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The Samsung QLED TVs Launched Globally In Paris

Paris, France. 14 March 2017Samsung Electronics today unveiled new details surrounding its premium line-up of QLED TVs and The Frame at a global TV launch event in Paris, further demonstrating Samsung’s leadership in defining the future of home entertainment with advanced cutting-edge technology.

“At Samsung, we strive to provide our customers with the most advanced technology to deliver unrivaled viewing experiences and cutting-edge designs that complement their everyday lives. With state-of-the-art picture quality, design, and smart features, our 2017 lineup is truly ushering in a new era for television,” said HS Kim, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

We had earlier explained the Samsung QLED technology to you, and showed you the complete 2017 Samsung QLED TV range. Be sure to check those articles out.


The Samsung QLED TVs Launched Globally In Paris

Samsung selected Paris, “the City of Lights,” to unveil the “TV of Light,” a name given to the QLED TV for its delivery of optimal brightness levels and stunning visual experience. The venue choice for the event at the Louvre Museum – known for its rich history in art and culture – also highlighted Samsung’s focus on the Lifestyle TV concept, represented by two works of arts, the Samsung QLED TV and The Frame.

The latest QLED TVs were designed with the consumer in mind and focus on addressing three key consumer pain points through the solutions known as Q Picture, Q Smart and Q Style. Samsung once again worked with Yves Behar, a renowned Swiss designer, to create the innovative TV, The Frame and offer consumers an elegant masterpiece that seamlessly blends into the interior of any home.


Q Picture: Perfect combination of light and color

The newly-announced QLED TV takes quantum dot technology to the next level with advancements in light efficiency, stability and a wider color spectrum. With new metal quantum dots, the QLED TV addresses all the major aspects of picture quality, including viewing angle, color volume, brightness and bold contrast.

The QLED TVs can express accurate color and achieves a 100 percent color volume – the highest on the market today, earning accreditation by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), one of Europe’s largest technical-scientific associations.

In addition, the QLED TVs‘ rich, deep black levels and bold contrast provide a consistent viewing experience regardless of a room’s lighting. The QLED TVs’ advanced HDR 2000 functionality allows users to see every hidden detail as it was meant to be seen, with no loss or distortion of color.

Be sure to check out our article – The Samsung QLED TV Technology Explained!


Q Smart: Elevating the home entertainment experience

Samsung’s Smart Hub has been expanded to offer an even more intuitive and unified experience, directly via the QLED TV. The enhanced Samsung One Remote now supports more devices and offers voice control capabilities across more Smart TV features. Paired with the latest Smart View App – available on Android or iOS mobile devices – users will enjoy their personalized Smart Hub.

Additionally, the TV Plus service offers the easiest and fastest way to find, purchase and watch the latest 4K films and entertainment. The new Music service also allows for easy searching and identification of songs heard in the background of TV shows and films.


Q Style: Designed to fit every lifestyle

This year, Samsung introduced new design elements that can fit into any home – regardless of the interior aesthetics or setup. The all-new Invisible Connection cable helps manage unsightly cords and clutter with a refined, single cord system. Consumers can now design their space with a single optical cable that brings all devices together, reclaiming the living room space once occupied by set-top boxes and external devices.

Samsung has also introduced the No Gap Wall-mount which brings the TV flush against the wall, closer than ever before, with a 15-minute installation process. For those who do not wish to mount their TV onto the wall, there is also a range of stylish Samsung TV stands. Designed like an easel, the Studio Stand is an ideal accompaniment for any artist-inspired living space, and with the Gravity Stand, the TV can be rotated easily and allows for optimal viewing at any angle.


The Frame: A new way to look at TV

Continuing its focus on premium design, Samsung announced more details surrounding its newest innovation – The Frame. Teased at CES 2017, The Frame was curated with an artful approach meant to elevate any room or viewing environment.

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Based on the new innovative technology, The Frame looks like a picture frame hanging on a wall when ‘Art Mode’ is on. Instead of fading to black like a conventional TV, the Lifestyle TV’s display transforms into a work of art, letting the users select custom-designed digital art pieces from The Frame. With more than 100 art pieces in 10 different categories – including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more – to choose from, it is sure to please every design preference. Paired with the numerous options for art layouts and colors, as well as customizable accessory options including interchangeable bezels and an optional Studio Stand, it truly complements the user’s living space.

Furthermore, The Frame is outfitted with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-mount, allowing users to hang it anywhere because it can blend seamlessly into any living space without unsightly cables or wires.


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Samsung Wons 49 iF Design Awards 2017

SEOUL, Korea – 13 March 2017Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., announced that it won 49 iF Design Awards, including one Gold award, at the world-renowned International Forum Design Awards 2017. Thirty-five of the awards were given for superior product design, four for professional concept design, seven for communication design, and three for packaging design.

Samsung received the Gold award for the ArtPC Pulse, a premium desktop computer with advanced expandable modules. The ArtPC Pulse integrates a high-performance PC into a refined cylinder form. It can expand its function with extended modules for HDD storage and a 360-degree speaker in a detachable rotary structure. The award-winning design of the ArtPC Pulse includes minimalist styling on its fully metal body as the buttons and port are all located at the rear of the product.


Other iF Design Awards

In addition to the Gold award, Samsung won 34 other iF Design Awards in the product category:

  • Galaxy S7 Series, flagship smartphone designed with 3D forming glass technology to enhance grip
  • Gear S3, smartwatch with an innovative round bezel and spinning UI
  • Galaxy C9 Pro, 6.9mm thickness smartphone with full-metal unibody design, available in China and India
  • SUHD TV KS9500, premium TV with beautiful 360 design, including a floating screen in the front and a delicate real metal line on the back
  • RB38K7998S4 Smart Family Hub refrigerator features a 21.5” LCD touch screen allowing users to manage and see the food in the fridge without having to open the door
  • ActiveWash series touch controls located on the top back, it allows users to look inside the drum from a better viewing angle

Organized by the International Forum Design, the iF Design Awards began in Germany in 1953. Product submissions are based on a comprehensive evaluation of design, material suitability, innovativeness and seven additional categories: Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, Service Design, and Architecture.

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Galaxy S7 Edge Best Smartphone @ MWC 2017

Barcelona, 28 February 2017 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., announced that the Galaxy S7 edge was recognized by the GSMA as the Best Smartphone in the Best Mobile Handsets and Devices category at the annual Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress 2017.


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Named Best Smartphone at MWC 2017

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As the world leader in mobile innovation, Samsung continues to relentlessly pursue the best in hardware, software and services, redefining what is possible for consumers across the globe. The Galaxy S7 edge was awarded for its refined design, advanced camera and outstanding performance.

“We are honored to be recognized for our craftsmanship in design and innovation with the Galaxy S7 edge,” said Junho Park, Vice President of Global Product Strategy, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “This award is a testament to our constant pursuit of excellence as we continue to exceed consumers’ expectations through revolutionary mobile technology.”


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Samsung Pay Giveaways @ KLCC Centre Court

Kuala Lumpur, 17 February 2017 – In anticipation of the official arrival of Samsung Pay in Malaysia on 24th February 2017, Samsung Malaysia Electronics will be organizing a special roadshow to reward early adopters of Samsung Pay and to demonstrate a truly simple and secure experience that’s available almost anywhere for compatible Samsung devices.


Samsung Pay Giveaways Promotion

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Over the next weekend from 24th February until 28th February 2017, drop by the Samsung Pay Day at KLCC Centre Court and experience Samsung Pay together with special promotions by participating banks.

Be the first 100 Samsung Pay users daily with three transactions done within the same day worth a minimum of RM30 each and receive a Samsung Wireless Charger worth RM279. Rewards are even bigger for the highest Samsung Pay spender of the day as Samsung will be giving away one Samsung Galaxy S7 edge worth RM3,099!

So come one, come all for a mobile wallet experience unlike any other, and get rewarded when you activate and use Samsung Pay on your device! Samsung Pay is compatible on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy A Series (2016 and 2017 versions) in Malaysia.


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20 Samsung Fridges Earn ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award

3 January 2017Samsung Electronics today announced that 20 models in its newest refrigeration line have earned the coveted ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s ENERGY STAR program is the trusted source for energy-efficient product labeling and consumer education. The Emerging Technology Award recognizes products that are at the forefront of energy conservation and climate protection.

ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for 20 Samsung Refrigeration Models

All 20 Samsung refrigerator models, set to be released in 2017, are recognized for the innovative R-600a refrigerant system which meets the EPA’s demanding performance criteria to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Samsung Electronics is the first manufacturer to receive EPA approval to market full-sized, residential Top Mount Freezer and French Door models using this new technology.

The EPA first awarded the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award in 2011, and focuses on a different product category or eco-conscious theme each year. Samsung is a two-time winner – in addition to recognition for 2017 refrigerators, the brand received the award in 2013 for its eco-friendly DV457 clothes dryer.

