the Product of the Year Awards. We at Samsung will continue pushing the frontier of what’s possible to deliver innovation that matter; easy to use technology that makes our customers’ lives better,” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

In a research done by Nielsen Malaysia, 2,000 consumers were identified to take part in the votes after the panel of judges shortlisted the nominees list.

Among the judges panel included Agensi Inovasi CEO Malaysia Mark Rozario, Village Grocer Holdings Sdn Bhd GM of Marketing Anthony Lee, ASTRO GS Shop Sdn Bhd CEO Dato’ Rozalila Abdul Rahman, 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd GM of Marketing Ronan Lee, Mini Me Insights blogger Tan Heng Hong and TF ValueMart Sdn Bhd CEO Ho Mun Hao.

The award winning innovative Samsung SUHD TV and Samsung Activ DualWash are also part of the Great Samsung Raya deals. From now until 31st July 2016, don’t miss out on great rebates and exciting free gifts this Raya!

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Samsung SUHD TV Makes Its Way To Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 13 May 2016 – In the four short months the Samsung’s SUHD TV was showcased to the world, it has already received many international awards and acclamations, recognising Samsung for their ingenious technology and astonishing design.

Previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas and locally displayed at the Samsung South East Asia Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Samsung’s latest line-up of televisions have blown many away. Featuring a unique Quantum Dot display technology, Samsung has discovered the secret to creating richer, more vibrant colours without oversaturating the picture. Quantum Dots boosts the TV’s colour accuracy by 30%, producing life-like images in your very home.


SUHD TV Technology

Despite the exquisite design of the SUHD TVs, the nanotechnology behind the Quantum Dots make individual pixels hard to make out, even in close scrutiny, commended Techhive.com. Reviewed.com was also particularly impressed by how Samsung managed to craft LEDs powerful enough to meet the 1,000-nit UHDA standard, saying that “producing such bright LEDs in such a thin edge-lit TV without horrible backlight uniformity issues is quite an achievement.”

Other than its image precision, the software is also noteworthy. The Samsung SUHD TV features the SmartHub, exclusive to Samsung. Listed in Ubergizmo.com’s best of Consumer Electronics Show 2016 selection, the SmartHub TV interface the Samsung’s latest effort to present every type of content in a unified way – making the home viewing experience that much more seamless.


The writers of Mensjournal.com was particularly impressed by the technology behind the SUHD TV’s dongle and smart remote which lets you control a variety of devices around the home, including smart lightbulbs, thermostats, and smart locks – simple as that. With the Samsung KS9500 television, there is no fiddling with various control apps on your phone or installing one or more separate hubs.

Samsung is much more than software technology. As a global leading electronics brand, Samsung’s goal is to provide a complete holistic viewing experience to its users. They have mastered the craft of packing their state-of-the-art technology into a stunning, sleek design. This curved, slim and new boundless edge design offers the optimum immersive experience, so much so that HD Guru awarded the Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV with the ‘Best TV Design’ award.

Techradar.com complimented its beauty, stating that the television ‘has its destiny set as the center of your home entertainment experience’ and was impressed by the amount of work Samsung had been able to achieve in the span of a year since they first introduced SUHD TVs.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics is excited to bring its award-winning SUHD TV into the Malaysian market. Anticipating its local debut and in conjunction with the upcoming Euro Cup 2016, Samsung is offering superb savings of up to RM2,000 for every UHD TV purchased between 1st May to 31st May 2016. Additionally, a minimum purchase of RM1,000 on selected Samsung TVs in a single receipt entitle buyers to be in the running to win exclusive football merchandises.

Get in on these exciting deals now and immerse yourself in the ultimate 4K viewing experience this football season! Stay tuned for more information on Samsung’s revolutionary televisions!

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Samsung K8500 4K UHD Blu-ray Player Revealed

Earlier this month, we attended the Samsung Forum 2016, where we saw the latest and greatest Samsung home entertainment – all slated for sale this year. One of  them was the Samsung K8500 4K UHD Blu-ray player.

Let’s take a closer look at this Ultra HD Blu-ray player designed to complement Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV and Smart TV models.


