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Dell Commissions Largest Solar Panel Globally In Malaysia!

Dell Technologies just commissioned the largest on-site solar panel globally in Penang, Malaysia!

Here is what you need to know about this latest green initiative by Dell Technologies!


Dell Commissions Largest Solar Panel Globally In Malaysia!

Dell Technologies just commissioned the largest on-site solar panel globally at their Asia Pacific Customer Centre (APCC2) in Bukit Mertajam, Penang in Malaysia!

This RM2.25 million (~US$550,000) solar photovoltaic system is the first in Southeast Asia for a Dell Technologies facility.

This 700 kWp rooftop system consists of 1,590 highly-efficient solar panels, that will produce nearly 1,000 MWh of renewable electricity every year.

That is enough to power more than ¼ of the production lines at this 24-hour facility, reducing its annual greenhouse gas emissions by about 650 metric tonnes!


Dell Solar Panel In Malaysia : Towards Progress Made Real 2030!

This commissioning of such a large solar panel system is part of Dell Technologies’ Progress Made Real 2030 plan to create a positive and lasting social impact on humankind and the planet through 2030 and beyond.

Amongst other goals, Progress Made Real aims to source 75% of electricity from renewal energy sources across all Dell Technologies facilities by 2030, and 100% by 2040, with the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“We all have a role in protecting the planet. That is why Dell Technologies has committed to reducing our emissions across facilities, our supply chain and in the energy intensity of our products over the next decade, and reaching net zero emissions by 2050,” said Pang Yee Beng, senior vice president, South Asia, and managing director, Malaysia, Dell Technologies. “This solar power installation is key to us achieving this goal and we are extremely proud to lead the way in Malaysia with our largest on-site solar power installation globally to reduce emissions and create positive environmental impact.”


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Panasonic Eclipse Live Broadcast By Solar Power

Ternate, Indonesia – February 24, 2016 – As Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi plunge into darkness during a rare total solar eclipse on the morning of March 9, 2016, Panasonic delivered a live broadcast of the approximately 4-minute-long phenomenon from Ternate, an island in eastern Indonesia, using its Power Supply Container, a stand-alone photovoltaic power package.


Watch The Broadcast New!


How Did It Work?

[adrotate banner=”4″]To enable live filming and broadcast from the island, the Power Supply Container will be transported from Jakarta to Dodoku Ali of Ternate. 12 Panasonic HIT solar modules with high conversion efficiency will generate approximately 3kW of electricity by tapping renewable energy from the top of the container, and store the power in 24 built-in lead-acid storage batteries.

The stored energy will be supplied to a Panasonic LUMIX GH4 camera attached to a telescope to capture the spectacular moment. Mobile computers, production and editing equipment, internet connection and other supporting technology will also be powered by solar energy.

The live broadcast of the solar eclipse will begin at 05:00 AM, March 9 in Ternate (08:00 PM, March 8 UTC) and can be viewed on platforms including Ustream, YouTube Live and Periscope.


Third Time Is The Charm

This was the third time Panasonic is broadcasting a solar eclipse live. Unlike previous occasions where time and effort had to be spent setting up HIT solar modules on the ground, the process is significantly more convenient this time round due to the portability of the Power Supply Container and its capability to be assembled quickly and easily with minimal construction work.

Prior to this live broadcast project in Ternate, Panasonic has developed and introduced the Power Supply Container to other parts of Indonesia. The first container was installed in July 2014 at the National Elementary School Karimunjawa 01 located on a remote island of Indonesia to improve the educational environment for students and teachers. Following its success, a second container was introduced in July 2015 at another elementary school in the mountainous region of West Java Provinceto enhance both study and water supply conditions.

Panasonic strives to extend this technology to other areas without electricity to provide stable power supply and mitigate social challenges towards a better life and a better world.


Eclipse Live Broadcast Times

Live Broadcast Begins (Tentative) 20:00 Mar 8 (UTC)
Partial Eclipse Begins 23:36 Mar 8 (UTC)
Total Eclipse Begins 00:50 Mar 9 (UTC)
Maximum Eclipse 00:53 Mar 9 (UTC)
Total Eclipse Ends 00:56 Mar 9 (UTC)
Partial Eclipse Ends 02:20 Mar 9 (UTC)
Live Broadcast Ends (Tentative) 03:00 Mar 9 (UTC)

Live Broadcast Channel : Panasonic Live Stream / UStream / YouTube Live / Periscope

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