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Did Al Gore Say North Pole Will Be Ice-Free By 2013?

Did Al Gore say that the North Pole will be ice-free in the summer by 2013 because of global warming?

Does it mean that global warming isn’t real because the North Pole is still very cold in 2021?

Find out what climate change deniers keep sharing, and what the FACTS really are!


Did Al Gore Say North Pole Will Be Ice-Free By 2013?

Climate change deniers keep sharing this meme, updating it every year so it would stay current.

The North Pole will be ice-free in the summer by 2013 because of man-made global warming.
– Al Gore, 2009

You may have seen your friends and even favourite celebrities sharing it, laughing at Al Gore’s stupidity.

He’s such a dolt! How can global warming be real if the North Pole is still so freaking cold?!

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No, Al Gore Did NOT Say North Pole Will Be Ice-Free By 2013

This meme would be somewhat funny, if anti-climate change deniers did not keep updating it and reusing it to push their false beliefs.

Whether people who shared them are actual climate change deniers, or just useful idiots, is hard to know.

But what we know is that this meme is FALSE. Al Gore did not say that the North Pole will be ice-free by 2013.

Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Al Gore Misstated Forecast In 2009

This false meme is based on a flub Al Gore made in 2009, when he spoke at the Copenhagen climate change summit.

He misstated a forecast one scientist provided his office earlier, stating that “some of the models suggest to Dr Maslowski that there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within 5 to 7 years“.

The truth is – Dr Maslowski, who worked at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California, stated that his results (at that time) gave a 6-year projection for the melting of 80% of the sea ice, but he expects some ice to remain beyond 2020.

Fact #2 : They Were Referring To Sea Ice

A very important point that climate change deniers don’t tell you is that both Al Gore and Dr. Maslowski were not talking about the entire North Pole being ice-free.

They were both talking about SEA ICE at the North Pole disappearing during the warmest months of the year.

Historically, sea ice drops by 50~56% every year, so an 80% reduction in sea ice during the warmest months would be a possibility in a warming world, albeit an unprecedented one.

These two NASA maps show the change in sea ice in 2016. As you can see, the amount of sea ice present at the North Pole greatly fluctuates throughout the year.

Fact #3 : 2009 + 5~7 Years ≠ 2013

What really perplexes us is how bad climate change deniers are at basic mathematics.

Even if you take Al Gore’s flub at full face value, the North Pole would be ice-free by 2014 to 2016, not 2013.

Yet, every year, they use the same false meme on the North Pole becoming ice-free by 2013.

They should have stayed in school…

Fact #4 : That Was An Extreme Projection

The projection by Dr. Wieslav Maslowski was considered an extreme projection, with most climate scientists agreeing that a 20-30 year timescale is more likely for the disappearance of sea ice.

Even so, he did not say the North Pole would be completely ice-free, only that 80% of the Arctic sea ice would disappear during the warmest months.

Fact #5 : Sea Ice Continues To Shrink

Al Gore may have been wrong in saying that the North Pole would be ice-free by 2014 to 2016, but it is a fact that the Arctic sea ice have been steadily shrinking over years.

Forget about projections. Here are the actual satellite measurements of Arctic sea ice from 1979 until 2015.

The minimum area of Arctic sea ice halved from about 7.5 million km² in 1980 to 3.4 million km² in September 2012.

With maximum Arctic sea ice between 14-16 million km² in the coolest months, a drop to 3.4 million km² represents a 75.7% drop in sea ice – not very far off from what Dr. Maslowski modelled in 2009…


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Will BeiDou Give HUAWEI Phones FREE Calls + Internet?

Now that the final BeiDou satellite will soon be launched, people are claiming that it will give HUAWEI phones free calls and Internet!

Find out what the facts are, and why people believe BeiDou will really give HUAWEI phones free calls and Internet!


BeiDou : What Is It?

BeiDou is China’s own satellite positioning and navigational system, functionally similar to GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

So far, the Chinese have launched 59 satellites, from three generations, with the last BeiDou-3 satellite scheduled to launch in a few days.


Will BeiDou Give HUAWEI Phones FREE Calls + Internet?

People are sharing this message, claiming that BeiDou will give every HUAWEI phone unlimited calls and Internet without a SIM card!

If u r able to change/ upgrade ur hp then u may want to consider Huawei devices.

