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Senheng x Samsung Premium Experience Store Video Tour!

Samsung Malaysia and Senheng just officially opened their first ever Senheng x Samsung Premium Experience Store!

Join us for a video tour, and find out what Samsung and Senheng are offering with this grand opening!


Senheng x Samsung Premium Experience Store Video Tour!

On 16 June 2022, Samsung Malaysia and Senheng just officially opened their first ever Senheng x Samsung Premium Experience Store at the Shoppes at Four Seasons Place!

This new premium experience store is where you will find all of Samsung’s latest mobile devices, consumer electronics and home appliances, including the new Neo QLED Smart TVs, BESPOKE appliances and more!

With a grand space of 5400 square feet, this premium Samsung experience store does not only display all available Samsung products, it lets you experience what it is to live in a connected, smart living environment.


Senheng x Samsung Premium Experience Store Shows

The new Premium Experience Store will be hosting live shows at these times, that will also be streamed on Samsung’s and Senheng’s official Facebook pages :

Date & Time Hosts Product Highlights
17 June
8 PM
Shafiq Chulan
|& Shu Faye
Smart Monitors
18 June
4 PM
Dini Schatzmann
& Caely See
WindFree Air Conditioners,
BESPOKE Refrigerators
19 June
4 PM
Brandon Ho
& Sachie Amira
Galaxy S Series &
Z Series Smartphones
20 June
8 PM
Caely See
& Jack Lim
Smart Home Appliances
21 June
8 PM
Shalma Ainaa
& Wan Imar Izzat
Washer & Dryer
BESPOKE AirDresser


Senheng x Samsung Premium Experience Store Deals!

In conjunction with this grand launch of the Premium Experience Store, there will be some exciting deals from 17 June until 21 June 2022.

You will be able to get deals like RM1,000 rebate on the Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone, to RM2,599 worth of free gifts with every purchase of a QLED 4K TV. You can also get up to RM3,699 worth of free gifts when you purchase a BESPOKE refrigerator!


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IDEA 2020 : Samsung Wins 48 Awards!

Samsung Electronics just announced that they won 48 awards at IDEA 2020 – the International Design Excellence Awards 2020!

Their sweep of awards includes one Gold award, four Silver awards, four Bronze awards and one Best-in-Show award!


IDEA 2020 : What Is It?

IDEA 2020 is the 40th iteration of one of the longest running and most prestigious design awards program in the world.

Originally founded to recognise exceptional achievement in industrial design, the program has since grown to highlight design in many connected disciplines including design strategy, branding, digital interaction and so much more.

Every year, design teams across the globe submit thousands of entries, making IDEA one of the largest and most widely anticipated annual awards programs in the world.


IDEA 2020 : Samsung Wins 48 Awards!

Samsung won their 48 IDEA 2020 awards across multiple categories, showcasing their design prowess across a wide swathe of consumer lifestyle products.

BESPOKE Family Hub UX won Gold for delivering user-centric experience using consumer-driven insight. The UX lets users share and create photos and recipes through the refrigerator screen, and remotely access it through mobile apps.

BESPOKE Refrigerator won Silver for its customisable modular design, that lets users choose colours, materials and type of refrigerator fit. This is the same refrigerator that won the Gold award at iF Design Award 2020.

The IDEA 2020 jury also honoured Samsung with Best-in-Show – a special award for BESPOKE Family Hub UX and BESPOKE Refrigerator, recognising their achievements in consumer-centric design excellence.

The Samsung Upcycling Solution for TV Packaging received a Silver award for its customisable packaging box that is being used for The Frame, The Serif and The Sero.

The product packaging was designed to encourage consumers to upcycle the boxes to create innovative pieces of small furniture, like a cat tower, or a TV stand. This packaging solution won the 2020 CES Innovation Awards for its innovative concept.

