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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Low Light Performance Examined!

The new Samsung Galaxy Note9 features a unique dual aperture camera, with a mechanical aperture. It is said to deliver superior photos and videos in low-light conditions. Let’s put that claim to the test, and examine the Galaxy Note9 low light performance!


Dual Aperture Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 dual aperture camera first debuted in the rare and expensive Samsung W2018 smartphone (available only in China), before Samsung introduced it in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones.

This dual aperture camera has a mechanical aperture that lets you switch between an incredibly bright f/1.5 aperture, and the f/2.4 aperture for a deeper depth of field.

The f/1.5 aperture is the widest aperture so far in a smartphone, offering just over ⅓ stop more light than the f/1.7 aperture of the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s camera. This translates into better low-light photography with less noise.

Let’s put it to the test…


Samsung Galaxy Note9 Low Light Performance

There will be many examples of low-light conditions, so we attempted to try taking shots in near complete darkness.

In this test of the Galaxy Note9 low light performance, we took pictures of two Minions in almost complete darkness. On the left, you have a Minion in a black Darth Vader costume, and on the right, another Minion in a bright outfit.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Low Light Example

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) did remarkably well. You can make out the helmet outline of the Darth Vader Minion, and the colour of its lightsaber.

Its white balance is also good. The white t-shirt of the Minion on the right actually appears white. And you can see that it’s holding a red ball.

H Brand Low Light Example

This is a smartphone with a 16 MP PDAF camera paired with f/2.2 lens.

You can make out the Darth Vader Minion’s lightsaber, but not its colour.

You can see the red ball in the other Minion’s hand, but its t-shirt is yellowish in colour.

X Brand Low Light Example

This is a smartphone with a 12 MP PDAF camera paired with a bright f/1.75 lens.

The Darth Vader Minion is hardly visible, and if you stare hard enough, you can barely make out its lightsaber.

The t-shirt of the Minion on the right appears whitish, but you can barely make out its right arm… and you certainly cannot see the red ball in its right hand.


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The.Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) low light performance is obviously superior to the two other smartphones we compared it with. It is not just about how much more light its f/1.5 lens allows in, it also has a superior image sensor and image processing capability.

Its picture sample is not just brighter, it actually delivers colours that are not visible in the samples from the other two smartphones. Impressively, it managed to deliver very accurate white balance in such low-light conditions.

But wait.. that’s not all…


Samsung Galaxy Note9 Low Light Video Recording Performance!

Here is an example of a night dancing session at the Curve. The singers are on a well-lit platform, but the dancers are not lit by street lights. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) was not mounted on any gimbal.

Despite the changing brightness of the scene, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (US | MY Web | MY App) did a great job of instantly adjusting the brightness of the subjects. This is not an easy feat when we switched focus to the dancers, because the background is much brighter.

What we ended up with is a happy balance of reasonably bright subjects without overly bright backgrounds. In fact, you can see right into the restaurant behind the dancers!


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The Galaxy Note7 Compared Against The Galaxy Note5

With the Galaxy Note7, Samsung focused on refining craftsmanship and optimizing usability to help users get more out of life. The device is water and dust resistant, and features a symmetrical dual-edge design with an enhanced S Pen. Furthermore, it offers top-of-the-line security with new iris scanning technology, and its new USB Type-C connection port makes charging and transferring data easier than ever.

Here is a great infographic of the new Galaxy Note7 compared against its predecessor, the Galaxy Note5. This will be very helpful for those who are wondering if it’s “worth” upgrading from the Note5 to the new Galaxy Note7. Explore some of the other ways Samsung made its newest flagship smartphone the best yet!


Galaxy Note7 Compared Against The Note5

Note : The Galaxy Note5 shipped with Android 5.1 Lollipop, but recently received the Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade. Eventually, the Note7 will receive the next-generation Android 7.0 Nougat update.

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Samsung Great Galaxy Raya Deals

Kuala Lumpur, 23 May 2016 – Want to celebrate this Raya with great gadgets, or better yet, a brand new set of wheels? Now you can, as Samsung Malaysia Electronics is excited to bring its fans fantastic rewards with its Great Galaxy Raya Deals! From 23rd May 2016 until 17th July 2016, fans who purchase selected Galaxy devices during this period are eligible to be in the running to drive home a brand new Honda City!

“Samsung Galaxy devices have enjoyed immense growth and popularity in the Malaysian market throughout the years and a large part of this success is attributed to the confidence and support of our loyal customers and diehard Galaxy fans. We are extremely appreciative of this encouragement and as such, we always find ways to show our gratitude to our fans and customers. As Raya comes again, we want to reward Malaysians with our latest Galaxy devices at amazing deals!” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


Great Galaxy Raya Deals

The Great Galaxy Raya Deals introduces a special purchase-with-purchase (PWP) promotion where fans who purchase the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge or the Galaxy Note5 at selected outlets within the promotion period is eligible to purchase Samsung’s latest wearable, the Gear VR, at 30% off the original price at RM321. To top it off, each purchase will also entitle buyers to redeem a Samsung wireless charger stand worth RM279, absolutely free!