The Road to Energy Savings

Samsung’s new R-600a refrigerant is naturally occurring and climate-friendly, with no ozone depletion potential and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating. R-600a requires less work to be done by the unit’s compressor, which not only reduces energy usage by 6.5% but also makes the refrigerator quieter than previous models.

Samsung developed the technology ahead of planned changes to refrigerant qualifications that EPA looks to influence by 2021. Equipped with the advanced technology, the 2017 award-winning refrigerators met the EPA’s new qualifications of a GWP rating below 15 while producing an energy efficiency gain of 5 percent or higher. Additionally, the R-600a refrigerant has been approved for use in the US market by the EPA’s Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) Program.

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“Samsung strives to meet the highest environmental standards, and we are proud to be honored by the EPA for our innovative and eco-friendly refrigerator product development,” said Byung-Sam Seo, President of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics. “The R-600a refrigerant is a game-changer in terms of reducing energy usage, and we are proud of the advancements we’ve made to create more environmentally responsible home appliance products.”

In addition to being energy efficient, Samsung’s 2017 refrigeration line delivers more choice, flexibility and connectivity for consumers today. New internal features such as enhanced precision cooling, flexible storage options and upgraded interior lighting are matched by updates to exterior details like redesigned handles and premium finishes, as well as seamless designs to fit well in any kitchen.


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YouTube HDR App Now Available On 2016 Samsung TVs

21 December 2016Samsung Electronics today announced that it will support YouTube’s global HDR playback on television for the first time, through an expanded version of the YouTube application. The YouTube Application is available on all 2016 Samsung Quantum dot TVs and UHD TVs and will launch progressively throughout the world from December.


YouTube HDR app to offer the ultimate HDR viewing experience on 2016 Samsung TVs

YouTube will support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video streaming, offering a wide range of HDR content. Launched through an automatic software update, consumers who use all 2016 Samsung Quantum dot TV and UHD TVs can access HDR content simply by visiting the HDR category within the YouTube application on YouTube’s 4K channel, providing an easy way to navigate and enjoy premium content.

“With the global availability of YouTube’s HDR, we at Samsung are thrilled to support the best HDR viewing experience and a wide range of HDR content for users to enjoy,” said Seline Han, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are confident that our TVs will bring to life an immersive HDR viewing experience — all from the comfort of our users’ homes.”

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To coincide with the launch, the YouTube application will feature new HDR videos from popular YouTube content creators, such as MysteryGuitarMan and Jacob + Katie Schwarz. To ensure the proliferation of new HDR content, additional YouTube creators will be able to utilize the YouTube Spaces LA and NYC, which provide HDR production resources to content creators.

With a growing number of HDR content providers, as well as the numerous creators already producing HDR video content, the YouTube HDR support is expected to introduce more genre offerings in the coming year and satisfy user demand for a true-to-life viewing experience on the content they enjoy the most.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of HDR support on Samsung’s Quantum dot TVs,” said Heather Thompson Rivera, Director of Product Partnerships at YouTube. “By combining Samsung’s commitment to picture quality and our desire to offer the best content available, we will work together to build a strong ecosystem that improves HDR content creation and allows users to enjoy more diverse content in the best quality possible.”

Emerging as one of the most sought after display technologies in the last few years, HDR is an image reproduction technology that analyzes the contrast ratio of a video to help express even the most subtle differences in shades and tones of color. Paired with Samsung’s Quantum dot TV, the picture that is produced appears more realistic and life-like on screen. In addition, Samsung’s Quantum dot TVs have the capacity to generate peak brightness of 1,000 nits, optimized for the most ideal HDR viewing experience.



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Samsung Unveils The Secret To Identifying Real 4K TVs

30 November 2016 – These days, a TV is no longer just a device to watch your favourite movies and variety shows. It is the protagonist of a living space, one that sets the tone of the room, displaying the way of life of the home owner. A premium, classy aura radiates from the beautiful bezel-less curved design of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV, allowing it to fit elegantly in any space of the room.

On top of its exclusive look and feel, the Samsung SUHD TV with Quantum dot display provides true to life picture quality, and is getting praises from all around the room for its ability to display even the smallest details on its screen. Its excellent picture quality has awarded the Samsung latest TV its 4K certification.


What Exactly is a 4K TVs?

UHD TVs, also known as 4K have four times the amount of pixels in Full HD TVs, allowing them to display the same image with even more detail and clarity. While 4K UHD TVs are quickly growing in the global TV market, 3K TVs being marketed as 4K TVs are also appearing, with lower picture quality.

A real 4K UHD TV has RGB (red, green and blue) sub pixels with consistent brightness and realistic colours while a 3K TV’s resolution is decreased by 25% as some of its RGB pixels have been replaced by white pixels, reducing its brightness and distorting the colour. In other words, a real 4K UHD TV is like freshly squeezed orange juice, while the 3K TV is orange juice diluted with water.

3K TVs, also known as RGBW TVs, are being displayed as having the same technology as 4K TVs in retail stores. This may be slightly tricky to consumers planning to purchase a real 4K UHD TV. However, there is a simple solution to that!

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Simply pause the content on a TV and snap a photo on a spot with a white background. Upon zooming in on the photo, you’ll find that only red, green and blue pixels can be seen on the real 4K TV. A 3K TV, however, will show white pixels on top of the RGB pixels.

Samsung Electronics has led the global TV market for ten years based on the philosophy that the very basics of a TV is the ability to offer the best picture quality possible to viewers. This belief will be held as the highest value for Samsung TVs, even when future technologies evolve from 4K, 8K and beyond.

So what are you waiting for? Samsung’s Unbox the Wonders of Home campaign offers great rebates and free gifts upon purchase of selected Samsung TVs. Head over to the nearest Samsung Brand Store and selected authorized retail outlets to test out the real 4K quality of the Samsung UHD TV or visit Samsung’s online store at Lazada Malaysia to unbox the wonders of your home from your home!


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Samsung Celebrates Galaxy J Series With Amy Search

Kuala Lumpur, 25 November 2016 – Music is a universal language that speaks to us by tugging on our heart strings, evoking precious memories and stirring emotions. So to get fans to experience the power and joy of music, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is celebrating the brand’s range of good value devices, the Galaxy J Series, through music!

As part of Galaxy J Series campaign, Samsung has enlisted the support of Malaysia’s legendary rock star Amy Search to record an original song made especially for the Galaxy J Series on life’s short and sweet moments captured by it.

“What is amazing about music is that it is imbedded within all of us. Hence this time around, we wanted to speak to our fans in a more relatable manner – through music. So we got in touch with rock music powerhouse Amy Search to join us in this fun and melodic journey. Amy Search is a household name in Malaysia’s music industry and he brings such fun and upbeat aura to the Galaxy J Series personality – we couldn’t be happier to partner with such a legend and we are excited to share this original music with our fans!” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

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Samsung Named ‘Community Care Company of the Year’

Singapore, 24 November 2016 – Samsung Electronics was named ‘Community Care Company of the Year’ at the 2016 Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards, held on November 17 at Singapore’s Shangri-La Hotel. The award is the highest accolade in its category and testament to Samsung’s continued commitment to global citizenship and creating positive change around the world.


Community Care Company of the Year

“Samsung is honored to be recognized for our community care efforts once again, and it gives us tremendous pride to be awarded the highest accolade for this category,” said Irene Ng, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania. “We strongly believe that success goes beyond tangible business achievements, and giving back to the communities that we operate in has always been an integral part of our brand philosophy. Over the years, we have established scalable and sustainable citizenship programs across the region, placing education at the core of how we serve each community.”

According to Dr. Jayanthi Desan, a member of the awards’ judging panel and the founder and Managing Director of Synergio, one of Malaysia’s leading sustainability strategy consultancies, the ACES Awards champion companies in Asia that have exhibited extraordinary leadership and sustainability. With the award, Samsung joins a list of winners in the ‘Top Community Care Companies in Asia’ category that have been deemed to have demonstrated exceptional citizenship to bolster the wellbeing of society at large.


Enriching Communities, One Classroom at a Time

Samsung has helped communities across Southeast Asia and Oceania establish more than 160 Smart Schools and Libraries to bridge the digital divide and provide students with a smarter approach to education. These institutions collaborate with government bodies and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to harness technologies and create immersive learning opportunities for students in the form of tailored education programs and enriching infotainment content.

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In addition, Samsung has developed 20 Tech Institutes to nurture talent across these regions – providing local youths with opportunities to attain a better future while simultaneously addressing the industry’s shortage of technical talent.

Samsung also recognizes the need to tackle other issues of vital importance to these communities beyond these educational pursuits, and has accordingly rolled out initiatives such as SONO Schools, which feature customized training curricula for medical students, and Culture Connect, its flagship regional citizenship program that celebrates aspects of each community’s distinct culture and heritage.