The Samsung K8500 Blu-ray Player

The Samsung K8500, or as it is officially known as – the Samsung UBD-K8500, is a Blu-ray player that supports 4K Ultra HD movies. Its built-in upscaling engine will automatically upscale lower-resolution content to full 4K resolution for display on your 4K UHD TV.

The Samsung K8500 also doubles as a streaming hub, allowing you to watch 4K videos from your favourite streaming services. You can either connect a network cable to its LAN port, or stream your videos to it via built-in WiFi capability.

As Samsung’s top-of-the-line Blu-ray player, you can expect nothing but the best features built-in – HDR capability, wider colour range, Dolby Digital 7.1, DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD.


Samsung K8500 Specifications

Model UBD-K8500/ZA
Supported Media 3D Blu-ray
Blu-ray Video
CD / DVD Video
Supported Formats MPEG-2
Network Capabilities LAN
Audio Capabilities Dolby Digital 7.1
Dolby True HD
DTS HD Master Audio
Other Capabilities CD Ripping
Wireless Multiroom Compatible
Power Consumption Standby : 0.3 W
Operating : 34 W
Dimensions 40.6 cm / 15.98” wide
23 cm / 9.06” deep
4.47 cm / 1.76” tall
Weight 1.90 kg / 4.19 lbs
Accessories In Box TM1241 Remote Controller
Battery for remote controller
RRP (At Launch) US$399


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2016 Samsung SUHD TV Models Revealed

At the recent Samsung Forum 2016, we were given the first look at the 2016 Samsung SUHD TV models to hit the market in the coming months. Join us as we share with you the videos and pictures we took of these new Samsung SUHD TV models.


Samsung KS9000 SUHD TV

Samsung’s flagship SUHD TV in 2016 will be the Samsung KS9000 series, which tops out with the 65″ Samsung 65KS9500. This series is the first Samsung curved TV to feature what Samsung calls a “bezel-less” display. Of course, there is still a thin bezel, so it’s not a true “bezel-less” display. It just appears bezel-less from the optimal viewing distance.

Check out this video we took of the 65″ Samsung KS9000 SUHD TV :

Like all of Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs, the Samsung KS9000 series uses a 10-bit quantum dot display, with a 1,000 nits HDR (high dynamic range) capability. Samsung also introduced a 360° design philosophy, in which the TV is designed to look elegant at all angles – even from behind.


Samsung 8K SUHD TV

This behemoth is a 98″ SUHD TV with an 8K display. It features the same quantum dot display of the KS9000 series SUHD TVs, just with a much higher resolution and obviously in a much more opulent size. Check out the video and pictures we took of it :

In case you are wondering, yes, you can order this 98″ 8K Samsung SUHD TV for your mansion. There is no price indication, but when it comes to bespoke models like this, if you have to ask – you can’t afford it! 😀


Other New Samsung SUHD TV Models

All of the 2016 Samsung SUHD TV models will feature Samsung’s own cadmium-free, 10-bit quantum dot display. They also boast improved HDR performance – with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.

These SUHD TV models, as well as their 2016 Smart TVs will feature a new Smart Hub with simplified access to the user’s content and games.

They will also come with a new Samsung Smart Control remote, which replaces multiple remote controls. The 2016 SUHD TVs and Smart TVs will automatically recognise game consoles, home theatre systems and even OTT boxes connected to them, and the Smart Control remote will automatically control them all – no setup required!

Samsung : Buying The Right TV For The New Year

For most of us, the television is the most entertaining gadget in our homes. It is how we watch our favourite content—sports, movies, serial dramas, gaming and more—comfortably on the sofa, together with friends and family. TV is indeed more than just another device. It is where the whole family bonds while experiencing exciting TV moments together.

With the year fast reaching its tail end and with great discounts and super deals enticing consumers to buy a new TV set, it is easy for one to swipe their credit card and wheel in a new TV for their home. But how many of us really do know how to select the ideal TV that suits our needs and our homes? As one of the leaders in TV display, Samsung puts together a guide to purchasing the right TV for you.

To kick things off, let’s take a look at an important part of TV—choosing the right TV size for your home. While there are many features and functions you should keep in mind when choosing your TV, the viewing distance and the TV’s resolution quality will suggest the best screen size.


Size and Viewing Distance

Everyone loves the impressive look and immersive viewing experience of a big screen TV. But going too big for a room can be overwhelming. So what’s the right screen size?