Awards Samsung Products
Gold BESPOKE Family Hub UX
Silver BESPOKE Refrigerator
Upcycling Solution for TV Packaging
The Serif Visual Identity System
Bronze Samsung Galaxy Fold
Infinite Line Oven
The Sero Visual Identity System
Inclusive IoT


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2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub Preview!

Join us for a video tour of the 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub, and find out what this new smart refrigerator offers!


2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub

The 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub (RS62T5F01B4/ME) is the baby of the family, offering 628 litres of refrigerator and freezer space with a 21.5-inch Family Hub display.

Designed to be the centre of your home, it helps you manage both kitchen and family, with smart home and entertainment features.

View Inside

The 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub refrigerator comes with a single View Inside camera, covering the second and third shelves of the right refrigerator section.

You can view inside directly using the Family Hub display, or remotely on your smartphone using the SmartThings app – letting you check your fridge while shopping.

Family Board

The Family Hub is designed to be centrepiece of your home, in more ways than one.

With Family Board, you can write notes for the family, or let the kids draw pictures. You can also put up the latest family photos and video clips.

Its built-in calendar helps you manage your family schedules, so you won’t miss an event. You can update them directly on the fridge or your smartphone, and synchronise them with Google and Microsoft 365.

Home Entertainment with SmartView

The built-in Family Hub display lets you watch TV programs or online content directly on the fridge. You can check popular video streaming content, or even social media apps.

You can use the SmartView app to mirror what’s being displayed on your Samsung TV. It also lets you view and control your smartphone apps.

And of course, you can enjoy music while you are cooking or eating using Spotify, or global radio stations, news and podcasts using TuneIn.

Smart Home Management

The 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub refrigerator is part of the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem, and also supports Ring.

It can serve as your smart home management hub, letting you control your smart appliances and IoT devices directly on the fridge.

You can turn them on or off, adjust settings, coordinate activities and monitor their power usage and conditions.


2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub : Specifications

Specifications 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub
Model RS62T5F04B4 / ME
Gross Capacity Total : 661 L
Refrigerator : 401 L
Freezer : 260 L
Net Capacity Total : 628 L
Refrigerator : 399 L
Freezer : 229 L
Cooling Technology Mono Cooling
Compressor Digital Inverter
Refrigerant R600a (87 g)
Energy Consumption NA
Noise Level 40 dBA
Door Material Steel
Family Hub Window : 27.5-inch Glass
Display : 21.5-inch (1080 x 1920 pixels)
Touch Type : Capacitive
Processor : Hawk-M (Quad-Core, 1.7 GHz)
GPU : ARM Mali-450
Storage : 8 GB eMMC
Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Operating System : Tizen 4.0
Camera : 2 MP camera
Audio : 25W speaker, 2 microphones

USB Port : 1 Type A
Dimensions 912 mm wide
1780 mm tall
716 mm deep
Weight 108 kg net
115 kg gross


2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub : Price + Availability

The 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub refrigerator is available with immediate effect, with these recommended retail prices :

  • Malaysia : RM8,999
  • Singapore : S$3,799

Here are online purchase options, with prices accurate as of 12 August 2020 :

The 2020 Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub refrigerator is backed by a 2-year warranty, with a 10-year warranty for the compressor.


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2019 Samsung Forum – Family Hub 4.0, POWERstick + More!

The 2019 Samsung Forum just kicked off in tropical Singapore with a slew of new home digital appliances!

In this article, we will share with you what they revealed – the new Family Hub 4.0 smart refrigerators and RS5000 side-by-side refrigerators, as well as the WW7800M QuickDrive washing machine and the new POWERstick Jet200 portable vacuum cleaner!


The 2019 Samsung Forum

Marking their 10th anniversary, the 2019 Samsung Forum is an annual showcase of the latest Samsung home technologies and appliances. This is where Samsung will show off their latest home entertainment products and home appliances.


The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 Refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 boasts enhanced AI and IoT capabilities, as well as the new Family Board – a communal display that family member can use together.