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Samsung – Unbox The Wonders Of Home 2016 Deals

Kuala Lumpur, 10 November 2016 – The festive season is around the corner and this means house parties and family gatherings are well on the way. To make your living space much homelier than it is, Samsung Malaysia Electronics has designed a series of year-end specials for Malaysians to unbox the wonders of home with the very best of smart living.

Commencing on 15th November 2016, Samsung is extending fantastic deals on its range of SMART digital appliances as well as Smart TVs and home theatre systems.


Unbox The Wonders Of Home

What’s different this year is that customers can shop for their favourite Samsung appliances not only in stores but online as well (under Lazada Malaysia’s shopping portal), and still enjoy the same value deals and great savings. For online shopping, the special promotion begins four (4) days earlier, on 11th November 2016, and shoppers can enjoy free delivery of selected Samsung purchases right to their door step.

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Under its home entertainment category (TV and audio systems), customers can enjoy great rebates of up to RM3000 as well as purchase-with-purchase deals as low as RM1 and bundled free gifts that include an Atmos Soundbar or Curved Soundbar, with every purchase of selected Samsung TVs. Festive bargain hunters and those looking to furnish their new homes can also enjoy special deals on Samsung’s variety of digital appliances.

Samsung’s series of washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners have rebates of up to RM700 and free gifts for purchase of selected models. The brand’s range of air-conditioner and air purifier on the other hand have purchase-with-purchase deals of up to 50% on selected models.

Deals end 31st January 2017, so hurry on to the nearest Samsung Brand Stores and selected authorised retail outlets, or Samsung’s online store at Lazada Malaysia to unbox the wonders of your home!

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.


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2016 Galaxy Tab A Now Comes With S Pen

Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to announce the availability of the 2016 Galaxy Tab A with S Pen in Malaysia! Boasting 10.1-inch immersive screen and paired with Samsung’s signature S Pen for the bestNote experience, the 2016 Galaxy Tab A with S Pen promises a world of enhanced productivity anytime,anywhere.

Excellent for work and entertainment on-the-go, the new 2016 Galaxy Tab A with S Pen comes with alonger lasting battery at a whopping 7,300mAh that powers the device through day and night! With thismassive battery capacity, power through over 13 hours of web surfing, YouTube videos and workpresentations seamlessly.

Store more of everything as the tablet has a built-in internal memory of 16GB and is equipped with a MicroSD slot to expand the storage for another 256 GB. With this huge storage size, users can save large presentation files, copious amount of notes and artworks, as well as thousands of photos; and still enjoy more of their favourite music, movies and games on-the-go.


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2016 Galaxy Tab A with S Pen Pricing & Availability

The 2016 Galaxy Tab A with S Pen is now available in Malaysia at Samsung Experience Stores nationwide. Offered in Black and White, the tablet retails at an attractive recommended retail price of RM1,599 inclusive of 6% GST / ~US$ 399.

For a limited time only, Samsung is offering entertainment contents and services for every 2016 Galaxy Tab A with S Pen purchased. Users can redeem a three-month full access to iflix or listen to more than 20 genres of music via the Samsung Milk Music – both apps are available for download via the mySamsungapp.


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Samsung Nanum Village II 2016 Initiative At Kg Tual

Kuala Lumpur, 30 September 2016 – It was a memorable experience for the community in Kg Tual, Pos Sinderut, Kuala Lipis, Pahang – receiving solar panels and other domestic items as part of Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ second Nanum Village initiative. The brand’s Corporate Citizenship effort is aimed to improve the livelihood of the underserved by providing services and utilities that can ease their daily routines.

“Nanum means sharing in Korean. We at Samsung believe in our responsibility of sharing and sustaining social development and supporting communities around the world. With the tagline “Hope for Tomorrow” at the heart of the Samsung Nanum Village II 2016 initiative, we sincerely hope that our efforts will make a change in the lives of the locals of Kg Tual in the long run. We will also continue with such initiatives to promote sustainable social development and support communities around Malaysia,” said Mr. Lee Sang Hoon, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


Samsung Nanum Village II Initiative

The Samsung Nanum Village II initiative was a joint effort with the Public Sector, Ministry of Higher Education via Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) and solar panel manufacturer Hanwha Q-Cells. The 24 solar panels were contributed to Pusat Didikan Komuniti (PDK) of Kg Tual to generate 10kWh of electricity and help the community improve their socio-economic status by upgrading their electricity supply.

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Additionally, Samsung donated stationary sets and Samsung tablets equipped with English learning content for their classroom as part of the company’s effort in increasing literacy rate among the locals.

A total of 51 Samsung employees and their partners, led by Dato’ Roh Jae Yeol, Director of Corporate Affairs, volunteered to visit the village to share their love and care to the community. Among the fun activities done with the locals as part of the one-day program included tree planting, simple English classes, sand art activity, telematch games, signage installation and a tooth brushing activity with the children for health awareness.

Other items donated included lights and fans which were installed in the community centre, sports equipment, and food and body care products to each family, estimated to be 100 families.

The Samsung Nanum Village program was initiated at Kg Tual last year as part of the brand’s local Corporate Citizenship effort.


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Samsung Ecobubble Technology Explained

We are always searching for the dream washing machine – one that cleans and remove stains on clothes effectively while maintaining the condition of delicate clothing, and at the same time, is energy efficient. The long search is over as Samsung is offering the perfect laundry solution that can do all that – the Samsung Ecobubble technology!


How Ecobubble Works

A washing machine cleans your clothes by mixing water with detergent to remove dirt and stains from the fabric. Samsung’s Ecobubble technology, available in the Samsung AddWash Washing Machine [Amazon], reduces the surface tension of water, allowing it to mix more easily detergent into a powerful yet gentle foam that better penetrates fabrics.

  1. In the initial stages of the wash, the innovative ‘Ecobubble generator’ activates the detergent (surfactant)

  1. Detergents are dissolved much faster as it is less influenced by the natural surface tension of water

  1. The numerous tiny bubbles resulting from the mixture increases interfacial tension between the stain and the fabric, allowing the detergent to instantly penetrate stain.

  1. These bubbles help remove stains even in low temperatures

  1. Time and energy that would have been used to heat water, or pre-soak the laundry can be saved

  1. The washer also better preserves functional or delicate fabrics, which are becoming increasingly popular

Introduced earlier this year, the Samsung AddWash Washing Machine [Amazon] is a practical innovation and is set to make a huge difference in household chores. With three capacity variants; 12kg, 10.5kg and 8kg, the Samsung AddWash Washing Machine [Amazon] is available at authorized Samsung retail outlets.

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Samsung AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo & Slim Models Launched

Seoul, Korea, 14 September 2016Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. recently announced the addition of two new AddWash lineups – the AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo and the AddWash Slim, displayed at IFA 2016. The move, reflecting strong consumer demand for the original AddWash WW8500 introduced last year at IFA 2015, aims to offer consumers a wider range of options to utilize and enjoy the innovative AddWash feature.

The original AddWash feature helped redefine the task of doing laundry, recognizing the common habit of forgetting to put in an item from a stray piece of clothing to extra softener into a load. Samsung AddWash continues to gain favorable reviews and multiple awards for innovation from global media.

AddWash users are showing the same level of enthusiasm these awards present. According to new research conducted by Samsung shows that 92% of users love that the AddWash Door lets them add items in the middle of a cycle. 97% of users think it provides great washing performance and 98% are very satisfied with AddWash.

“The AddWash feature continues to make a strong impression on consumers and we are very pleased to be offering it across a wider variety of models,” said BS Seo, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics. “It is a unique and convenient solution for modern and busy families, and when you pair it with our other industry-leading washing machine features and innovations, it is a combination that cannot be beat.”


AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo

The new AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo lineup has two variants, the WD6500K and the WD5500K. The standout AddWash feature is coupled with Air Wash, common to both models, which uses only heated warm air to deodorize and sanitize clothes.

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That saves them from the wear and tear of a standard load, freshening up laundry without water or detergents. The AddDoor can also be used during a drying cycle. It is perfect for items that require dry cleaning, helping families save money and cut down on expensive bills.

The WD6500K comes with a 9KG capacity and Samsung’s highly acclaimed Ecobubble technology, which lets families clean effectively even at low temperatures. It accelerates the process of turning detergent into bubbles, quickly penetrating fabric and easily removing dirt while saving energy and being gentler on clothes.

The Combo model also boasts a feature called Super Speed, which is a more efficient way of washing everyday laundry. It shortens rinsing time with a Speed Spray that shoots powerful jets of water and accelerates the spin speed based on the wash load to quickly spin-dry clothes. One load can be completed in just 59 minutes. The WD5500K comes in 9KG, 8KG and 7KG variants and also features Ecobubble and Bubble Soak.


