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Get RM200 off when you purchase the Galaxy J5 or J7 Prime!

Kuala Lumpur, 13 April 2017 – Have an old phone lying around at home? Or, looking for the perfect smartphone deals in town? Well, look no further because Samsung Malaysia Electronics gives you even more reasons to get rid of your old devices – a generous rebate entitlement for the purchase of the Galaxy J5 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) and Galaxy J7 Prime (Amazon | Lazada)!


Get RM200 off when you purchase the Galaxy J Prime!

For a month from now until 21st May 2017, Samsung is offering a substantial RM200 instant rebate for every used or old smartphone brought in to any participating outlets and Samsung Experience Stores.

While the devices of any brand or model need not be in perfect form, it does however need to be in working condition before the rebate is granted [1].

The RM200 rebate must be used to purchase either the Galaxy J5 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) or the Galaxy J7 Prime (Amazon | Lazada).

Priced at recommended retail price of RM899 and RM1199 respectively, the Galaxy J5 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) and the Galaxy J7 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) can be purchased at an attractive offer of RM699 and RM999 respectively after the rebate.

[1] Samsung will accept any phone that is functional regardless of its physical condition.


The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime & J7 Prime

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Boasting a refined design with a curved back and real metal finish for a luxurious dual-tone premium look, the Galaxy J5 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) and J7 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) are the best smartphones to take fashionable wefies that social-savvy users desire most.

Featuring a 13MP rear camera with an f1.9 aperture lens that allows for bright images even in low light settings, both devices come equipped with a Wide Selfie function on its front camera to capture the best “wefies” when it comes to group shots.

The Galaxy J5 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) and J7 Prime (Amazon | Lazada) are also armed with built-in 16 GB and 32 GB internal memory respectively to store more precious wefies to your heart’s content!

Both devices are offered in unique dual-tone colour options, White/Gold and Black, and also Pink Gold exclusively for the Galaxy J7 Prime (Amazon | Lazada).


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