Please buy Huawei hp because after the End of June 2020. All Huawei hp will be equipped with Huawei Own Satellite BEIDOU Chipset which will allow you to make Phone Calls and Internet DATA usages without any Charges for Life and No Sim Card is required. Save a lot of money in the long run??

Baidu is do much more powerful than old uncle Google. Baidu is the major driver for 5G, free satellite calls, wider coverage, higher speed, etc. Anyway no one can stop u fr using uncle Google if u so loved him using any type of hp (iOS, Android, Symbian of others)!! U can also VPN to tunnel into many networks & firewalls….!!


BeiDou + HUAWEI Phones : The Facts!

The message is yet another fake story about HUAWEI. Here is a video explanation, with details below :

Fact #1 : Smartphones Have Supported BeiDou For Years

HUAWEI, like many other brands, have long introduced multi-constellation support for navigational signals.

Their smartphones not only support GPS, but also BeiDou, GLONASS, and Galileo, switching to whichever satellite system offers the best performance or accuracy.

The first smartphones to support BeiDou were introduced in 2013. It’s not like BeiDou is only being introduced after June 2020.

Fact #2 : BeiDou Is Supported By Foreign Mobile Platforms

BeiDou civilian signals can be used by foreign mobile platforms, and are in fact supported by Samsung Exynos and MediaTek mobile platforms.

Qualcomm, for example, introduced support for BeiDou signals in their Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) platform back in 2013. So did MediaTek with their MT3332 / MT3333 SoCs.

So many non-HUAWEI smartphones use chipsets that support BeiDou.

Fact #3 : BeiDou Cannot Provide Calls / Internet

BeiDou is primarily a global positioning satellite system, with limited communications capability – just short messaging services (SMS).

However, only the military (or related security services like civil defence) are given access to the BeiDou SMS service, using special satellite phones.

Civilian devices, like HUAWEI smartphones, can only use its positioning services, and have NO ACCESS to any communications capability.

A CGTN news report is probably responsible for this misunderstanding (watch our video above).

Fact #4 : Calls + Internet Still Require A SIM Card / eSIM

While the latest HUAWEI P40 series smartphones support eSIM, other HUAWEI smartphones still require a physical SIM card.

But whether your smartphone uses a physical SIM card or eSIM, it needs some sort of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) number to obtain call and Internet services from your mobile service provider.

Fact #5 : HUAWEI Offers A Free Video Call Service

HUAWEI recently introduced a new video call feature called MeeTime, which allows all HUAWEI devices to make video calls for free.

This includes tablets like the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, and computers like the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro.


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SES Launches Satellite-Based System With O3b mPOWER

Luxembourg/Paris, 14 September 2017SES announced today the beginning of a new era in global cloud-scale connectivity and high power data services with the launch of O3b mPOWER, a revolutionary and powerful networks system that will deliver efficient high-performance network communications to users all around the world.


The O3b mPOWER Network

The rapidly expandable and highly scalable O3b mPOWER system will leverage innovative space and ground technologies,and enable SES Networks to deliver fully-managed services in the dynamic mobility, fixed data and government markets. O3b mPOWER is capable of delivering multiple terabits of throughput globally and is scheduled for launch starting in 2021.

SES has contracted its first mPOWER technology partner, Boeing Satellite Systems, to build seven super-powered medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites. The constellation will have 30,000 fully-shapeable and steerable beams that can be shifted and switched in real time to align with customers’ quickly changing growth opportunities, making it the most bandwidth-efficient system ever. O3b mPOWER will provide unrivalled coverage to an area of nearly 400 million square kilometres, four fifths of the Earth’s surface.

[adrotate group=”2″]

SES already successfully operates the only non-geostationary broadband system through 12 MEO satellites which deliver high-throughput low latency connectivity, and will be launching another eight MEO satellites in 2018 and 2019. O3b mPOWER leverages the same building blocks with dramatically increased throughput, coverage and flexibility.

O3b mPOWER will also create a unique eco system of value-add service and technology partners from all over the world. SES and partners will invest in significant ground infrastructure innovations that converge storage, computing and routing resources with software intelligence and application-specific antennas and will introduce a new concept for the network endpoint: a small, fast and easy-to-install O3b mPOWER Customer Edge Terminal.


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