AddWash Slim for Modern Urban Lifestyles

The Slim lineup has three variants, the WW6500K, WW5500K, and WW4500K. All feature the slimmest profile in the industry while offering a range of capacities: 6KG, 7KG, 8KG, and 9KG, to fit modern urban lifestyles which put a premium on available indoor space. Each also comes with Ecobubble technology and Bubble Soak, which adds an extra phase to a normal washing cycle to thoroughly soak dirty clothes in active bubbles, loosening dirt and stains to prepare them to be removed much more effectively.

In addition to the sleek AddWash door, these models also feature Samsung’s Digital Inverter, which gives consumers the winning combination of guaranteed long-term performance and durability, minimal operating noise, and superior energy efficiency. It also provides easy troubleshooting with Samsung’s Smart Check feature which automatically detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage and provides simple troubleshooting advice via a smartphone app.


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Samsung Smart TVs Certified By Germany TÜV Rheinland

Seoul, Korea, 8 September 2016Samsung Electronics announced that its line-up of 2016 Smart TVs has been certified by world-class German testing and certification authority, TÜV Rheinland, for their usability. TÜV Rheinland also validated Samsung Smart TVs for their remote features.

The certification and validation was awarded to Series 7 and higher Samsung Smart TVs, citing the auto-detect feature that identifies external devices connected to the TV, and the Smart Remote that controls multiple devices.

Samsung Smart TVs Certified By TÜV Rheinland

All of Samsung’s 2016 Smart TVs are designed to make the viewing experience more comfortable and intuitive for the consumer. Through the auto-detect feature, which recognizes external devices including OTT, set-top boxes, home theater systems and game consoles, along with the Smart Remote that can control multiple devices with a single remote, the TV viewing experience has never been simpler.

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“We are proud that the excellence of the Samsung Smart TV has been recognized by such a prestigious testing authority as TÜV Rheinland,” said Jungkil Lee, Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “At Samsung, we continue to strive to provide the highest-quality and most comfortable viewing experience for our consumers through our Smart TVs.”

At IFA 2016, Samsung highlighted its Smart TV offerings in a dedicated exhibition zone, where visitors experienced first-hand the exceptional usability of Samsung’s Smart TVs. Samsung’s improved Smart Hub, powered by Tizen, gives users instant access to a wider range of content – including TV shows, internet streaming services and games – faster and easier than ever before. Visitors were also able to experience the TV PLUS service, which was scheduled to be released during the fourth quarter in the United States, after having been previously launched in Thailand, Vietnam and Korea.

With a 140-year history, TÜV Rheinland is one of the most respected testing and certification authorities in Europe. The company assesses product safety and quality for a range of different industrial products, including electronic devices, automobiles and medical devices.


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Samsung 360 Presents Music Video Of Sonaone’s “No More”

Samsung Malaysia Electronics presents a fresh new Samsung 360 music video of popular rapper Sonaone’s successful single, “No More”!

Check out our lovely and most memorable landmarks in Kuala Lumpur such as museums, parks, attractions, modern skyscrapers and the Petronas twin towers that have sprouted since. Take a spin around our amazing capital city and reminisce in Samsung 360 mode for National Day.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics wishes you Selamat Hari Kebangsaan and love your country in 360°!

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Samsung Wearable Fitness Gears Arrived

Kuala Lumpur, 19 August 2016Samsung Malaysia Electronics continues its expansion in the wearable market with the official arrival of the much-awaited fitness gears Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX, and immersive entertainment technology, Gear 360 and the new Gear VR in Malaysia.

Samsung Wearable Fitness Gears

The Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX are optimized to benefit users’ various fitness levels, and include features such as precise tracking technology and a standalone music player to provide users with the optimal fitness experience. Embedded with GPS and a heart rate monitor (HRM) that offer useful and accurate fitness tracking and measurement, the Gear Fit2 provides instant feedback on the user’s workout. The Gear IconX are cord-free earbuds that can track fitness information and provide users with feedback on their running performance.

The new Gear VR, powered by Oculus, allows users the flexibility to experience premium virtual reality almost anywhere when paired with the latest Samsung smartphones. Now in Blue Black colour, the new hue not only enhances the device’s aesthetic, but it also helps to prevent light reflection to provide a more cinematic experience than the previous model. With two different device holders USB Type-C and Micro USB, the new Gear VR is compatible with even more Samsung smartphones, including the latest Galaxy Note7, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6, S6 edge and S6 edge+.

The Gear 360 is a 360-degree camera that lets consumers easily create, view and share their favorite experiences through video and still image content. With a light and compact, spherical-shaped design, Gear 360 maximizes portability to film on the go or for indoor activities. The new camera leverages the best of the Samsung Galaxy experience so users can become the creator of their own virtual reality content, then share with friends via platforms such as YouTube 360 and Facebook, and relive the moment with the ultra-immersive new Gear VR.

“Samsung continues to push the boundaries of the mobile experience to extend beyond the smartphone. Our wearable technology continues to evolve, responding to consumers’ everyday needs. The Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX are specialized to enhance their fitness experiences and everyday activities. Gear 360, paired with the new Gear VR, continues to push the limits on immersive content – providing a visual experience that makes capturing and sharing life’s moments even easier. With these new products in Samsung’s wearable portfolio, consumers can enjoy a complete Samsung device ecosystem that delivers seamless mobile experiences,” said Lee Jui Siang, Vice President of IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


Gear Fit2: Advanced Features for Fitness

  • Features an ergonomic, sleek and slim design for comfortable everyday use
  • Provides a Super AMOLED curved display with a high-resolution colour touchscreen for easy fitness monitor, or checking and responding to text message notifications
  • Embedded GPS and HRM sensor for accurate data tracking of activities that fit any lifestyle
  • With Auto Activity Tracking feature, users won’t have to manually activate the sports band – whether running, walking, cycling, or utilizing rowing machine or elliptical trainer
  • Enables easy transfer of fitness data between S Health and other select fitness applications, and provides ‘Step Challenges,’ for 1:1 competition with your friends
  • The standalone music player enables users to actively workout with motivation without the need of a mobile device
  • Colours available: Blue, Dark Grey, Pink
  • RRP: RM699 (inclusive of 6% GST) / ~US$175

Gear IconX: A Simple and Wireless Experience

  • Provides a lightweight, secure and comfortable fit with three different sizes of eartips and wingtips, and can be activated by simply placing the earbuds in the user’s ears
  • Enables tracking of fitness data such as distance, speed, duration, heart rate and calories burned, and easily syncs with S Health
  • Includes a Voice Guide feature that provides instant voice feedback on the user’s workout progress and provides a standalone music listening experience
  • With Bluetooth capability and an internal storage that can play up to 1,000 MP3s, users can simply tap or swipe the earbuds to easily control the music
  • Colours available: Blue, Dark Grey, Pink
  • RRP: RM699 (inclusive of 6% GST)

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New Gear VR: A Gateway to New Experiences and Great Adventures

  • Expanded compatibility and enhanced connectivity with USB Type-C and Type-B ports.
  • Equipped with larger lenses at an increased diameter of 42 millimetres, improving the field of view to 101 degrees to offer a more natural feel.
  • A vaster selection of high quality VR content powered by Oculus, with intuitive content navigation.
  • Colour available: Blue Black
  • RRP: RM399 (inclusive of 6% GST) / ~US$ 99

Gear 360: Reimagining the Way Moments are Captured and Shared

  • Equipped with dual fisheye lenses with 15 megapixel image sensors
  • Capable of capturing high-resolution (3840×1920) 360-degree video that also supports 30 megapixel still images.
  • Also shoots 180-degree wide angle video and images with only using one side of the camera lens.
  • Its Bright Lens F2.0 creates high resolution images even in low-light conditions, where users can create full panoramic videos.
  • Features a user-friendly tripod and is also compatible with a wider selection of accessories and mounts currently available on the market.
  • Compatible with select Samsung smartphones including the newly released Galaxy Note7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6.
  • RRP: RM1,299 (inclusive of 6% GST) / ~US325

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Samsung Curved TV Offer For Merdeka Celebration 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 24 August 2016 – Enjoy great savings as Samsung Malaysia Electronics brings to you the ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved’ promotions. The brand is offering 2 selected curved TV models – 40” Samsung Curved UHD TV (UA40KU6300) and 55” Curved TV (UA55K6300) at the price of flat screen TVs of the same series and size; saving up to RM1,200, at selected Samsung authorised retail outlets. With the amazing deal, everyone can bring the sensational Merdeka Celebration parade to your living room this upcoming 59th Merdeka Day celebration.

Samsung Curved TV models offer the most astounding true-to-life picture quality – providing a completely immersive, cinematic experience in the comfort of your own living room. Designed to provide a wider viewing angle, the Curved TV also goes softer on the eyes to provide truly immersive viewing, as compared to a flat TV.