The Family Board can be used to create and share each family member’s schedules and messages. On top of that, it has a more analogue feel with a new Whiteboard that recognises handwriting, with a drawing function that can identify the objects you draw.

It will also feature a new and better Bixby digital assistant, which will offer more services and allow you to seamlessly control and monitor other IoT devices and services from your kitchen… using your voice alone!

The new Bixby can also identify each family member’s voice using its Voice ID technology. This allows Bixby to customise its responses and the information it provides to the individual’s needs.

The Samsung RS5000 Refrigerators

Samsung is also introducing a new generation of side-by-side refrigerators – the RS5000 series.

They will feature the new Space Max technology, which uses thinner insulation for ducts and the inner walls, creating more storage space for the same refrigerator size.

The Samsung RS5000 refrigerator will also offer Flex Zone, which allows you to individually control the temperature for separate compartments.

Finally, they offer All-Around Cooling using multiple cooling ducts, as well as a Power Cool / Power Freeze function to quickly cool new items that you just added to the refrigerator.

The Samsung WW7800M QuickDrive Washing Machine

The Samsung WW7800M washing machine is an IoT device, offering smart features allowing you to control it remotely and receive notifications via the SmartThings app.

It also features the Bixby smart assistant with features like a Laundry Planner, Laundry Recipe and a HomeCare Wizard to manage your laundry needs.

The Samsung WW7800M also comes with AddWash and QuickDrive technologies. AddWash allows you to add clothes at any time during the wash cycle, while QuickDrive lets the WW7800M cut washing time by 50% and reduce energy use by 20%.

The Samsung POWERstick Jet200 Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The new Samsung POWERstick Jet200 portable vacuum cleaner comes with a more powerful 200 watt digital inverter motor, a Jet Cyclone system and a new Turbo Action Brush head.

The POWERstick Jet200 also boasts a 5-layered HEPA filtration system that captures 99.999% of dust and allergens. And it has a 60-minute battery life, letting you clean your house on a single charge!


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Samsung RT7000 Refrigerator Reduces Food Waste

6 November 2016 – Every day Malaysia disposes of 3,000 tonnes of preventable food waste, the largest contributor of solid waste and largest source of harmful greenhouse gases in the country. This amount makes up between 31 and 45 per cent of an average of 36,000 tonnes of garbage generated annually. Beyond polluting our one and only Mother Earth, imagine the millions of hungry people we could have fed with that mountainous volume of food.

Food waste often results from buying too much through unplanned shopping, poor storage and not eating short shelf life items quickly enough. In many cases, the problem stems from the out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation. Surveys show that many consumers lose track of what food they have in their refrigerators, as it often gets lost in the disorganization.

This problem is faced by people around the world and, while this staggering statistic is not going to change dramatically anytime soon, the problem is not being ignored. All over the globe, consumers are grappling every day with the dilemma, coming up with novel solutions like wrapping food in newspapers inside their refrigerator, or using special envelopes to ensure freshness.


Samsung RT7000 Refrigerator

Now there is no need for that as the Samsung RT7000 refrigerator was designed for this in mind, to help consumers keep their food fresher for longer, and to make sure they always know what’s inside. With Twin Cooling Plus technology, it uses two separate evaporators to ensure optimal humidity levels in both the fridge and the freezer. This helps maintain food moisture and keeps the cooling even.

An independent food freshness testing by Intertek shows that with 70% humidity levels, foods can stay fresh for twice as long. Some vegetable items, such lettuce and green beans saw marked differences in freshness after just a few days.

The Samsung RT7000 additionally uses Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology. It turns on the cooling system to cool the fridge only when needed, rather than being on all the time, so as not to overcool and dry out foodstuffs. Overcooling can also be mitigated by features such as Power Cool and Power Freeze, which function to get foods to their optimal temperatures as quickly as possible.