Those in need of a set of wheels or those looking to upgrade their drive can take it a notch further by participating in the campaign’s ‘Win a Car’ contest.

To be in the running, fans simply need to purchase selected Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, tablets or wearables above RM300 from any participating Samsung authorized dealers during the promotion period and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase.

Next steps include switching on your new Samsung Galaxy device, setting up your Samsung account, and answering a simple question through SMS submission.

It’s that simple, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to the nearest Samsung authorised dealers for your chance to drive home one of the 30 brand new Honda City’s up for grabs!

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion valid while promotional stocks last. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.

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mySamsung Homebase App Explained

At Samsung Forum 2016, Samsung revealed details of the mySamsung homebase app. Nicholas Wodtke (Vice-President) and Karen Peck (Marketing Director), of Samsung SEA & Oceania’s Media Solutions Centre, showed off the new mySamsung app in an in-depth session, which we have recorded for you.

The app is an extension of the regional mySamsung ownership program. It lets both new and current Samsung customers manage their devices, get easy and direct access to customer service representatives as well as obtain ownership privileges to get the most out of their Samsung devices.


What Is The mySamsung App All About?

The mySamsung app is designed to be a homebase app – a one-stop app that every Samsung customer can use to access customer service, device information, and ownership privileges.

In this video, Nicholas Wodtke and Karen Peck explain the idea behind mySamsung, and demonstrate how it works. Check it out :

[adrotate banner=”4″]The mySamsung app is compatible with Samsung smartphones from Samsung Galaxy S4 and above, and phablets from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and above. However, the mySamsung ownership program is currently only offered to owners of :

The mySamsung app and ownership program are already available in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, but will soon roll-out for Samsung customers in New Zealand and Taiwan. If you haven’t installed it yet, go and give it a try!



Here are screenshots of the mySamsung app, showing you the setup process, as well as the options available in the app.

The app will come pre-installed in new Samsung models, but users of older models can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.


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Why Samsung Pay Outperforms Apple Pay & Android Pay

Bloomberg recently reported that Samsung Pay has less than half the users of Apple Pay5 million versus 12 million. That puts it on the same level with Android Pay, which is frankly impressive in its own right. However, the chart below does not tell the whole story.

Apple Pay vs Android Pay and Samsung Pay | Credit : Bloomberg

Apple Pay has so many more users because they had a year-long head start over its two rivals. If we consider how long they were in the market, Samsung Pay and Android Pay signed up an average of a million users per month. Apple Pay, on the other hand, averaged 706,000 new users per month.

That means, both Android Pay and Samsung Pay are growing 42% faster than Apple Pay.


Why Samsung Pay Did So Well

Samsung Pay only worked with the 5 Samsung Galaxy devices during the survey (the newly announced Galaxy S7 and S7 edge do not count). Yet, they managed to sign up as many users as Android Pay, and sign new users 42% faster than Apple Pay.

That is likely due to the fact that Samsung Pay is easier to implement than both Apple Pay and Android Pay. Samsung Pay works with the old magnetic stripe terminals as well as the newer NFC payment terminals. Apple Pay and Android Pay, on the other hand, only works with NFC payment terminals.

In other words, Samsung Pay works with any credit card terminal anywhere, while Apple Pay and Android Pay will only work at retailers that have upgraded to the new NFC terminals.


Samsung Pay Demonstration

At the recently-held Samsung Forum 2016, we were given an exclusive briefing and demonstration of Samsung Pay. Check out just how easy it is to pay using Samsung Pay. This is why Samsung will have an easier time driving its adoption over their two rivals.

The only downside with Samsung Pay is that it is limited to Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy smartphones. If Samsung adds support for their other smartphones with NFC chips, their adoption would probably be much higher. Here are the 7 Samsung Galaxy smartphones that support Samsung Pay :

In H2 of this year, consumers in Australia, Brazil, Spain, Singapore and the United Kingdom will be able to try out Samsung Pay on their Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


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Samsung Wins Big At iF Design Awards 2016

February 29, 2016Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today announced that it won 38 iF Design Awards, including one Gold award, at the world renowned International Forum Design Awards 2016. Twenty-six of the awards were given for superior product design, eight for communication design, two for concept design, one for package design and one for interior architecture design.

“We are honored to be recognized by the International Forum Design for our excellence in product design,” said BK Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics and the Head of Corporate Design Center at Samsung. “We will continue to challenge ourselves and develop innovative designs that benefit our consumers based on our deep insights into their needs.”

Samsung received the Gold award for its Serif TV, a result of its focus on design that harmoniously interacts with people’s surrounding environments and naturally blends in with everyday furniture and various household objects. Main features of the Serif TV include: a design that resembles a capital “I” in serif font; a detachable stand, which allows the product to be placed anywhere within the home without standing out; and a fabric cover on the back side of the product, which heightens its beauty from every angle.