Samsung’s ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved’ promotion also includes savings up to RM300 on a flat full HD TV (UA48J5000) if you are looking for one. To complement the immersive viewing system, Samsung is offering savings up to RM100 on selected Samsung Soundbar models (HW-K450/XM and HW-K551/XM). On top of that, customers can own the Samsung Rear Speakers at half the price, only at RM250, on a purchase with purchase (PWP) basis with the Samsung Soundbar to complete the home entertainment system!

“We at Samsung are proud and thankful to be part of the Malaysian journey and we look forward to continue delivering innovations that will reinvent Malaysians’ modern lifestyles. On this Merdeka Day, we want to give consumers the best immersive viewing experience with the best surround sound possible,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Don’t miss out on the ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved” promotion and hurry down to your nearest Samsung authorized retail outlet to purchase. For more information on the ‘Pay Flat. Get Curved’ promotion (25th August to 16th September 2016), please visit www.samsung.com/my/offer.

Terms and conditions apply. Promotion is valid while promotional stocks last. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.

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Galaxy Note7 Security Enhanced with Updated Knox 2.7

23 August 2016 – The Galaxy Note7 is a smartphone that lets users do more. Equipped with Knox 2.7, the latest version of Samsung’s mobile security solution, the device boasts numerous features that are of great benefit to enterprise users in particular. Designed with security, manageability and productivity in mind, Knox 2.7 offers deeper protection of personal and work data, as well as greater convenience than ever before.


A New Knox 2.7 for Next-Level Security

First and foremost, Knox 2.7 has vastly enhanced core kernel security, thanks to the addition of Control Flow Protection defense.

When a smartphone’s software needs the hardware to do anything, from changing the brightness of the screen to initiating a call, it sends a request to the kernel. As the most central part of the operating system, security attacks here can be the most destructive.

In particular, one of the most problematic and stealthy kernel attacks is called Jump-Oriented Programming (JOP), which is when a hacker tries to interrupt processing to gain elevated access to resources that are normally protected from an application or user. But Knox 2.7 has significantly reduced the dangers of this type of attack.

Knox 2.7 has also taken advantage of the Galaxy Note7’s iris scanner to provide an entirely new level of security. Not only is an iris scan more secure and accurate than a fingerprint scan, but its protective efficacy also proves useful for unlocking and accessing the Knox container. IT administrators, working with MDMs, can now apply this unique authentication method, giving them more flexibility in implementing device security.

Yet another new security solution enabled by Knox technology is Secure Folder—a separate, encrypted folder that lets users manage private apps and sensitive files securely. Incorporating changes made based on user feedback, this improved feature comes preloaded on the device. With simple setup right from the Settings menu, along with a user-friendly UX, Secure Folder is as convenient as it is secure. It can even be hidden so that no one even knows it exists.


Unrivaled Manageability

One of the most important elements of maintaining good security in the workplace is keeping firmware up to date. In fact, just a few devices with outdated firmware can create security risks for all.

Knox 2.7 eliminates this problem, giving a company’s IT department more control over firmware updates. Using Firmware Over the Air (FOTA), IT managers can ensure everyone has the latest and most appropriate firmware on their devices over the carrier network. IT admins also now have the option to specify the official update version at their own preferred time without user interaction for more efficient device management.

But Knox 2.7 doesn’t just enable IT administrators to manage employees’ firmware. The new update also makes device enrollment easier and faster.

IT managers of large enterprises usually have large fleets of devices to maintain, and often must rely on mobile enrollment of devices to do so. With Knox 2.7, IT departments using one of Samsung’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) partners can now use cellular networks in addition to Wi-Fi to complete the mobile enrollment of large numbers of devices in bulk.

The addition of the cellular network option to mobile enrollment is especially useful for people in high security fields like the government, where Wi-Fi might not be used because of internal security concerns. But with Knox 2.7, now even government officials can get their devices enrolled and ready to use remotely.

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Smarter Features for Enhanced Productivity

Corporations rely on Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory for everyday work tasks. Knox 2.7 continues to support Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO), a feature that allows users to connect to multiple applications that use a common authentication mechanism. It has also been significantly enhanced to better support these services, with many improvements based on user feedback.

First of all, it allows for the storage and management of up to five older S/MIME certificates (the digital signature and encryption standard for email). That way, users can access all their emails, even those that use older encryption keys.

In addition, Knox 2.7 has more sophisticated phone number access, with better recognition of extension numbers. Previously, the Contacts app misinterpreted numbers with extensions. But now, with an Exchange-compatible dialer format, when a contact is entered with an extension, the Samsung device deciphers it correctly and connects to it properly.

Knox 2.7 also brings a very useful addition to the car. Phone Book Access (PBA) allows a user’s Car Kit to access phone numbers and contact information for both their Personal and Knox Workspace accounts without moving the data. Previously, drivers did not have access to contacts in the protected Knox Workspace via a Bluetooth connection but Knox 2.7 allows IT administrators to enable or disable this function.

With the introduction of Knox 2.7, Samsung’s leading mobile security solution is even safer and more versatile than before. Anchored in the device’s hardware, Samsung’s highly manageable Knox 2.7 protects users’ personal and work information, all the while ensuring maximized productivity.


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Fun & Games On The Samsung Galaxy Note7

19 August 2016 – Smartphones have given us the ability to easily transition between work and play, and the Galaxy Note7 is no exception. Equipped with HDR streaming capabilities, which make video content look more vivid and lifelike, best-in-class gaming with new titles supported by Vulkan API, and advanced camera technology, the newest Galaxy Note smartphone provides a rich entertainment experience that’s as mobile as we are. Furthermore, an enhanced Gear VR headset, which now supports expanded compatibility, offers an even more immersive virtual experience.


Truer Colors, A Clearer Picture

To provide a better viewing experience, the film industry has continually improved video resolution—from HD to Full HD to Ultra HD. Most recently, the UHD Alliance, a consortium of production studios, content networks, tech companies and TV manufacturers—including Samsung—shifted their focus to High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Equipped with Super AMOLED Display, HDR video streaming technology enables a cinema-like experience including brighter colors and a deeper black, to ensure users get the full experience that the filmmaker intended.

Now Galaxy Note7 users can stream HDR video in HDR10 format, a standard that denotes a color depth based on a 10-bit signal. Therefore, they can experience the same HDR color and quality on their mobile device as they can on a television.

Samsung was able to bring this extraordinary technology to the Galaxy Note7 by utilizing Mobile Digital Natural Image Engine (mDNIe) technology and the Super AMOLED display.

The powerful mDNIe chipset, which was designed by Samsung, is the most advanced image processing engine to date, and ensures that dark and bright colors appear the way they do in real life. It also makes use of the Galaxy Note7’s 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display—which exhibits the largest range of colors and brightness among smartphone displays—to vividly and clearly express the colors intended by the content developer.

The chipset also allows the smartphone to seamlessly process streamed HDR content without straining the battery, meaning users can stay immersed in their favorite TV shows and movies for even longer.


All Fun and Games

In February, Samsung set a new industry standard with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which were the first smartphones to support Vulkan, an API that brings more robust and responsive performance and power efficiency to gaming.

Samsung once again incorporated Vulkan into the Galaxy Note7, giving gamers the ability to play high-performance, graphic-intensive games for even longer, and also giving developers an unprecedented tool to create unique gaming experiences.

With the Galaxy Game Pack, available through Google Play, users can access top game titles, an easy redemption process and new user benefits.


Virtual Reality Gets Real

Since the launch of the first Gear VR in 2014, Samsung has continued to innovate in the VR space by offering a robust VR ecosystem with the Gear 360 as well as an enhanced Gear VR headset.

Brought to life by the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Gear VR provides engaging content, putting users in the center of the action for a more immersive experience. By pairing the Galaxy Note7 with the new Gear VR powered by Oculus, the latest version now supports USB Type-C and micro-USB port connections, giving even more users access to the world of VR.

Furthermore, with improved lenses and ergonomics, the updated headset lets users more comfortably view 360-degree videos and create Gear 360 content. These memories can then be shared with friends via platforms including YouTube 360 and Facebook, and can be relived through the ultra-immersive Gear VR. Together with the Galaxy Note7, the new Gear VR is a gateway to new experiences and great adventures.



The Galaxy Note7 is equipped with the advanced camera that debuted on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, allowing users to capture important memories in true-to-life colors. Dual-pixel technology, a wide aperture and fast autofocus work together to capture sharp images, even in low-light conditions, so that users never miss a shareable moment.

While the camera of the Galaxy Note7 boasts the same great specs, it has been updated to provide a more streamlined, intuitive user experience.

With improved lenses and ergonomics, as well as expanded compatibility with more Samsung smartphones and USB devices, the new and improved Gear VR headset challenges the very concept of virtual reality, redefining the limits of what it’s capable of.

Brought to life by the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Gear VR provides the ultimate in engaging content, putting users in the center of the action for a more immersive experience. Together with the Galaxy Note7, the device is a gateway to new experiences and great adventures.