Its Smart Conversion technology gives consumers a 5-in-1 refrigerator so they can customize according to food storage needs. The five options (Regular, Energy Saving, Vacation, Fridge Max, Mini Fridge) are practical and give consumers full control over their refrigerator. It is a kitchen appliance that can adapt to their food – not the other way around.

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The design and size of the Samsung RT7000 are also key factors that help keep foods fresher for longer. The overall size of the unit is roughly 30 litres larger than average refrigerators, giving more room for items like the Multiple Storage Baskets for separating specific foods. Keeping food separate enables varying temperature levels, which in turn enables the user to keep foods as precisely the temperature they need to stay fresh.

Food separation and easier organization of foods is also aided by the Anti Bacteria Protector. Studies have shown that bacteria can grow if a refrigerator is running at incorrect temperatures; and this can lead to bad tastes and smells, which can in turn affect other foods. This is particularly so if raw and cooked foods are kept together. Anti-Bacteria Protector cuts down on the potential for cross contamination with a fan and deodorizing filter that eliminates 99% of all bacterial activity and 93% of food smells.

The Samsung RT7000 addresses consumers’ pain points on fast-drying produce, odour and bacteria, as well as inflexible storage methods that can help reduce food wastage. While we have smart kitchen appliances that assist us in household management, the onus still lies in us to consciously and actively ensure that we play our part in shopping and throwing away our food responsibly.


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Great Samsung Raya Deals 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 27 June 2016 – Raya, the season where friends and family get together and have a great time is just around the corner. To prep up their home for the season, Malaysians are all excited spring cleaning and refurnishing their homes in time for the festivities.

To make preparations more enjoyable and efficient, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is offering their Great Samsung Raya Deals 2016 line-up of smart digital home appliances. From kitchen appliances such as Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus technology and HotBlast Smart Oven, to home appliances such as the Triangle Room Air-conditioners (RAC) and Addwash Front Load Washers, Hari Raya open house preparations this year just got a whole lot easier!


Worry-free Laundry for Your New Baju Raya

To avoid the rush right before Raya, wash your Raya outfits ahead of time. Raya outfits are typically delicate pieces that include embroidery or elaborate beading so extra care needs to be observed when washing them. Hand-washing is best for delicate fabrics and intricate detailing but if you are pressed for time, then Samsung’s new AddWash Front Load Washer can take the load off your hands.

Programmed with gentle care settings to carefully wash any silk or satin ensembles, the AddWash washing machine uses its EcoBubble technology to generate powerful bubbles to remove dirt up to 40% faster than conventional dissolved detergents. The best part is – it only uses cold water so you can be sure of an optimum wash while maintaining the state of your Baju Raya and save up to 70% of energy, without the need to heat the water. Do remember to place them into a mesh bag to prevent the fragile stitching from tearing or being snagged on in the washing machine.

For those whose curtains or cushion covers are up for washing, the AddWash washing machine is just the right appliance to get the job done. Simply switch to Bubble Soak mode and the unique ecobubbles will begin its intensive stain removal. The AddWash washing machine’s huge capacity and SuperSpeed feature also lets you wash piles of curtains and cushion covers in a single load under an hour – meaning you can enjoy less time washing and more time prepping the house for visitors!


Fresh Raya Food for the Season

To serve the best Raya dishes on the block, the ingredients used have to be of the freshest quality and Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus technology ensures exactly that, even if the Raya grocery shopping was done weeks before the open house. The refrigerator comes with an independent twin cooling system that ensures a constant optimum humidity and temperature to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period. This new technology also prevents the cross-flow of odours, so your Rendang can maintain their savoury aroma, unhindered by any frozen seafood kept in the freezer.

This refrigerator is also available in multiple capacities, so regardless of the occasion, be it a small family dinner or an open house, there is a Samsung refrigerator suitable for your needs. Samsung refrigerators are built to be a storage haven; hence, each variation is incorporated with the Big Guard feature where door compartments are built to hold larger items.

