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Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Cordless Jet Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner!

Samsung just launched their latest cordless vacuum cleaner – the Jet 70 Easy, which boasts a Jet Cyclone system and a 5-layer HEPA filtration system!

Find out what else the Samsung Jet 70 Easy has to offer, and how much it costs!


Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Cordless Jet Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

The new Samsung Jet 70 Easy cordless vacuum cleaner boasts two key features – a Jet Cyclone system and a 5-layer HEPA filtration system.

Digital Inverter Motor

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy has a 410 watt Digital Inverter Motor that is paired with highly efficient impeller and ultrasonic-welded airfoil blades to generate up to 150 watts of suction.

Jet Cyclone System

It boasts the Jet Cyclone system which creates 9 cyclones with 27 air inlets to minimise loss of suction, while trapping fine dust.

Soft Action Brush

The Soft Action Brush is designed to pick up fine dust on hard floors, with a 180-degree swivel head to easily clean corners.

It is woven with anti-static silver threads to prevent dust from sticking, and is easily detached with one click for easy removal of tangles.

5-Layer HEPA Filtration System

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy extracts dust through a 5-layer HEPA filtration system :

  • Step 1 : a main cyclone diverts large dust particles
  • Step 2 : a metal mesh grille filter removes medium-sized particles.
  • Step 3 : the Jet cyclone removes fine dust particles.
  • Step 4 : a washable micro filter traps additional fine dust.
  • Step 5 : an ultra-fine dust filter prevents 99.999% of dust (0.3 ~ 10 µm in size)

Long Cleaning Time

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy comes with a 1,800 mAh battery that gives you up to 40 minutes of cleaning time. According to Samsung, the battery will retain 70% of its capacity after 500 cycles.

Easy Maintenance

Both the 0.8L dustbin and the multi-cyclone system is fully washable. And you can automatically empty the dustbin using the new Samsung Clean Station!


Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Specifications

Specifications Samsung Jet 70 Easy
Model VS15T7033R1
Type Multi Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner
Dust Capacity 0.8 litres (800 ml)
Motor Digital Inverter Motor
Maximum Power 410 watts
Suction Power 150 watts
Noise Level 86 dBA
Filter Pre-Motor : Yes
Exhaust : HEPA filter
Brush 250 mm soft action
Battery Li-Ion (1,800 mAh, 21.6 V)
Battery Life 40 minutes (maximum)
Charging Time 210 minutes
Dimensions 250 mm wide
1124 mm tall
215 mm deep
Weight 2.57 kg


Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Price + Availability

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy (VS15T7033R1) has a recommended retail price of RM 1,699 / ~US$389 / ~£315 / ~A$612 / ~S$555. Here are some online purchase options :


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