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A Refined Design

The most evident change of the Gear VR is its new body color, Blue Black. Not only does this new hue enhance the device’s aesthetic, but it also helps to prevent light reflection to provide a more cinematic experience than the previous model. In addition, the device now also features a home key that instantly directs users to Oculus Home, the official landing page of Gear VR.


Expanded Compatibility, Enhanced Connectivity

With two different device holders—USB Type-C and Micro USB—included as inbox items, the new Gear VR is compatible with more Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy Note7, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6, S6 edge and S6 edge+.

Furthermore, an external USB port (USB Hub 2.0) has been added to enable connectivity with third-party USB devices, as well as charging during use. With the ability to connect to a wider array of external sensors, motion controllers, 4D experience tools and OTG USB memory, Gear VR offers an experience that is more interactive than ever before.


Optical Lenses That Can See More

The new Gear VR headset is also equipped with larger lenses. With an increased diameter of 42 millimeters, the lenses improve the field of view to 101 degrees to offer a more natural feel.

And, with Samsung’s crystal clear Super AMOLED displays, users can enjoy low persistence images, along with a high 60 frames-per-second frame rate for less motion blur and juddering. As a result, virtual reality content viewed on the Gear VR is now even more realistic.


Seamless Navigation of More Contents

To enable users to make full use of the new Gear VR, Samsung offers a vaster selection of high quality VR content with intuitive content navigation.

With the Gear VR web browser, users can browse more than 300 VR apps including over a hundred games, along with a variety of videos, educational apps and immersive experiences. The Samsung Picks section offers a list of 15 recommended apps for those looking to try something new.

The browser is easy to use, and the immersive graphic user interface creates a seamless environment so users can enjoy their favorite 2D and 3D contents.

Forward looking and backward compatible, the new Gear VR is capable of breaking down the barriers of what today’s virtual reality technology can do, and what tomorrow’s can offer.

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The Galaxy Note7 Iris Scanner Explained

In a world that is more digitally connected than ever before, keeping your personal data safe is essential. That’s why the Galaxy Note7 provides best-in-class security features, like the new iris scanning technology, familiar fingerprint scanning capabilities and Samsung’s trusted Knox security platform.

Samsung’s fingerprint scanning technology has been widely used to ensure device security and protection of data, such as mobile payment information on services like Samsung Pay. But with the Galaxy Note7, new iris scanning technology has been integrated to provide users with an additional form of authentication to reinforce security.

With this innovative, highly-secure technology, users don’t even need to touch their phone to verify their identity; they simply need to look at the device’s screen to complete the scanning process.


Note7 Iris Scanner

For Your Eyes Only

Iris scanning is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition of images of an individual’s iris, either from one or both eyes.

To obtain these images, an authentication device scans the iris—which is the thin, colored ring of the eye that opens and shuts the pupil like a camera shutter, thus regulating the amount of light that reaches the retina.



Each individual has a uniquely different and highly intricate iris pattern in each eye, which is completely developed at a very young age and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime. This, combined with the fact that iris patterns are almost impossible to replicate, makes iris scanning one of the most secure and reliable biometric techniques available.

As a result, it is widely being used for access control in pharmaceutical dispensing, border control and airport security. Samsung has had success with this technology with the Galaxy Tab Iris, a highly secure biometric device created for government organizations and enterprises in India.

Bringing Biometrics to the Smartphone

Once a user registers his or her iris information on the Galaxy Note7, it is stored as an encrypted code. When a user attempts to access content, such as a protected app, the infrared (IR) LED and Iris camera work together to capture the iris pattern for recognition, extract and digitize the pattern, and compare the digitized pattern with the encrypted code to verify access.


Samsung was able to apply two new components to enable iris recognition without sacrificing the design of the Galaxy Note7. To do so, the device was equipped with a dedicated iris camera, which utilizes a special image filter to receive and recognize the reflected images of the irises with a red IR LED light.

This red light allows for the best range for iris scanning. Furthermore, unlike traditional visible (or RGB) images, which can be affected by iris color or ambient light, infrared images display clear patterns and have low light reflection.

Samsung’s proprietary technology also makes use of the light emitted from the Galaxy Note7’s display so the scanner can receive data even in low light environments.

Together, these components ensure that iris readings are accurate and speedy. In fact, iris scanning requires fewer registration trials and results in fewer false acceptances than fingerprint scanning.

And with the Galaxy Note7, users get the peace of mind knowing that their iris data is encrypted and stored safely in the hardware by the Knox platform, just as fingerprint data has been stored in the past. Furthermore, only one person can register his or her iris information, which means that even if the device is stolen or lost and someone else is able to gain access to the smartphone, the user’s iris information won’t be compromised.

The IR LED of the Galaxy Note7 is also safe to use with no health implications associated with the technology, and received the highest International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62471 (photo biological stability) certification level. In addition, the device will automatically switch off if it detects that the human eye is too close or exposed too long to the IR LED sensor.

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All Eyes on Mobile Security

Leveraging this iris scanning technology, the Galaxy Note7 offers newly added services to provide an additional layer of security.

The first is Secure Folder, a separate folder that lets users manage private apps and files securely via fingerprint, iris scanner, pattern or PIN.

Users may leverage this service to keep private and personal data, such as banking information, completely separate on their smartphone. It’s also a great tool for parents who want to block access to specific games or content from their children. Secure Folder is easy to use and has few restrictions for content storing or app sharing on the device.

Another added security feature, Samsung Pass, enables users to quickly log into websites on the Samsung Internet Browser using biometric authentication. Because users don’t have to waste time constantly inputting a username or password, Samsung Pass adds an element of convenience to the latest addition of the Galaxy Note lineup.

In addition to secure storing and faster access, Samsung is also establishing partnerships with major financial institutions such as Bank of America, Citibank and U.S. Bank to explore the integration of the iris scanner into mobile banking apps.

But mobile banking is only the beginning. As developers start to make use of the device’s onboard iris scanner to enable the verification of transactions and other activities, Samsung’s iris scanning technology will expand to various industries.

As we continue to store and have access to more private and highly sensitive information on our phones, the Galaxy Note7 delivers the security users trust and the privacy they rely on.

For enterprise, iris scanning technology can also be used to authenticate access to Knox Workspace container that is a trusted by many of our enterprise customers to reinforce security via their corporate EMM solution of choice.


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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Design Features

15 August 2016 – One of the most defining characteristics of the Galaxy Note series is the analog relationship it establishes with its users. Furthermore, its signature S Pen enables them to make a physical connection with the device—an attribute that sets it apart from other smartphones.

When designing the Galaxy Note7, Samsung designers spent a great amount of time outside the studio to examine how users interacted with and used their mobile devices on a daily basis.

Rather than using the traditional visually-led approach, they focused on the experience of interacting with the phone’s physical qualities. These efforts allowed them to create the Galaxy Note7, combining innovation and technology with a more user-focused approach.

As a result, the Galaxy Note7 is perfectly symmetrical, merging form and function to provide the comfort, convenience and grip that enable users to do more and get more out of their smartphone. Likewise, Samsung has refined the device’s UX to provide a seamless interaction between the user and the device.


Galaxy Note7 Design Features

New Curves, Carefully Refined Details

The Galaxy Note7 is the first in the Galaxy Note series to boast a dual-edge display—an addition that stays true to Samsung’s design heritage. To incorporate this elegant aesthetic, Samsung had to find a way to maintain a flat screen surface for writing, while also ensuring enough space for storing the S Pen.

For those reasons, the subtle curves like those on the Galaxy S smartphones wouldn’t suffice. Therefore, Samsung carried out the most advanced 3D thermoforming process ever attempted on a phone to create extremely steep curves with a tighter radius at the very outer edges of the glass so not a single millimeter of writing space would be wasted.

Samsung applied the same radius to the device’s edges on both the front and back of the Galaxy Note7, a different approach than the one used on the Galaxy Note5, which also featured a curved design. This resulted in a device that is perfectly symmetrical—from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back.

To complete the balance, the glass and metal parts of the phone were fused together to allow for a more seamless and even surface. In fact, there are no edges or unnecessary surface protrusions between the different materials. The camera protrusion was also greatly minimized, making the device even easier on the eyes and smoother to the touch. These changes provide a more natural feel in the hand.


An Enhanced Look and Feel

The dimensions of the Galaxy Note7 are also different than those of the previous model. It is now more compact in size with a narrow body, but boasts the same large 5.7-inch screen with a bezel less than half the size of the Galaxy Note5.

Despite the addition of the Galaxy Note7’s iris camera and IR LED sensor, the device’s slim upper bezel is maintained thanks to the new technology.

In addition, the Galaxy Note7’s touch sensor is directly printed on the display panel. The device is also lighter than its predecessor, in spite of its larger battery.

These factors, along with the smartphone’s new dual-edge display and symmetrical design, make for a much better grip. Never before has a Galaxy Note been so easy to hold and operate in one hand.