If even more refrigerator space is required, the Samsung Refrigerators with Twin Cooling Plus technology has a built in smart conversion feature, so even the freezer compartment can be set to the refrigerator mode so it can also hold your fresh ingredients!

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Delicious Raya Cooking for Everyone

With so many goodies to prepare for the Raya open house, the cook may find themselves pressed for time. Traditional Malay cuisine is full of flavour and in the rush to push them out to guests; we may find them lacking that signature spark. Luckily Samsung HotBlast Smart Oven assures that your Ayam Percik stays moist and flavoursome!

The HotBlast Smart Oven features the unique PowerGrill Duo that makes cooking 47% quicker than a traditional convection oven. It also comes equipped with extra wide dual heaters that radiate more powerful and consistent heat, allowing for quicker and more even grilling. So your Ayam Percik and Ikan Bakar will maintain its delicious flavour – staying crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus and HotBlast Smart Oven are the perfect kitchen appliances to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly. Now you can prepare a feast for your guests this Raya without breaking a sweat!


Keeping You and Your Family Cool This Raya Season

A good Raya open house is one where guests can enjoy mouth-watering cuisine in a cool and comfortable environment. Nothing cools the room down more than Samsung’s line of Triangle Room Air-conditioners (RAC), letting everyone breeze through this year’s celebration. Samsung’s Triangle RAC features a unique and compact triangle body design and packed with new and innovative features for an extra cooling experience.

The body allows for an increased air intake and airflow, therefore producing faster and stronger winds with a more even air distribution. Your Raya guests need not wait long before they start to feel the room cool down as the Samsung Triangle RAC cools an area 43% faster than conventional RACs.

With people walking in and out, the constant usage of air-conditioners can drive up electricity bills. In response to this, Samsung developed the perfect solution and incorporated its Digital Inverter technology that automatically adjusts to the room’s temperature to fit the capacity. So no matter how many visitors there are this Raya, Samsung ensures that everyone is comfortable!


Great Samsung Raya Deals Availability

To get yourself any one of these innovative and convenient appliances, head on over to your nearest Samsung to enjoy the Great Samsung Raya Deals. From now until 31st July 2016, don’t miss out on great rebates and exciting free gifts when you furnish your home with Samsung digital home appliances this Raya!

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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Revealed

Earlier this month, we attended the Samsung Forum 2016, where we saw the latest and greatest Samsung kitchen appliances – all slated for sale this year. Their proudest example of culinary technology this year is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

As the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is not slated for launch until Q2 2016 (Spring 2016 in the US), this is a sneak preview. Check out the video we took of a working example during the recent Samsung Forum 2016!


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Quick Look

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is designed to be the centrepiece or hub of your kitchen. It is not just a refrigerator, it is part of the Internet. It is what we call an Internet of Things (IoT) device. All of its IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities are hidden behind the 21.5″ full HD LCD display on its upper right door.

The 21.5″ display is where the magic takes place. It allows you to manage your groceries, pin photos, leave notes as well as post, share and update your family’s activity calendar. This is where your family can coordinate your lives around.

[adrotate banner=”4″]It even comes with three built-in cameras that captures a picture every time you close the door. Using a smartphone, you can remotely access those pictures to determine what you currently have in the Family Hub Refrigerator. This is very useful if you’re at the store and can’t remember if you have enough eggs. Just launch the Samsung Smart Home app and have a look!

With the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, you don’t even have to leave home to shop for groceries. You can even place an order with an online grocery shopping partner and pay for it with a Samsung credit card partner using the built-in display. How’s that for convenience?

Of course, if you still prefer to shop at your grocery store, you can use the built-in shopping list feature to manage your groceries. Heck, you can even store your recipes right there!


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Availability

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is slated to be available in the United States in the spring of 2016. Global availability will vary from country to country, but look out for it in Q2 2016 onwards. In the US, it will be available in two sizes – Counter Depth and Full Depth, with two colour options – Stainless and Black Stainless


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