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2019 Samsung Forum – Family Hub 4.0, POWERstick + More!

The 2019 Samsung Forum just kicked off in tropical Singapore with a slew of new home digital appliances!

In this article, we will share with you what they revealed – the new Family Hub 4.0 smart refrigerators and RS5000 side-by-side refrigerators, as well as the WW7800M QuickDrive washing machine and the new POWERstick Jet200 portable vacuum cleaner!


The 2019 Samsung Forum

Marking their 10th anniversary, the 2019 Samsung Forum is an annual showcase of the latest Samsung home technologies and appliances. This is where Samsung will show off their latest home entertainment products and home appliances.


The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 Refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 boasts enhanced AI and IoT capabilities, as well as the new Family Board – a communal display that family member can use together.

The Family Board can be used to create and share each family member’s schedules and messages. On top of that, it has a more analogue feel with a new Whiteboard that recognises handwriting, with a drawing function that can identify the objects you draw.

It will also feature a new and better Bixby digital assistant, which will offer more services and allow you to seamlessly control and monitor other IoT devices and services from your kitchen… using your voice alone!

The new Bixby can also identify each family member’s voice using its Voice ID technology. This allows Bixby to customise its responses and the information it provides to the individual’s needs.

The Samsung RS5000 Refrigerators

Samsung is also introducing a new generation of side-by-side refrigerators – the RS5000 series.

They will feature the new Space Max technology, which uses thinner insulation for ducts and the inner walls, creating more storage space for the same refrigerator size.

The Samsung RS5000 refrigerator will also offer Flex Zone, which allows you to individually control the temperature for separate compartments.

Finally, they offer All-Around Cooling using multiple cooling ducts, as well as a Power Cool / Power Freeze function to quickly cool new items that you just added to the refrigerator.

The Samsung WW7800M QuickDrive Washing Machine

The Samsung WW7800M washing machine is an IoT device, offering smart features allowing you to control it remotely and receive notifications via the SmartThings app.

It also features the Bixby smart assistant with features like a Laundry Planner, Laundry Recipe and a HomeCare Wizard to manage your laundry needs.

The Samsung WW7800M also comes with AddWash and QuickDrive technologies. AddWash allows you to add clothes at any time during the wash cycle, while QuickDrive lets the WW7800M cut washing time by 50% and reduce energy use by 20%.

The Samsung POWERstick Jet200 Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The new Samsung POWERstick Jet200 portable vacuum cleaner comes with a more powerful 200 watt digital inverter motor, a Jet Cyclone system and a new Turbo Action Brush head.

The POWERstick Jet200 also boasts a 5-layered HEPA filtration system that captures 99.999% of dust and allergens. And it has a 60-minute battery life, letting you clean your house on a single charge!


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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 Price, Offer + Deal Guide 3.0

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a bestseller for Samsung, breaking all expectations. But Samsung has not let up the pressure, regularly announcing promotions. In this guide, we will keep track of all Samsung Galaxy Note9 price changes, offers and promotions. Bookmark and share!

Updated @ 2018-10-05 : Added details of the RM400 instant rebate.

Updated @ 2018-09-20 : Added details of the 512GB Ocean Blue pre-order promotion.

Originally posted @ 2018-09-18


The Samsung Galaxy Note9 Price + Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was a smashing success, selling out the largest pre-order Samsung ever created. With good reason too. It packs a ton of new features at great price points.

  • 6 GB + 128 GB : £899 / $999.99 / RM 3,699
  • 8 GB + 256 GB : £999
  • 8 GB + 512 GB : £1,099 / $1,249.99 / RM 4,599

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) is available worldwide starting 24 August 2018. In some countries (e.g. Malaysia), it will only be offered in Midnight Black and Metallic Copper with a matching S Pen, and Ocean Blue with a Yellow S Pen. There is also a Lavender Purple colour option that is available in certain countries. Samsung may eventually introduce it at a later date to the rest of the world.