Samsung, for the first time, decided to create a separate colour for the phone’s metallic frame. The resulting colour combination is both stunning and calming in the three colour variants available—Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. As a bonus, interactive wallpapers that complement each colour have been added.

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Strong and Sturdy

Despite its beautiful aesthetic, thanks to its Aluminum 7000 Series metal, the Galaxy Note7 is 1.3 times stronger and 1.2 times more scratch resistant than the metal used on the Galaxy S7.

Also integrated into the design is Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which has an extremely high resistance to scratches and damages. This new glass is designed to provide further protection against breakage from everyday drops. So much so that in rigorous lab tests, it survived drops onto rough, unforgiving surfaces up to four times better than competitive glass designs.

As the first Note model to be IP68 certified, the entire phone (including the S Pen) is water and dust resistant. As a result, the Galaxy Note7 is now further protected from spills, and can be used in wet environments—even underwater.*


Pure and Simple

Samsung made subtle yet impactful enhancements to the user interface of the Galaxy Note7 to create a more natural, frictionless user experience.

First, the colours, shapes and overall design of the graphical user interface were simplified for a more orderly aesthetic, while the focus was shifted to function, information and content. To enhance consistency, Samsung made the icons uniformly rounded, while simultaneously softening their colours.

The most noticeable changes to the UX, however, are in the Settings and Quick Panel menus, which consist of much simpler graphical interfaces. Here, the menu trees and categories have been simplified* so that tasks can be completed in less steps, with fewer taps.

Finally, the number of Task edge features has increased. Now, users can do even more, such as record an exercise in S Health, create a drawing or view unread emails from the edge of their device.

Thanks to its refined design and outstanding durability, the comfort and convenience of the Galaxy Note7 are unsurpassed. Furthermore, its streamlined and intuitive UX provides the seamless experience that users have come to expect. Pushing the boundaries of design, the Galaxy Note7 features true craftsmanship and industry-leading innovation.

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Samsung Wins Big In The Putra Brand Awards 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 15 August 2016Samsung Malaysia Electronics is a proud winner of the recently concluded Putra Brand Awards 2016, triumphantly taking home three Gold and a Silver award in four categories – a true testimonial of the brand’s excellence.

Excelling in the four categories it competed in, Samsung surpassed its competitors and bagged three esteemed Gold awards in the

  1. IT and Office & Business Equipment,
  2. Communication Devices category, and the
  3. Camera category, and a Silver award in the Personal, Household and Outdoor Appliances category.


Samsung Won Putra Brand Awards 2016

“It is truly an honour for us that Putra Brand Awards and the brand and marketing industry continue to recognise our commitment of bringing innovation that enriches people’s lives. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal consumers for choosing Samsung as their preferred brand,” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

“Our vision in Samsung is to inspire the world and create the future by transforming ideas and technology into innovations and designs that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity. We hope for our consumers to gain new experiences and discover new possibilities through our products that are more relevant to all,” added Elaine.

“2016 has certainly been a fruitful year so far for Samsung Malaysia Electronics and we promise to translate our vision for meaningful progress into innovation that deliver greater value and convenience to our consumers,” concluded Elaine.

Launched in 2010 by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) in association with the Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brands (MMVB), the recipients of the Putra Brand Awards is voted entirely by consumers.

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2016 Samsung Curved Monitor Unveiled

3 August 2016Samsung Malaysia Electronics recently unveiled the 2016 Samsung Curved Monitor, delivering the ultimate viewing experience for work and play. Boasting a 24-inch screen with industry leading curvature and best-in-class contrast ratio, the introduction of this latest curved monitor solution reflects Samsung’s commitment to next-level innovation to provide a more natural and pleasurable viewing experience for users.

“At Samsung, we pride ourselves for creating great innovations for our consumers. Millennials are indulging in diverse multimedia entertainment more than ever before and as a leading technology brand, we want to provide the very best of viewing experience that is both immersive and comfortable,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics Business of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


2016 Samsung Curved Monitor

Vibrant and Superior Picture Quality

Samsung ensures a superior image quality by equipping the 24-inch Curved Monitor with a best-in-class contrast ratio of 3000:1 that ensures sharper detail with clear visibility in the darkest and brightest of scenes. The curved display technology additionally minimizes light leakage from the screen edges to ensure more uniform black scenes across the entire viewing area.

Users will also be glad to know that the 2016 Samsung Curved Monitor is fitted with eco-saving technology where it fluidly adjusts the display brightness based on the luminescence of screen blacks, reducing energy consumption by up to 10%.

Comfortable and Immersive Viewing Experience

The 2016 Samsung Curved Monitor has a deeper screen curve compared to its predecessor, allowing the users’ eyes to track effortlessly across the screen. Its eye-saver mode which offers low blue light technology helps to reduce the harmful effects of blue light on viewers’ eye, while its flicker-free function minimizes distracting screen flicker.

Engineered with the most optimized 1,800R Curvature features – tailored according to the human eye curvature, the Curved Monitor is as immersive as it is comfortable. The display increases natural field of vision and enhances depth perception while giving more comfort in viewing experience.

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Enhanced Gaming Experience

For enhanced on-screen immersion, picture quality and entertainment, the 2016 Samsung Curved Monitor comes with AMD FreeSync function which minimizes stutter and ensures flawlessly smooth gameplay. For those who use the monitor predominantly for gaming, turning on Game Mode instantly adjusts the monitor setting through the on-screen display, improving darkness of the picture to reveal all details of action vividly. Its 4ms Response Time also helps minimize blur, judder, and ghosting on-screen movement.

Super Slim and Sleek Design

A super slim and ergonomic design also reinforces the new Curved Monitor’s ability to offer a richer viewing experience. It’s incredibly slim panel of only 11.9mm is as slender as a ballpoint pen and is almost twice as thin as the standard Samsung monitors, allowing it to fit beautifully and perfectly on work stations or gaming rooms. In response to customer demand, the monitor also boasts a simple-circular stand that elegantly complements the slender curved panel, giving users both unparalleled beauty and performance.

To make its 2016 Curved Monitors more accessible to consumers, Samsung is collaborating with online platforms 11street and Lazada to offer great deals and added value on the latest curved monitor. From now until 31st August 2016, both 11street and Lazada are offering discounts of up 33% along with a free Samsung printer worth RM330 / ~US$ 82 for every purchase of the latest 24” Curved Monitor. For those looking to upgrade their monitors, this is an opportune time for the switch to more immersive and exceptional viewing experience.


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Samsung Smashing Great Deals In August 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 4 August 2016 – Enjoy amazing promotions as Samsung Malaysia Electronics is offering ‘ Smashing Great Deals ’ this whole month and the next to Malaysians nationwide to cheer on national badminton champion and Samsung ambassador Dato’ Lee Chong Wei!


Samsung Smashing Great Deals For TVs

Samsung fans will be pleased to know that Samsung is expanding its 2016 range of ultra-high definition TVs with the introduction of three new Curved TV models (KU6500, KU6300, and K6300). Enjoy great savings of up to RM500 for selected Curved TV models and rebates of up to RM200 for the complementing Soundbar for the best of home entertainment experience.

For a complete set, Rear Speakers retailing at RM499 are offered at half price (PWP) with purchase of selected Soundbars (HW-K551 or HW-K450).


Samsung Smashing Great Deals For Appliances

The ‘Smashing Great Deals’ is also extended to Samsung’s range of 2016 digital appliances – where customers can save up to RM400 on selected models, and potentially walk away with a free Microwave Oven worth RM289 or a Vacuum Cleaner worth RM269. All one needs to do is select from a variety of appliances which include the Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator, AddWas Washing Machine, HotBlast Smart Oven and POWERbot Vacuum Cleaner.

Families looking to add comfort to their living spaces can take this great opportunity as Samsung is offering installation subsidies of up to RM250 with purchase of selected Triangle Air Conditioner models.

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Limited Edition Badminton Racquets

That’s not all. Samsung is giving away limited edition badminton racquets autographed by Dato’ Lee Chong Wei himself. To be in the running, customers simply need to purchase selected Samsung consumer electronics above RM300 in a single receipt from any participating Samsung authorised retail outlets during the promotion period and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase. With a simple SMS entry submission, customers will be in the running to bring home one of the 200 limited edition badminton racquets!

SamFor more information on the Smashing Great Deals (1st August to 30th September 2016), please visit www.samsung.com/my/offer. Terms and conditions apply. Promotion is valid while promotional stocks last. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.


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HDR+ Update For Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs Announced

29 July 2016 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is continuing its reign as the leading home entertainment brand by adding a new firmware update to all of its 2016 SUHD TVs with Quantum dot display. The firmware update is designed to enhance High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality to its highest picture quality capacity, even if the source isn’t in HDR format.

As part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs with Quantum dot display, HDR is an essential element in the new era of UHD TV viewing. HDR makes bright areas of the screen look even brighter, allows the TV to display new colors and significantly expands the range of the contrast ratio on-screen.

