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Dell Technologies World 2019 : Key Videos + Announcements!

Dell Technologies World 2019 : More Videos + Announcements

Held in Las Vegas, Dell Technologies World 2019 is the biggest Dell Technologies conference with over 15,000 attendees! Here are the key videos and announcements from DTW 2019!

This is an on-going article, which we will update regularly as we process the videos and articles. So make sure you check back later, for more updates!

Updated @ 2019-06-03 : Added the Dell Technologies World 2019 Day 2 Q&A Session section.

Updated @ 2019-05-31 : Added the Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans! section.

Updated @ 2019-05-29 : Added The 2019 Dell EMC Unity XT + PowerProtect + More! section.

Updated @ 2019-05-27 : Added The 2019 Dell Latitude Laptops + Technologies section.

Updated @ 2019-05-15 : Added The Human-Machine Partnership section.

Updated @ 2019-05-12 : Added the Digital Innovation Experience Tour section.

Updated @ 2019-05-09 : Added the Microsoft-Dell Partnership section.

Updated @ 2019-05-07 : Added the Dell Technologies World 2019 Q&A section.

Updated @ 2019-05-04 : Added the Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC section.

Updated @ 2019-05-01 : Added the Dell Unified Workspace section.

Originally posted @ 2019-04-30


Dell Technologies World 2019 Pre-Conference Briefing

Before Dell Technologies World 2019 kicked off, Dell arranged for an in-depth pre-conference briefing. It summarises the key announcements they would make at DTW 2019.


The Michael Dell Keynote @ Dell Technologies World 2019

The first keynote of Dell Technologies World 2019 was, naturally, by Michael Dell himself.


Dell Unified Workspace

The first major reveal, and this is a big one, was the new Dell Unified Workspace. It is a new platform that will intelligently help IT departments customise and provision new devices for individual users, with all of the apps they need to get working right away.

It also leverages VMware’s Workspace ONE unified endpoint management to maintain the user’s devices in good health, while allowing them to seamlessly access any native, SaaS (Software as a Service), or internal application, with a single sign-on from any device.

For more details on Dell Unified Workspace, read our article – Dell Unified Workspace To Greatly Simplify IT Management!


Dell Technologies Cloud + VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Dell Technologies Cloud is a new set of cloud infrastructure solutions that leverages VMware and Dell EMC technologies to deliver a consistent hybrid cloud management platform.

This lets customers reduce the complexity of managing multiple cloud services – public cloud, private cloud and the edge – regardless of location.

Dell also announced a Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) option, in the form of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. This introduces the public cloud delivery model to on-premises and edge locations. For more details, read our articles :


Satya Nadella On The 2019 Microsoft – Dell Partnership New!

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined Michael Dell and Pat Gelsinger to talk about the expanded partnership between Microsoft and Dell Technologies.

One of the key announcements of the expanded partnership was the availability of VMware on Azure, in the form of Azure VMware Solutions!

They also revealed new workspace solutions, with VMware Workspace ONE having the ability to manage and secure Microsoft 365 across devices. For more details, please read our article The 2019 Microsoft – Dell Partnership : All You Need To Know!


Dell Technologies World 2019 Day 1 Q&A Session

After their keynote, Michael Dell, Jeff Clarke and Pat Gelsinger, held a Q&A session for the press and analysts.


The Dell Digital Innovation Experience Tour

Jane Rogers, the Director of Internal Communications and Executive Communications, Dell APJ, kindly took us on the Dell Digital Innovation Experience Tour!


The Human-Machine Partnership by Erik Brynjolfsson + Rana el Kaliouby

We were lucky enough to snag a seat at the talk by MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson; and MIT alumni and Affectiva CEO, Rana el Kaliouby, on human-machine partnershipThis is a video you must not miss!

For a summary of their key points, read our article – The Human-Machine Partnership by Erik Brynjolfsson + Rana el Kaliouby


The 2019 Dell Latitude Laptops + Technologies

Here is a primer on the 2019 Dell Latitude family of laptops, and the new technologies built into them!