A common industry recommendation for the best-sized Full HD TV for a room is to take the distance from the TV to the sofa in meters and multiply by 25 to get the screen size in inches. For example, a TV that sits two meters from the sofa should be 50 inches. If the TV is three meters from the sofa, then it should be 75 inches.

For the UHDTV, because of its superior image quality and detail, one should multiply the distance by 39. A TV that is just two meters from the sofa can be as large as 78 inches.

UHD refers to Ultra High Definition (also known as 4K), the new breed of TV that packs a pixel count four times denser than conventional Full HD TVs. Whereas Full HD screens have 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels, UHD jumps to 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels, for stunningly clear images. Therefore, you can enjoy UHD TVs that are larger than Full HD TVs, from the same distance, without ever noticing the individual pixels or worrying about eye strain.

What’s the best distance to sit from your TV? The international standards organization ITU-R suggests that for a 50 inch Full HD TV, the screen is best viewed from between two meters and just under three meters. Closer than two meters, however, you either need to choose a smaller TV or upgrade to UHD, otherwise you could begin to feel some discomfort. A 50 inch UHD screen can be used comfortably from as close as a meter away. For a big 85 inch UHD TV, the sweet spot is between 1.6 meters and about 3.3 meters.

With a variety of 39 TV models, ranging in size from 32 inches all the way up to 88 inches, plus dozens of options in Full HD, UHD and Smart TVs, Samsung Electronics has a TV that fits just right for your lifestyles.

Now that we got the size and viewing distance covered, how are we going to display it? Should it be mounted on the wall or should it stand elegantly?

In the days of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions, how to display a TV in the home was not much of a choice. CRT TVs were too bulky and heavy to go anywhere but on a solid surface, like a table or a big, wooden wall unit.

Today’s TVs are bigger than ever, but they are also incredibly thin and much lighter than CRTs, giving consumers more options on how to display their crystal-clear screens. Let’s look at wall-mounted TVs versus TV stands, and how consumers can determine the choice that is right for them.


Wall-Mount or Stand

Each choice for setting up a TV has good and bad points, and it is up to each person to choose the option that works best for their home setting. Stands have the advantage of organization and design. They need to be set down on a flat surface, like a wall unit or a table, making the TV like a piece of furniture, too. Stands are also relatively easier to move, in case you want to place your TV in a different location.

Plus, using a stand together with furniture makes it easier to organize all the cables that connect to the TV and related equipment (like a cable TV set-top box or a Blu-ray player), arranging them so they are out of sight and tidy. However, using a stand does mean the TV will take up more space, reversing some of the benefits of that ultra-thin screen.

Wall-mounting a TV, on the other hand, can save a lot of space in a room, making it a good choice for designing an interior that is more open. By being installed on the wall, the TV is still quite visible from the sofa or other favourite location, but it is up and away from the flow of the room. Even curved TVs can be mounted on the wall.

In fact, today’s curved TVs made by Samsung Electronics have been designed with their complete appearance in mind, from 360 degrees. The bezel wraps around the TV, appearing straight from the front, but with the sides meeting the rear of the TV seamlessly in a restrained curve. The back of the TV has a clean and simple design made of elegant black metal. No matter where you set it up, a Samsung curved TV should look stylish and sharp from all angles.

[adrotate banner=”4″]But while wall-mounted TVs are popular nowadays, they do have their drawbacks. Not all walls can support a large TV—some are too weak, while other materials, like stone or slate, cannot be easily drilled into. Also, once a TV is mounted on the wall, it is fixed there and can only be swivelled if you want to change viewing direction.

Whether a consumer chooses to put their TV on a stand or mounted on the wall, today’s TVs offer a better viewing experience than ever. By selecting the TV mounting that is right for them, a consumer can make that experience even better.

Now that we’ve gone through a detailed and informative guide on how to choose your next TV, do remember to exercise these hot tips the next time you go TV-shopping. In the spirit of giving and the joy of gifting this Christmas and upcoming New Year, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is extending fantastic deals on its range of Smart TVs and home theatre systems for Malaysian worldwide. So do head on over to your nearest Samsung brand store and enjoy these festive deals!

Samsung wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!