Be sure to check out our recent coverage of the 2016 Samsung SUHD TVs – Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Soundbars Revealed.


HDR+ Update

One of the biggest benefits of HDR+ is its ability to upgrade Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content to HDR-like picture quality, allowing viewers to enjoy all of their favorite content in the highest picture quality possible.
With HDR native contents, HDR+ also uncovers previously hidden images from darker content scenes, supplementing the level of brightness to express objects hidden in darker shadows.

For brighter content scenes, HDR+ increases the level of contrast ratio to differentiate objects from the background, while still depicting more image details on the screen for an overall better picture.

Features designed specifically for picture quality experts have also been enhanced. In “Expert Mode,” picture quality experts can customize HDR effects to suit individual users by calibrating brightness, contrast ratio and gradation to the finest degree. These settings can be accessed within the “Picture – Special viewing” mode options, where HDR+ is activated.

The automatic upgrade is currently available for all 2016 SUHD TVs, and will be available for all compatible 2016 SUHD TV models by September.

Be sure to check out our recent coverage of the 2016 Samsung SUHD TVs – Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs & Soundbars Revealed.


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Samsung Customer Service Is Quick & Efficient

Kuala Lumpur, 22 July 2016 – Driven by the 3S motto; Speed, Solution and Satisfaction, Samsung Malaysia Electronics places consumers first with its after sales service.

As told by a happy customer and life coach Mr Phnuah Chee Peng, “Samsung is a trusted brand with very good after sales service experience!”.

Earlier this year, Mr Phnuah made a call to the Samsung Customer Service Careline (1-800-88-9999) to arrange for technicians to visit his home to check up on his Samsung Smart TV. As promised, the technicians went over and immediately rectified his TV.

Since then, Mr Phnuah is a proud Samsung owner and has been telling his friends how satisfied he is with Samsung’s customer service.

Watch the video to see how happy Mr Phnuah is with the brand’s quick and efficient customer service.

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Samsung SUHD TV And Activ DualWash Crowned Products Of The Year

Kuala Lumpur, 1 July 2016Samsung thanked its customers for voting the brand’s JS9000 and JS8000 SUHD TV and Activ DualWash washing machine as Product of the Year 2016/17 in the television and washing machine categories.

The awards ceremony was held recently by Marketing Magazine. Product of the Year is a worldwide concept that runs in 40 countries which rewards the best of innovation in products and services from various segments and categories based on consumers’ votes.

“We would like to thank our customers for believing in us and voting for our products in the Product of the Year Awards. We at Samsung will continue pushing the frontier of what’s possible to deliver innovation that matter; easy to use technology that makes our customers’ lives better,” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

In a research done by Nielsen Malaysia, 2,000 consumers were identified to take part in the votes after the panel of judges shortlisted the nominees list.

Among the judges panel included Agensi Inovasi CEO Malaysia Mark Rozario, Village Grocer Holdings Sdn Bhd GM of Marketing Anthony Lee, ASTRO GS Shop Sdn Bhd CEO Dato’ Rozalila Abdul Rahman, 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd GM of Marketing Ronan Lee, Mini Me Insights blogger Tan Heng Hong and TF ValueMart Sdn Bhd CEO Ho Mun Hao.

The award winning innovative Samsung SUHD TV and Samsung Activ DualWash are also part of the Great Samsung Raya deals. From now until 31st July 2016, don’t miss out on great rebates and exciting free gifts this Raya!

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Samsung Smart Service Enhances Aftersales Experience

Kuala Lumpur, 1 July 2016 – Innovations play a critical role in modern living and in an ongoing effort to deliver an augmented experience to consumers; Samsung Malaysia Electronics reiterate its commitment in offering the best aftersales experience through its enhanced Samsung Smart Service programme. Driven by the 3S motto; Speed, Solution and Satisfaction, Samsung Smart Service is specially curated to meet the needs of customers, reassuring them that they can receive the care and attention needed with ease.

“At Samsung, we recognise and understand that various unpredictable scenarios could occur when it comes to electronic products. This is why we are constantly upgrading and improving, not only on our innovations, but our customer service as well. Our customers and supporters are our utmost importance, which is why we want them to have a peace of mind when using our products,” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Placing high importance on providing speedy solutions, Samsung introduces Remote assistance to ensure that customers’ queries are responded in a timely manner. The Samsung Smart Service enables an agent to remotely access the device to troubleshoot and guide customers on tips and tricks to optimize their device usage.

Operating on a steadfast 24/7 multilingual, award-winning care-line (1-800-88-9999), Samsung’s dedicated teams are trained to recognise products and assess situations to expedite remedies. As for consumer electronic products, customers can arrange for a technician to visit their home using the care-line. A Live Chat is also available via Samsung’s instant messaging support system to answer all customer enquiries.

Additionally, Samsung’s 21 Express Service Centres located nationwide provide customers with efficient, speedy solutions which include phone repairs. Technicians at the Express Service Centres are trained to repair mobile phones within the shortest time possible.

The Samsung Smart Service programme offers more than just speedy service but also direct solutions for a complete customer care understanding. Samsung Experience Stores (SES) were traditionally known for retail services only. Today, all SES offer a myriad of in-shop services which include software upgrades, data transfer guidance service, free set-ups and installations as well as arrangements for component replacements and fast off-site repairs.

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For customers who are unable to visit the Express Service Centres, the SES also serves as a one-stop-solution hub where customers can simply drop off their devices for repair and arrange for them to be transported to the repair service centres and collected later on at the same location. With these in-store assistances, Samsung’s customers can expect convenient and efficient response.

Finally, to provide maximum satisfaction, Samsung additionally supports its services by providing customers Samsung Smart Warranty – the option of a 1-year warranty extension. Available for purchase and claimable at any Express Service Centres nationwide, the extended warranty is an added value that gives customers a peace of mind.

Being one of the global leaders in technology, Samsung is always looking out for opportunities to enhance its service quality. Earlier this year, the brand held a Smart Service Contest for customer service officers (CSO) and technicians to level up their skills.

Samsung is also one of the largest electronics brand with the widest service network coverage; 72 SES outlets nationwide. With a total of 111 drop-off and collection points which includes authorized dealerships, Samsung Smart Service is easily accessible for consumers to service their electronic products anywhere around Malaysia. Samsung Brand Stores and Express Service Centres are located in most major cities in Peninsular and East Malaysia.


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Samsung Sweeps Cannes Lions Creativity Awards

28 June 2016 – Samsung Electronics won 29 awards, including “Creative Marketer of the Year” earlier this year, at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The awards highlight Samsung’s deliberate focus on meaningful consumer-centric campaigns, as well as the company’s continued contributions to creativity and excellence in marketing.

Samsung was recognized for eleven unique marketing campaigns, each designed to demonstrate the company’s vision of enriching people’s lives and creating a better world through innovative technology and products. The company’s overarching commitment to creativity and inspiring marketing across the eleven campaigns helped Samsung become the first Korean company to be recognized as the “Creative Marketer of the Year.”

Voices of Life, an application that allows premature babies in an incubator to listen to their mothers’s voice and heart beat

Two of Samsung’s winning campaigns, brainBAND and Voices of Life, were part of the company’s larger – and highly acclaimed – Launching People brand campaign. Launching People has been widely celebrated throughout the creative industry, including at last year’s Cannes Lions, for its innovative approach to demonstrating social value and engaging consumers to share their ideas with Samsung in pursuit of their dreams.

Blind Cap, a wearable band and swimming cap that helps visually impaired swimmers in the water

brainBAND, a wearable solution for prevention and monitoring of concussions during high impact sports, was one of the festival’s major winners. The campaign took home six awards including the Gold award in the Use of New Technology category. Voices of Life, an application solution that allows premature babies in an incubator to listen Mon’s voice and heart beat and feel closer to Mom, won Silver award in the Online Video category, recognized with its touching story.

Blind Cap, a wearable band and swimming cap that helps visually impaired swimmers in the water

Blind Cap, a wearable band and swimming cap that alerts visually impaired swimmers as they approach the end of a lane, won two awards including Gold in Activation by Proximity category. The device, which has already helped many improve their times, has been approved by the Spanish Paralympic Committee and may be ready for use at this year’s Rio Paralympics, of which Samsung is an official sponsor.

“Wining “Creative Marketer of the Year”, the world’s most acknowledged award for marketing, is the outcome from the close collaboration of all marketing employees at Samsung and agency partners” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will remain focused on expanding Samsung’s brand philosophy by delivering meaningful innovation and human-centric marketing campaigns ultimately to make Samsung the most loved brand,”

This year marks the 63rd anniversary of The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the largest global gathering of more than 15,000 creative communications, advertising and marketing professionals. Hosted annually in Cannes, France, this year showcased more than 43,000 works across 24 categories, ranging from TV ads to press, outdoor and online public relations and marketing.

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