Samsung Won 26 iF Design Awards For These Products

  • Galaxy S6 & S6 edge: Both smartphones feature a harmonious design of metal and glass parts, and the Galaxy S6 edge features the first dual-edge display on either sides.
  • [adrotate banner=”4″]Gear S2: A smart wearable device with a unique rotating bezel, and an optimized UX for easy operation.
  • Chef Collection Fridge: A refrigerator for the European market, featuring a Kitchen Fit design that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding kitchen furniture without needing additional built-in construction.
  • AddWash Front-load Washing Machine: A washer with a distinctive access door that makes it convenient to add any item during a wash cycle without opening the main washer door.
  • System Air Conditioner 360Cassette: A circular, ceiling-mounted system air conditioner that controls the temperature of the room by providing an even distribution of air across a full 360 degree range.
  • MX3: A3 Multifunction Printer with a 7 inch LCD screen for easy operation.


Samsung Also Received 12 iF Design Awards For These Concepts

Following are the key products and concepts:

  • Galaxy Note5 UX: A smartphone UX that allows consumers to write a memo with an S Pen without turning on the screen. Awarded in the communications category.
  • Visual Identity Toolkit: A visual identity toolkit that provides a unified guideline for all digital and printed media of Samsung Printing Solutions. Awarded in the communications category.
  • TV UI (Stripe UI): An intuitive TV user interface that offers consumers a novel experience in navigating media content. Awarded in the professional concept design category.
  • Avengers Package: The Galaxy S6 edge limited edition package inspired by the Avengers. Awarded in the package designs category.
  • Samsung d’light: An exhibition space that provides the Samsung brand experience and showcases Samsung’s latest products and solutions. Awarded in the interior architecture category.


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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Pink Gold Now Available

Kuala Lumpur, January 21, 2016 – The ever-popular Samsung Galaxy Note5 has once again made waves in the nation’s smartphone market as Samsung Malaysia Electronics unveiled Pink Gold as its new colour offering for its flagship device, the Galaxy Note5.

“The Galaxy Note5 is by far one of our most successful and popular products in the market. The exceptional innovation and functionality of the Galaxy Note5 aside, we realized that colour too play an important role in the popularity of the phone. From our research on market insights and predictions of current trends in the smartphone industry, we noted that Pink is a unique vibrant colour that resonates with many consumers. We introduced the Galaxy Note4 in Pink last year and it was a remarkable hit among consumers. Now we want to continue the trend and this time, introduce the Galaxy Note5 in Pink Gold,” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


Galaxy Note5 Pink Gold Edition

The introduction of the latest limited edition Pink Gold is the brand’s approach to extend the colour options and present a phone that resonates with women of all ages. This special edition smartphone is perfect for ladies who are looking for a device that harmonises style and productivity with a touch of femininity, sophistication and grace.

Samsung’s reigning flagship, the Galaxy Note5, comes with its innovative S Pen. Unique to the Note series, the S Pen encourages creativity and freedom of expressions beyond traditional text and static visuals.

[adrotate banner=”4″]With the Galaxy Note5’s enhanced camera, users can capture great picture quality and then immortalise these life’s moments with the powerful S Pen, which can be used as a creative tool to beautify each shot with bespoke style.

Offered for a limited time only, the Galaxy Note5 Pink Gold makes for an excellent gift for that special someone. The sassy new colour is available for purchase from 21 January onwards (while stocks last) at a recommended retail price of RM2,699 (inclusive of GST) | ~US$629. Note5 is also available in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, White Pearl and Black Sapphire.


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New Samsung Gear VR (SM-R322) – Better & Cheaper

Kuala Lumpur, December 31, 2015 – Samsung Malaysia Electronics proudly announces the arrival of its latest and more advanced consumer version of the Gear VR in Malaysia, an improved and more ergonomic version of the Innovator Edition for S6 that was launched earlier this year.

Boasting a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) technology packed in a lightweight wireless headset, Samsung has now extended the Gear VR’s compatibility to include the Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, S6 edge and S6 edge+ with an affordable retail price of RM459 (including 6% GST) / ~US$109.

“Samsung has been at the forefront of delivering mobile experiences and the new Gear VR is no exception. We see virtual reality as the next computing platform, and this time we are making immersive VR entertainment more accessible and affordable for customers with the introduction of our improved Gear VR,” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Leveraging on the super AMOLED display of its complementing devices, the new Gear VR gives a whole new meaning to immersive video experience and virtual gaming reality – providing sharp colours, supreme clarity and unrivalled performance for an amazing virtual reality experience.

The Samsung Gear VR is 19 percent lighter than the previous Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6, and includes new foam cushioning for added comfort. In addition, the new Gear VR’s improved touchpad provides greater control while enjoying the robust selection of film, gaming, 360 degree video and experiential content available for Gear VR.

The Samsung Gear VR is offered in Frost White and is available in 28 selected Samsung Electronics Stores (SES) nationwide.