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Great Samsung Raya Deals 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 27 June 2016 – Raya, the season where friends and family get together and have a great time is just around the corner. To prep up their home for the season, Malaysians are all excited spring cleaning and refurnishing their homes in time for the festivities.

To make preparations more enjoyable and efficient, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is offering their Great Samsung Raya Deals 2016 line-up of smart digital home appliances. From kitchen appliances such as Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus technology and HotBlast Smart Oven, to home appliances such as the Triangle Room Air-conditioners (RAC) and Addwash Front Load Washers, Hari Raya open house preparations this year just got a whole lot easier!


Worry-free Laundry for Your New Baju Raya

To avoid the rush right before Raya, wash your Raya outfits ahead of time. Raya outfits are typically delicate pieces that include embroidery or elaborate beading so extra care needs to be observed when washing them. Hand-washing is best for delicate fabrics and intricate detailing but if you are pressed for time, then Samsung’s new AddWash Front Load Washer can take the load off your hands.

Programmed with gentle care settings to carefully wash any silk or satin ensembles, the AddWash washing machine uses its EcoBubble technology to generate powerful bubbles to remove dirt up to 40% faster than conventional dissolved detergents. The best part is – it only uses cold water so you can be sure of an optimum wash while maintaining the state of your Baju Raya and save up to 70% of energy, without the need to heat the water. Do remember to place them into a mesh bag to prevent the fragile stitching from tearing or being snagged on in the washing machine.

For those whose curtains or cushion covers are up for washing, the AddWash washing machine is just the right appliance to get the job done. Simply switch to Bubble Soak mode and the unique ecobubbles will begin its intensive stain removal. The AddWash washing machine’s huge capacity and SuperSpeed feature also lets you wash piles of curtains and cushion covers in a single load under an hour – meaning you can enjoy less time washing and more time prepping the house for visitors!


Fresh Raya Food for the Season

To serve the best Raya dishes on the block, the ingredients used have to be of the freshest quality and Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus technology ensures exactly that, even if the Raya grocery shopping was done weeks before the open house. The refrigerator comes with an independent twin cooling system that ensures a constant optimum humidity and temperature to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period. This new technology also prevents the cross-flow of odours, so your Rendang can maintain their savoury aroma, unhindered by any frozen seafood kept in the freezer.

This refrigerator is also available in multiple capacities, so regardless of the occasion, be it a small family dinner or an open house, there is a Samsung refrigerator suitable for your needs. Samsung refrigerators are built to be a storage haven; hence, each variation is incorporated with the Big Guard feature where door compartments are built to hold larger items.

If even more refrigerator space is required, the Samsung Refrigerators with Twin Cooling Plus technology has a built in smart conversion feature, so even the freezer compartment can be set to the refrigerator mode so it can also hold your fresh ingredients!

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Delicious Raya Cooking for Everyone

With so many goodies to prepare for the Raya open house, the cook may find themselves pressed for time. Traditional Malay cuisine is full of flavour and in the rush to push them out to guests; we may find them lacking that signature spark. Luckily Samsung HotBlast Smart Oven assures that your Ayam Percik stays moist and flavoursome!

The HotBlast Smart Oven features the unique PowerGrill Duo that makes cooking 47% quicker than a traditional convection oven. It also comes equipped with extra wide dual heaters that radiate more powerful and consistent heat, allowing for quicker and more even grilling. So your Ayam Percik and Ikan Bakar will maintain its delicious flavour – staying crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus and HotBlast Smart Oven are the perfect kitchen appliances to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly. Now you can prepare a feast for your guests this Raya without breaking a sweat!


Keeping You and Your Family Cool This Raya Season

A good Raya open house is one where guests can enjoy mouth-watering cuisine in a cool and comfortable environment. Nothing cools the room down more than Samsung’s line of Triangle Room Air-conditioners (RAC), letting everyone breeze through this year’s celebration. Samsung’s Triangle RAC features a unique and compact triangle body design and packed with new and innovative features for an extra cooling experience.

The body allows for an increased air intake and airflow, therefore producing faster and stronger winds with a more even air distribution. Your Raya guests need not wait long before they start to feel the room cool down as the Samsung Triangle RAC cools an area 43% faster than conventional RACs.

With people walking in and out, the constant usage of air-conditioners can drive up electricity bills. In response to this, Samsung developed the perfect solution and incorporated its Digital Inverter technology that automatically adjusts to the room’s temperature to fit the capacity. So no matter how many visitors there are this Raya, Samsung ensures that everyone is comfortable!


