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Did Xi Jinping Portraits Xi-eld Home From Demolition?

Did Xi Jinping Portraits Xi-eld Home From Demolition?

Did a Shanghai homeowner block the demolition of his house by ingeniously plastering it with portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping?

Take a look at the viral photos, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Xi Jinping Portraits “Xi-elded” Home From Demolition!

Shanghai Observed posted a series of photos, ostensibly of a very clever Shanghai homeowner who used Xi Jinping portraits to “Xi-eld” his home from being demolished!

A Shanghai homeowner was told his home is going to be demolished. His move was to post portraits of Xi all over his house. Now if the house is demolished, Xi’s portrait will also in turn be torn down.

Bloody ingenious of the man, if you ask me!

However, this tale of plucky Chinese ingenuity isn’t quite true…


Truth : Xi Jinping Portraits Did NOT “Xi-eld” Home From Demolition!

While we must all applaud the man for his ingenuity, the story isn’t quite true. Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : This Happened In March 2016

Shanghai Observed posted the photos as if the incident just occurred, and offered no context on when they were actually taken.

The truth is – these photos were taken on Friday, 25 March 2016, which is why NO ONE was seen wearing a face mask in any of the pictures.

Fact #2 : It Was Not A House

According to the Chinese news website ThePaper.cn, the building was not a house, but a pre-fabricated two-storey building in central Shanghai.

It had multiple entrances and was said to be a covered farmer’s market. You can in this picture how large it is, and what looks like multiple storefronts.

This picture shows how the building was divided into multiple stores, suggesting that it was really a commercial building of some sort.

Fact #3 : It Was An Illegal Structure

The 2-storey building was one of the infamous “nail buildings” – unlicensed and illegal structures – constructed across China over the years.

This building was scheduled to be demolished soon, when the owner decided to block its demolition by pasting portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Fact #4 : The Xi Jinping Portraits Were Taken Down

The owner of this two-storey only won a short reprieve. He put them up on Friday, 25 March 2016. Chinese policemen removed them the very next day

Fact #5 : This Xi-ield Was Inspired By The Cultural Revolution

The idea of shielding (or Xi-elding in this case) with a Chinese leader’s portrait goes all the way back to the Cultural Revolution.

Back then, the act of defacing Chairman Mao’s image was considered extremely blasphemous to the zealous Red Guard bands.

So people protected ancient Chinese relics and cultural treasures by covering them with Chairman Mao’s posters.


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Did China Create This Amazing Female Dancing Robot?

Did China create this amazing female dancing robot for a dance show in Shanghai?

Watch the viral video for yourself, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Did China Create This Amazing Dancing Robot?

Here is the video that countless people have been sharing on social media and even on YouTube. It is often paired with a short explanation in (broken) English.

Can u believe that this female dancer is robot ? The dance was held in Shanghai n it lasted only 5 minutes but the queue was 4hrs n cost 499 Yuan!

It has surpassed Japan in complexity, and saw its perfect facial expressions. Send this video to everyone to watch, let us enjoy together…


Amazing Female Dancing Robot : The Truth

The agility and grace of this female dancing robot, and its facial expressions, are incredible.

The less gullible would point out that it is something you would only expect from a real human being, and they would be right.

Fact #1 : That Is A Video Of A WDSF Competition

That is actually a video clip from the 2018 World Dance Sport Federation Championship in Lithuania.

The initials WDSF (World Dance Sport Federation) can be seen, together with the recording date at the upper left corner of the video.

Fact #2 : The Dance Only Lasted A Minute

The dance in the video only lasted just over a minute, even though the accompanying fake message claimed it lasted for 5 minutes.

Fact #3 : Those Are Lithuanian Dance Champions

Both dancers are very human. In fact, they are Lithuanian dance champions Ieva Zukauskaite (female), and Evaldas Sodeika (male).

Fact #4 : 499 Yuan Was The Entry Price To Shanghai Disneyland

The fake story claimed that the ticket to watch this performance costs 499 Yuan – about US$73 / £55 / RM303. That would be ridiculously exorbitant for a short dance.

In truth, that was “copied” from the two earlier hoaxes (here and here) about robot dancers at the Shanghai Disneyland.

Even that was not accurate, because 499 Yuan was the cost of an entry ticket to the Shanghai Disneyland when it first opened in February 2016.

Since 6 June 2018, it has been priced at 399 Yuan (off-peak), 575 Yuan (peak) and 665 Yuan (peak holiday).


Why Would Someone Create This Fake Story?

With China’s aggressive foreign stance in recent years, it is not uncommon to see such fake stories being created and shared.

Some believe it’s part of a concerted attempt to burnish China’s image overseas.

Others believe the many fake stories are being created to drown out the negative coverage of China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, and their aggressive moves in the South China Sea.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is our duty as global citizens to stop the proliferation of such fake stories.

Please share this fact check with your friends, so they know the truth!


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