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Samsung Triangle RAC – The Ultimate Haze Solution

Kuala Lumpur, 22 April 2016 – Year after year, Malaysians have to endure the seasonal haze epidemic, which can be difficult especially alongside the usual tropical heat and humidity. During this period, air quality is deeply valued by families nationwide, seeking for a solution. Just a switch away, the answer lies in the new Samsung Triangle Room Air-conditioner (RAC), providing the best of home living care.

The enhanced Samsung Triangle RAC inverters feature Samsung’s exclusive Virus Doctor Technology that keeps families safe and comfortable, which filters ultra-fine dust of up to 99%. Virus Doctor is Samsung’s innovative air purifying technology which neutralises harmful contaminants in the air including dust, allergens, virus and bacteria that resist physical filtration by turning these contaminants into harmless water vapour. This prevents the smoky smell of the haze from entering your home and being absorbed into clothes and furniture.

Located outside, on top of the unit is the RAC’s Easy Filter which works in tandem with the Virus Doctor to save the user time and effort. It can be removed in a single step, unlike conventional air-conditioning units that can often be cumbersome to clean – so cleaning out your air-conditioner once the haze subsides remains a breeze. Home owners can now have a peace of mind knowing that their families are breathing cleaner and fresher air thanks to the RAC’s state-of-the-art technology.

Uniquely designed, the Samsung Triangle RAC features a compact triangular body, allowing for a wider blade and fan which is 50% larger than a conventional air-conditioner. This results in the production of faster and stronger winds with a more even air distribution. With that, the Triangle RAC cools an area 43% faster than the conventional RACs, without consuming too much energy and electricity costs.

Samsung’s new smart air-conditioner is packed with additional features such as Samsung’s Digital Inverter technology, and ‘Good’Sleep’, which also makes it possible for users to save up to 68% on their energy costs. With all this incorporated, Samsung’s Triangle RAC is without a doubt one of the most powerful RACs that promises a cooler and fresher breathing experience for all.

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Samsung Triangle RAC Availability & Pricing

Available in all Samsung stores and dealerships nationwide, the Samsung Triangle RAC inverters are priced at a recommended retail price from RM1,919 to RM3,449 (~US$ 479 to US$ 879).

With Samsung’s Joy of Unconditional Love promotion just kicking in, every purchase of the Triangle Air Conditioner entitles purchasers to an installation rebate of up to RM400 depending on the model purchased. There really is no better time to invest in an air-conditioner with air purification features!


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