Great Samsung Raya Deals Availability

To get yourself any one of these innovative and convenient appliances, head on over to your nearest Samsung to enjoy the Great Samsung Raya Deals. From now until 31st July 2016, don’t miss out on great rebates and exciting free gifts when you furnish your home with Samsung digital home appliances this Raya!

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Samsung Introduces AddWash Washing Machine

Kuala Lumpur, 15 June 2016 – Laundry is known as a fickle chore, with various settings and requirements for different fabrics and colours, it is no wonder that most people avoid it as much as they can. With most dads working majority of the time, laundry is not something that they have got much experience in, so when mum goes away for a few days, panic ensues.

Editor : We first covered the Samsung AddWash washing machines in March, with a video showing the AddWash feature. You can check it out here > Samsung AddWash Washing Machine Revealed.


Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

With Samsung’s AddWash Front Load washer, Dad can now do the laundry with a peace of mind. How? With a feature-packed washing machine giving a new level of simplification into the family’s lives! If the kids come back from a fun day out at the playground with dirt and grass stains or have been too messy at the dinner table, Dad need not worry about stains because Samsung has developed the innovative EcoBubble technology.

The EcoBubble technology makes it possible to get a deeper wash with just cold water as opposed to heated water, saving on the energy used to heat water in conventional washing machines. Generating powerful bubbles that are richer and finer, EcoBubble™ technology allows detergents and water to penetrate through any fabric 40 times faster and deeper. At the same time, cold water also aids in maintaining the colour and texture of the fabrics. So Dad, worry not because stubborn stains can now be easily removed, leaving no trace of them ever being there!

To make Dad’s life that much easier, the new Samsung Addwash Front Load Washer is packed with a SuperSpeed feature where a load can be complete in under an hour. There are only so many hours in a day and with work occupying most of the time, Dad can now multi-task between making dinner and doing the laundry!

With so much to juggle, it is quite understandable to miss a sock or two. So for Dads’ ultimate ease, there is the ever brilliant and distinct access door in Samsung’s Addwash Front Load Washer – so any forgotten pieces of laundry can still be washed midway through a cycle. With all this convenience in place, laundry day will be a breeze for Dads!


Samsung AddWash Pricing & Availability

Starting at an affordable recommended retail price of RM2,889 to RM4,599 at selected authorised dealerships, Samsung’s AddWash Washing Machine is also part of the Great Samsung Raya Deals with exclusive prices, running until 31st July 2016.

Customers in the United States can get the best deals on the new Samsung AddWash washing machines at Amazon.

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Great Samsung Raya Deals 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 7 June 2016 – With Raya festivities around the corner, many celebrating Malaysians are beginning their mission of spring cleaning and bringing out their cookbooks in anticipation of yet another joyful Raya celebration with beloved friends and family. Whether you need a new vacuum cleaner for spring cleaning, a new fridge to store your Raya goodies or a new air conditioner to keep your Raya open house cool, Samsung Malaysia Electronics have just the right festive deals for all!

From 8th June 2016 until 31st July 2016, Samsung is rewarding consumers and fans with double the bonus of exciting free gifts and great rebates – all one needs to do is furnish their home with Samsung digital home appliances and stand a chance to take their family on a vacation courtesy of Samsung Malaysia Electronics!

“As a brand that innovates to enrich lives, we bring consumer electronic products that offer convenience and value to the people. Raya is a time where consumers opt to get better and more valuable appliances that would not only help them during festive season but also for their daily use. This is where Samsung comes in – offering the best and smart appliances in the market at attractive prices and continuously offering the best deals. Our customers have been true blue fans and we want to take this opportunity to reward them for their continuous support,” said Mr Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

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Great Samsung Raya Deals 2016

Samsung’s Great Samsung Raya Deals introduces attractive savings where customers can enjoy either discounts of up to 20% or rebates of up to RM2,000, or choose between free gifts worth RM2,499 with purchase of selected Samsung digital home appliances.

Those who have their mind set on a family vacation can take it a notch further by participating in the campaign’s ‘Travel Voucher SMS Contest’. To be in the running, customers simply need to purchase selected Samsung consumer electronics products above RM300 in a single receipt from any participating Samsung authorised retail outlets during the promotion period and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase. With a simple SMS entry submission, you will be in the running to bring home one of the 10 travel vouchers worth RM10,000 each! That getaway with your family you have always dreamed of is now just an SMS away!

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion valid while promotional stocks last. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.


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