Where To Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note9

Here are some direct links to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Malaysia.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 with 128 GB storage : RM 3,699 (Web | App)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 with 512 GB storage : RM 4,599 (Web | App)

Here are some direct links to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note9 in the US.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 (128 GB, International Unlocked) : $849
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 (128 GB, US Unlocked) : $999.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 (512 GB, International Unlocked) : $1,214
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 (512 GB, US Unlocked) : $999.99


Samsung Galaxy Note9 Offer + Promotion Guide

Samsung is never one to rest their laurels, so you can expect them to introduce regular offers and promotions to keep the pressure on their competitors. Let’s start with a look at the great Galaxy Note9 pre-order offers that quickly sold out!

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 Pre-Order Offers (Ended)

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 (512 GB) : FREE Gifts worth RM 1,530 (Gear Sport smartwatch, Gear Sport Strap and Wireless Charger Pad)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 (128 GB) : FREE Gear Sport smartwatch worth RM 1,219

1. Samsung Galaxy Note9 Mystery Box (Ended)

Those who bought the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) early got a nice surprise when they started to use Samsung Pay. They immediately received a Mystery Box containing a gift voucher or Samsung Points.

2. Free Starbucks Beverage (Ended)

Early purchasers of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) also received a free drink from Starbucks! Although the promotion was slated to end on 30 September 2018, it probably ended early due to the overwhelming response. If you did not get your free Grande-sized Starbucks drink, there’s no harm checking your Samsung Members app, just in case it is still available…

3. No Increase From SST (Ongoing)

This is not a Galaxy Note9 promotion per se. It applies to all Samsung mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and wearables. Samsung will absorb the 5% SST (Sales and Service Tax) on the purchase of those mobile devices. Great news!

4. Samsung Galaxy Note9 Yearly Upgrade Program (Ongoing)

Validity : 14 September to 2 December 2018

Samsung just announced an exclusive Samsung Galaxy Note9 Yearly Upgrade Program! This Yearly Upgrade Program is limited to those who purchase a new Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) from 14 September until 2 December 2018. They will have the option of paying RM 100 extra for the following benefits :

  • automatic 10% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note10 in 2019!
  • FREE 5,000 Samsung Reward Points (worth RM 125)
  • one month FREE instalment (if purchased with Easy Payment Plan), OR Samsung Protection Plus worth RM 298.

As you can tell, this is a great offer as the 5,000 Samsung Reward Points are already worth MORE than what you pay to join the upgrade program. In fact, the whole deal gives you 7X what you pay into it! Read our detailed analysis @ Why The Galaxy Note9 Yearly Upgrade Program Is Such A Great Deal!

5. Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB Ocean Blue Pre-Order (Ended)

Samsung just announced that the 512GB model, which was originally available only in Midnight Black will now be available in the Ocean Blue colour with its iconic Yellow S Pen! From 21 – 23 September 2018, you will be able to pre-order the 512 GB Ocean Blue model with only a RM 300 deposit at the recommended retail price of RM 4,599 (unchanged). But that’s not all. Those who pre-order the 512GB Ocean Blue model will receive a Samsung POWERstick vacuum cleaner worth RM 889 / ~US$ 219 absolutely FREE! Please note that this offer does NOT apply to the 128GB models, or the 512GB Midnight Black model. Those who pre-order the 512GB Ocean Blue model will be able to collect their devices from 5 October through 14 October 2018.

6. RM 400 Instant Rebate!

Validity : 5 October to 28 October 2018

Samsung just announced an incredible RM 400 instant rebate offer!

This RM 400 instant rebate is applicable for both the 128GB and 512GB models. However, this offer is limited to purchases from Samsung Authorised Dealers, and excludes the Samsung Online Store and telcos.

All you have to do is walk into any Samsung Authorised Dealer shop, and ask to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note9 with the RM 400 instant rebate! What an awesome deal!

Full Details : Save RM 400 With This Samsung Galaxy Note9 Rebate!


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