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SIRIM Certification For Non-Medical Face Mask Postponed!

Just two days after announcing that all non-medical face masks must be SIRIM-certified by 4 July 2022, the government delayed it to 2023!

Here is what you need to know about this new requirement!


Non-Medical Face Mask Must Be SIRIM-Certified By 2023

On 5 April 2022, the Trade Descriptions (Certification & Marking) of Non-Medical Face Mask Order 2022 (download) was gazetted under the Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

It required all non-medical face mask manufacturers and importers to apply for MS SIRIM certification, and labelling from SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd.

This new requirement will ensure that all non-medical face masks sold in Malaysia will comply with safety standards that already exist for respirators and medical face masks.

It will also prevent the dumping of poor quality / substandard face masks in Malaysia, which may not offer adequate protection against COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases.

Just two days after the gazettement, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi announced that the SIRIM certification for non-medical masks is now postponed to 1 January 2023!

I want to assure consumers to not be overly worried as if this gazettement will cause a price hike. Number one, I already warned manufacturers and importers to not use this as a reason to hike up prices.

Secondly, to users, we will be heading to a time whereby face masks will no longer be mandatory, but before it goes there that is why I announce that we had already fixed July 4 for the enforcement in this gazettement for face masks and after taking into consideration the feedback from all parties, we, this evening, already discussed and have agreed that the enforcement be postponed to January 1, 2023.


SIRIM Requirement For Non-Medical Face Masks From 2023 Onwards

From 1 January 2023 onwards, all non-medical face masks sold in Malaysia must be SIRIM-certified, and have a SIRIM label clearly printed on the box or packaging.

Non-medical face masks (defined as any face mask which covers mouth and nose other than medical face mask regulated under the Medical Device Act 2012 [Act 737]) will have to comply with one of these standards :

  • SIRIM 40,
  • CWA 17553, or
  • AFNOR SPEC S76-001.

Companies that fail to comply, can be fined up to RM200,000 for the first offence, and up to RM500,000 for the second and subsequent offences.

Individuals that fail to comply, can be fined up to RM100,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 3 years for the first offence. For the second and subsequent offences, they can be fined up to RM250,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 5 years.

Please note that this requirement only applies to manufacturers and importers of non-medical face masks.

Despite the social media uproar, individuals will NOT be fined or jailed for wearing a non-medical face mask that is not SIRIM certified.

Always verify the facts first, when you see such social media comments or posts.


SIRIM Certification Process For Non-Medical Face Masks

Manufacturers and importers of non-medical face masks should proceed with the SIRIM certification process, which consists of :

  1. Enquiries
  2. Issuance of Quotation
  3. Application
  4. Document Evaluation
  5. Initial Audit
  6. Sample Selection and Testing
  7. Recommendation and Approval
  8. Purchase of SIRIM Label
  9. Surveillance Audit
  10. Renewal

Here are the application forms for the SIRIM certification of non-medical face masks :

Local Manufacturer

Trading Company for Foreign Manufacturer

Foreign Manufacturer


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Warning : vivo NEX 3 5G is NOT Certified in Malaysia!

vivo Malaysia launched their vivo NEX 3 5G smartphone in 2019. However, it looks like it was not certified for use or sale in Malaysia!

Find out what happened, and what it means for anyone who owns or sells the vivo NEX 3 5G in Malaysia!


The vivo NEX 3 5G Smartphone

vivo launched their NEX 3 5G (V1924) smartphone on 17 October 2019, with an official retail price of RM 3,899 / S$1,283 / US$950 / £723 / A$1,383.

That was a hefty price tag, tying with the likes of the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro, so at launch, it came with a bunch of great freebies.

Unfortunately, in their rush to be the first out with a 5G smartphone, it looks like vivo Malaysia launched and sold the vivo NEX 3 5G without 5G certification from SIRIM.


The Spotlight On vivo NEX 3’s 5G Certification

Today, HUAWEI Malaysia announced that their HUAWEI Mate30 Pro was the first to be 5G-certified in Malaysia. They even shared their SIRIM certificate on Facebook :


Unfortunately, their announcement also cast a spotlight on vivo’s claim to be the first to introduce a 5G smartphone in Malaysia – the vivo NEX 3 5G.


vivo NEX 3 5G : NOT Certified For Use Or Sale In Malaysia

When we investigated, we found out that the vivo NEX 3 5G (vivo 1924) was not certified for sale or use in Malaysia.

With a little help from some friends, we found out that only the non-5G vivo NEX 3 (vivo 1912) is currently certified in Malaysia.

There was no listing for the vivo 1924vivo V1924 or vivo NEX 3 5G in the SIRIM database. There was also no vivo smartphone listed in the SIRIM database with 5G capabilities.

Since receiving the certification for their non-5G vivo NEX 3 (V1912), they only received certifications for three smartphones :

  • vivo Y19 (vivo 1915)
  • vivo S1 Pro (vivo 1920)
  • vivo V17 (vivo 1919)

The only 5G-certified smartphone we could find was the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G (LIO-N29) :


So The vivo NEX 3 5G Is Illegal?

This is the problem here – it is illegal to own or use or sell any device that is not SIRIM-certified in Malaysia.

According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulation 2000, anyone who owns, uses or sells such a device would be liable to :

  • a fine not exceeding RM 100,000, or
  • imprisonment for a term not exceed 6 months,
  • or both a fine and imprisonment

Of course, we believe the vivo NEX 3 5G (V1924) smartphone will eventually receive its SIRIM certification, but until then, best not to boast about your vivo NEX 3 5G smartphone!

vivo has quietly removed all references to the vivo NEX 3 5G, and so should anyone owning one.


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