For more details, read our article – The 2019 Dell Latitude Laptops + Technologies Revealed!


The 2019 Dell EMC Unity XT + PowerProtect + More!

One of big stories out of Dell Technologies World 2019 were the new Dell storage and data management solutions, like Unity XT and PowerProtect.

In the following 30-minute long video, we have top guns from Dell EMC to showcase the 2019 Dell storage and data management solutions :

  • Jeff Clarke (Vice Chairman, Dell Technologies),
  • John Roese (Dell Technologies President & Dell EMC Chief Technology Officer),
  • Craig Bernero (Senior Vice President, Dell EMC Midrange & Entry Storage),
  • Beth Phalen (President & General Manager of Dell EMC Data Protection), and
  • Chad Dunn (Vice President of Product Management, Dell EMC Hyperconverged Infrastructure)

For more details, please read The 2019 Dell EMC Unity XT + PowerProtect Primer!


Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!

VMware was a major force at Dell Technologies World 2019, demonstrating VMware’s great importance in the Dell Technologies family.

They announced amongst other things, Dell Unified Workspace which is based on VMware Workspace ONE, Dell Technologies Cloud in collaboration with Dell EMC, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and Azure VMware Solutions in collaboration with Microsoft.

But that was not all, as Pat Gelsinger would reveal his 2019 VMware strategy and plans!

For more details, please read Pat Gelsinger Reveals 2019 VMware Strategy + Plans!


Dell Technologies World 2019 Day 2 Q&A Session

After the Day 2 keynote sessions, there was an exclusive Q&A session for the media and analysts.


More Coming Up!

Dell Technologies World 2019 ran for a full 3 days, culminating in an exclusive concert with AJR and Imagine Dragons! So keep checking back for more updates in the coming days!


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The Kroger Microsoft RaaS Collaboration Revealed!

Kroger and Microsoft just announced a collaboration to redefine the customer experience using Kroger Technology products powered by Microsoft Azure. Here is a look at the new Kroger Microsoft RaaS collaboration!

The Kroger-Microsoft RaaS Collaboration Revealed!

As part of the Kroger-Microsoft RaaS (Retail as a Service) collaboration, Kroger and Microsoft will jointly market a commercial RaaS product to the industry, as well as pilot a connected store experience.

This partnership brings together Kroger’s expertise in the grocery industry with the power of Microsoft Azure and Azure AI.

Retail as a Service (RaaS)

The Kroger-Microsoft RaaS product is enablement software built by a retailer for retailers, supporting modern retail experiences and harmonizing customers’ digital and physical shopping experiences.

The new Kroger-Microsoft RaaS solution is a Kroger product powered by Microsoft Azure. It offers a suite of capabilities to support KPIs and merchandising plans, collect customer insights, enhance employee productivity, improve out-of-stocks, better the customer experience, and allow for hyper personalisation using proprietary technology.

Future commercial products include: Scan, Bag, Go; Virtual Store Manager; sensor network; and connectors to corporate systems like point-of-sale, and inventory management, tag and merchandising systems.

Connected Store Experience Pilot

The Kroger Technology team has developed a smart technology system, powered by Microsoft Azure and connected by IoT sensors, to transform two pilot stores.

They will leverage RaaS, establishing a way to quickly add innovations to create new customer experiences, enable higher levels of personalisation through insights and enhance store associate productivity.

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Microsoft Philanthropies Donates US$1 Billion In Resources

DAVOS-KLOSTERS, Switzerland — Jan. 19, 2016 Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella announced a new three-part initiative to ensure that Microsoft’s cloud computing resources serve the public good. As part of this initiative the recently formed Microsoft Philanthropies will donate $1 billion of Microsoft Cloud Services, measured at fair market value, to serve nonprofits and university researchers over the next three years.


Microsoft Philanthropies Donates US$1 Billion In Resources

Microsoft’s three-part commitment focuses on ensuring the cloud can serve the public good in the broadest sense by providing additional cloud resources to nonprofits, increasing access for university researchers and helping solve last-mile Internet access challenges.

“Microsoft is empowering mission-driven organizations around the planet with a donation of cloud computing services — the most transformative technologies of our generation,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who on Wednesday will speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “Now more than 70,000 organizations will have access to technology that will help them solve our greatest societal challenges and ultimately improve the human condition and drive new growth equally.”

Cloud computing has emerged as a vital resource for unlocking the secrets held by data in ways that create new insights and lead to breakthroughs not just for science and technology, but for the full range of economic and social challenges and the delivery of better human services. It can also improve communications and problem-solving and help organizations work in a more productive and more efficient manner.

In September 2015, 193 heads of state and other world leaders unanimously adopted 17 sustainable development goals to achieve by 2030. This ambitious agenda — which includes ending poverty, ending hunger, and ensuring affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all — will only be achievable with the benefit of significant inventions and technology innovations. The scale and computational power enabled by cloud computing will be essential to unlocking solutions to this list of some of the world’s seemingly unsolvable problems.

“We’re committed to helping nonprofit groups and universities use cloud computing to address fundamental human challenges,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith. “One of our ambitions for Microsoft Philanthropies is to partner with these groups and ensure that cloud computing reaches more people and serves the broadest array of societal needs.”

Specific elements of the new initiative include these:

  • Serving the broad needs of the nonprofit community. A new global donation program will make Microsoft Cloud Services, including Microsoft Azure, Power BI, CRM Online and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, more available to nonprofit organizations through Microsoft Philanthropies. The program builds upon an already successful program that provides similar access to Office 365 for nonprofits. The nonprofit program for Microsoft Cloud Services will begin rolling out this spring, and Microsoft Philanthropies aims to serve 70,000 nonprofits in the next three years with these Microsoft Cloud Services.
  • Expanding access to cloud resources for faculty research in universities. Microsoft Research and Microsoft Philanthropies will expand by 50 percent the Microsoft Azure for Research program that grants free Azure storage and computing resources to help faculty accelerate their research on cutting-edge challenges. Today this program provides free cloud computing resources for over 600 research projects on six continents.
  • Reaching new communities with last-mile connectivity and cloud services. Microsoft Philanthropies and Microsoft Business Development will combine donated access to Microsoft Cloud services with investments in new, low-cost last-mile Internet access technologies and community training. By combining cloud services with connectivity and training, and focusing on new public-private partnerships, Microsoft Philanthropies intends to support 20 of these projects in at least 15 countries around the world by the middle of 2017.

Providing nonprofits with better access to Microsoft Cloud Services, including the powerful Microsoft Azure platform, builds upon Microsoft’s longtime commitment to making cutting-edge technology available at no or low cost to organizations working on solving some of society’s toughest problems.

In recent years, as organizations have increased their reliance on cloud computing, Microsoft has worked in partnership with a broad range of organizations focused on big challenges. The initiatives show the potential impact that increased access to the transformational power of cloud computing can have:

  • Microsoft Research is working with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Biodiversity Research Program through the use of 700 wireless sensors, cloud technology and automated data-stream processing to understand how cloud forests work and study the impact of climate changes on the communities supported by those forests.
  • [adrotate group=”2″]Through a partnership with the University of Texas at Austin called Project Catapult, Microsoft makes advanced cloud computing technology available to researchers that have demonstrated the ability to deliver lower power and cost, higher-quality results, or a combination of both.
  • In Botswana, Microsoft is partnering with the Botswana Innovation Hub, Vista Life Sciences, the United States Agency for International Development and Global Broadband Solutions to assist Botswana, the University of Pennsylvania and the Ministry of Health in leveraging cloud-based health records management and Internet access enabled by use of TV white spaces to remotely deliver specialized medicine, including cervical cancer screenings to women at rural healthcare clinics.

“Access to technology is critical to the operations and services of NetHope and its 44 humanitarian nonprofit member organizations,” said NetHope CEO Lauren Woodman. “The power of cloud computing will create exponential value for all we do to serve the millions of people in our communities around the world.”

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